Foto bij Chapter 28 / Work-out

Ik heb het gevoel dat het allemaal een beetje te traag gaat? Wat denken jullie?

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My dreams were filled with mazes, people changing into others and a mixture of Hogwarts views and Castle Combe friends. I woke up around 5, which wasn’t unusual for me, since I had to get up around that time to get to my first job at Betty’s. I started digging through Luna’s luggage, looking for something that I could take a stroll in. She had lend me some pajamas to sleep and I wasn’t going to change into my dress anymore. I found some camo sweatpants and a black top, which seemed kind of boring for Luna, but I was fine with it.
I had almost forgotten how silent Hogwarts Castle could be. The castle of Hogwarts was a fine castle, built with a panorama of the surrounding land. Nothing could beat the view from the Ravenclaw towers. The moonlight shone on the lake and I suddenly felt the need to work out. As I walked through the corridors I thought about how much I had changed. I used to find sweating so gross. It was the dark stain under the pits of old men when they played boules in sun hot enough to drop a cow. Now, running was my therapy.
I stepped outside the castle and the warm humidity made me feel sticky. I started to run, my feet kissing the land. A while ago, I would have balked at the idea of running, but now I relished the prospect. After a while, I wheezed as my burning lungs gasped for air. My legs felt numb and unsteady, painfully sore. This was my fifth time running around the castle and students were starting to wake up. I could feel my heart throbbing. My skin felt like it was roasting. It make me feel invigorating and free. I liked it.
After my run, I took a cold shower and asked Luna for another pair of clothes I could borrow. She looked at me like I was crazy for getting up and working out, but she didn’t say anything.
That morning, Dumbledore spoke to the school. He asked to leave Harry alone, that nobody ask him questions or badger him to tell the story of what happened in the maze. Then the owl post arrived and everyone was buzzing. Luna was dreaming in silence as I made breakfast. I was just about to take a bite of my avocado toast when a shadow loomed over me. I looked up to see the headmaster standing over me.
‘If you’re ready, I’d like to speak to you.’
The conversations around us stopped and people started to stare. They weren’t used to the headmaster walking in between the tables and inviting a student to his study in front of the whole school was a rarity.
‘Can I bring my toast?’ some Ravenclaws next to me giggled and I could see a twinkle in Dumbledore’s eyes.
‘Only if you make me one too.’
I grinned, grabbed another toast and got up. I agreed to meet Luna later in the common room and followed Dumbledore up the stairs.
‘I’d like to talk to you again about my proposal from yesterday.’
‘I’ll do it,’ I immediately said, ‘I want to come back to Hogwarts. I don’t want to be out there if he’s around.’
‘And we are happy to have you, again,’ Dumbledore smiled, ‘although it won’t be easy.’
‘Life has never been easy,’ I answered, ‘I just take it the way it comes.’
‘There is something else I would like you to do when you come back to Hogwarts. If you’re up to it.’
‘What do you need me to do?’
‘I need you to keep an eye on some people. I feel like you’re the person in the best position to do that. You might be young, but you have the intelligence, the talent and the guts to take care of others. You have the knowledge of human nature and the advanced magic, if needed.’
‘Harry, off course. But he has enough people surrounding him, watching over him. He’ll be save, for now. There’s someone else I’m worried about.’
‘I’m not sure I’m following you, professor. Who do you need me to keep an eye on?’
‘Draco Malfoy.’

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