Moorim looked down at the gaping darkness below him. It was past midnight; no one would be awake. He wasn’t there premeditated or anything, he just happened to find himself to the roof. Maybe his consciousness wanted him to go there. It was the first time in a quite a while that Moorim felt like he could relax. He had been anxious for the past two weeks in his await to be discharged. He wanted to leave the hospital so bad but he also didn’t. His biggest issue would be where to go. His foster parents had abandoned him once again and he didn’t have any family or friends left.
He sighed and looked out at the horizon. How late would it be? 3 AM? 4? Maybe the sun would already start rising soon. He surprisingly felt really happy up there. Even though just moments before he had contemplated jumping of, right now he felt a lot better. Maybe the realization that he wasn’t happy, that he could show his emotions up there without anyone questioning him, maybe that he had an option to let go of it all made him happier. That he would always be able to quit.
It had been awfully hard to live in the lie he had created. He hadn’t thought through how his life would go after, he just wanted to be out of the situation he literally fell into.
A door opened somewhere behind Moorim and he quickly dove behind one of the water reserves.
‘You really think I would allow you to do that?’
Moorim could distinguish a male voice. He estimated the man behind the voice would probably be in his early fifties.
‘You’ve never done anything good for our family! You’re the reason your mother is here! You’re the reason Vernon died! You’ve caused nothing but despair for me!’
Moorim noticed this wasn’t something he should be eavesdropping on and decided to try and sneak away.
‘H-how... you...’
A new voice was introduced and this time it was a woman. She sounded young and Moorim though he could recognize it from somewhere.
‘DON’T YOU THINK THIS HASN’T BEEN HARD ON ME?! You always blame me for things I’ve never done!’
Moorim froze. He hadn’t expected such an outburst of anger. His curiosity took the overhand and he decided to peak from behind his hiding spot. It was still too dark to see any real details but he could see the outlines of the man and the woman. It was also not hard to see the fury blasting off of both of them.
Apparently Moorim hadn’t been the only one who was startled by the sudden burst of anger.
‘How dare you talk back to me like that?!’
The male voices responded calmly. Almost too calm. Like the clam before the storm.
And that storm showed it colours really quickly after. Moorim could see the male silhouette throw the woman on the ground and bowed down.
‘Never talk back to me again. How dare you interacted with that stupid kid. It’s already one thing you saved him, he doesn’t have to get to know you too. I’m just trying to save his life from turning into even more of a nightmare with your pathetic existence in it.’
Moorim saw the silhouette raise its hand, which was a movement he had seen all too much himself. Moorim squirmed. The sudden sound caught the man’s attention. He was distracted while looking for the source of the noise enabling the woman to escape his grip and flee back inside. The man cursed and gave up trying to find Moorim and followed his accomplice back inside.
Moorim sighed and dropped himself with his back against one of the vents. That was a close one. Hopefully she wasn’t hurt.

Moorim was left alone, leaning with his back against the glass of the gas station. He had fallen asleep and the sun already stood high in the sky. About 11?
Moorim sighed. Yuna obviously already left, he hadn’t even bothered checking. Moorim finally stood up. Even though he was already supposed to be at work, he had no meaning of doing so anyways. He felt light headed. He should’ve just gone back to bed instead of sleeping at a random bench in front of the gas station.
Moorim stretched as he looked around. There was only one person there to refill their tank. Beside him on the other bench was someone sleeping with their jacket pulled all the way over their face. The road ahead wasn’t busy. There was an occasional car that passed by but nothing out of the ordinary. Time to go.
Moorim got in his car and checked his rear view mirror before driving off to the police station. He dreaded Tuesday mornings. Nothing ever good happened on them.
*I don’t wanna be just friends-*
his favourite song started blasting from his phone, but frankly, Moorim was not excited to hear it. Or well, he was, but then again, he knew it was a phone call so he also wasn’t.
‘Yo, Moorim, where are you? You were supposed to be here like 3 hours ago.’ Moorim was relieved that it was Jim and not Paul who called him.
‘I’m terribly sorry-’ that was a lie, ‘-I’ll explain when I get there. I’m on my way.’
‘All right. If you’re driving anyway, could you get me bi-‘
‘See ya!’
Moorim threw his phone in the passenger seat and sighed. He seemed to do that a lot these days. He was still conflicted as to what he should do about his encounter with Jackson the previous day. Would Jackson be suspicious or could Moorim get away with it? His biggest whish was that he wouldn’t see Jackson again, but he knew that that wasn’t very likely to happen. If he had been able to get into his house once, who said he wouldn’t do it again. Moorim knew what kind of person Jackson was, he hadn’t been best friends for 3 years just to forget that completely.

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