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‘The current,’ I answered. The door swung open and I entered the room. I had thought that everyone would be in bed already, but the common room was packed, although it was silent. I could feel the sense of loss and sadness hanging over everyone. Everybody looked up as I entered the room and I wished I could blend into the blue walls. It took me a while to get used to the darkness, but then I spotted Luna on her own in a corner and I rushed towards her.
‘Who are you?’ a voice stopped me in my tracks. I turned and stared into the face of my old prefect, ‘why are you in our common room?’
‘Might be because I’m a Ravenclaw,’ I answered smartly, ‘this is the Ravenclaw common room, right?’
‘Who are you?’ he asked again, getting up from his seat at the fireplace. ‘I have never seen you before.’
‘You’re getting old, Jason,’ I stepped closer to him, daring him with my eyes, ‘you’re memory isn’t what it used to be, is it?’
‘Answer my question!’
‘I don’t answer to you.’
‘I’m a prefect! You will tell me who you are, or you are getting a detention.’
‘Katherine,’ a light hand touched my arm and pulled me away from Jason, ‘let’s go upstairs.’
‘Katherine? Katherine Macmillan?’ Jason laughed, ‘never thought I’d see you again. Weren’t you kicked out of school?’
‘You wish,’ I smiled,’ instead, I was taught by the greatest wizard off all time. And I only answer to him.’
I turned and walked away. Halfway up the stairs I turned and said: ‘before I forget. I’m not a Macmillan anymore. From now on, you can call me Riddle. Miss Riddle, for you.’
I didn’t wait to hear his response. I opened the door to our dormitory and found that it was the same as I left it, two years ago. I touched the side of the bed and smiled.
‘Never thought I’d be back so soon.’
‘Are you serious?’ Luna asked as she sat down on her bed. ‘Riddle? You want to be called after him?’
‘I’ m taking the name that he despised, the name of my muggle grandpa.’
‘Because he will hate it when he finds out. And I will wear my name proudly. I’m proud of the muggleblood running thorugh my veins. I am proud of who I am, no matter who my father is.’
Luna looked at me and smiled. ‘You’ve changed so much.’
‘Do you really think so?’
‘I know so,’ she got up and took my hands in hers,’ you should be proud of who you are. And anyone who says differently is a moron.’
‘I need to tell Ginny, though,’ I sighed, ‘before she hears it from anyone else.’
‘She’ll understand.’

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