Jackson kicked the dumpster. How could he have made such a big mistake? His impulsive behaviour really would be his death one day. After finding out that Moorim had started working for the police at the detective section. He knew about his father’s case and he also knew it wouldn’t take long before Moorim would get his hands on it. Jackson didn’t know why he wanted to look through his apartment but something in him said he’d be able to find something that would stop Moorim from uncovering the truth. The truth about his parents or about the incident from 7 years ago would have to stay hidden. Not for Jackson’s sake but for both his father’s and Moorim’s sake. He knew Moorim well. He knew how the truth would only hurt him more.
One thing bothered Jackson quite a lot. How did Moorim recognize him so quickly?

A car stopped in front of an old, decayed building. A man in a bright yellow suit stepped out. He wasn’t recognizable by the high hat in the same colour as his suit. He looked like someone who stepped straight out a cartoon. The man entered the building. It had been quite some time since he had been there. It felt like a weight was lifted from his shoulder. He took something from his pocket. Would this be the end of someone? Probably not as the man did a full 365 spin on his tiptoes and started to show off his best dance moves.
Anyone who would have seen him like that would have instantly declared him a madman. Which might even be true. But then again, anyone who’d see him would probably also declare him as the next Michael Jackson as he didn’t even miss a single beat. His body moved to the bright loop of saxophones and trumpets, accompanied by the harmonious melody of the piano and the singing. It was fabulous to see, trust me on this one. His high hat had already been lost since the beginning, exposing a surprisingly handsome and young man. His smirk didn’t go unnoticed and some would say it ruined his looks as others would say that was his charm.
He felt like he had hid his talent for too long and as he was jumping to his music he left the building. The songs took control of him as he slid and turned to the flow.
It stopped as abruptly as his music switched to the last song of his playlist. He suddenly snapped out of his dance possessed trance and ran back to his car. It was time for him to get back to work.

‘Hold up, that’s ridiculous.’
Moorim couldn’t help but wheeze a bit at the absurd situation.
‘No, it’s true. This guy got into a car accident. Please take this case, I probably couldn’t see him without laughing.’
Jim had trouble getting out his words. He laughter filled the room. It wasn’t a nice laugh to listen to, to be honest. So, Moorim decided to put an end to it.
‘Alright then, I’ll go.’
He gathered his coat and went on his way to the hospital. The trip there was long. Moorim couldn’t quite decide if this case was real or not. Like, who would do something like that?
Finally having arrived at the hospital, Moorim felt like it wouldn’t be an easy case. Even though it wasn’t necessarily hard, getting a madman to cooperate wasn’t easy, he knew from experience.
He took a deep sigh before entering the hospital room and immediately wanted to close the door. It took him a few moments to gain the courage and finally entered the room. He was welcomed by the scent of spoiled food and alcohol, not a very nice combination.
The angry nurse was fighting with her patient and another nurse was crying on the floor. Oh god, help me please.
‘Ya, ya, ya! That’s enough.’
Moorim pulled the nurse away from the bed.
‘I’ll handle it from here.’
Moorim could see the fear in her eyes as she nodded her head vigorously. She collected her crying colleague and made her way out of the room.
‘You really are something else, aren’t you?’
Moorim inspected the man that lay before him. Moorim was surprised at how young and healthy the man looked. Totally not like a madman.
‘They just don’t understand. I mean, how can someone do something like that?! Giving me rotten tomatoes and then putting the blame on me for driving to reckless. Well here’s the thing: they were already rotten when I got them. I even checked.’
‘So you knew? Then why did you still decide to deliver them.’
Moorim saw the defeated look on the man’s face and couldn’t help but smile.
‘Don’t worry. I’m not here to put you in jail. I’m just here to help you out. You seem to be very agitated.’
The man looked Moorim in the eyes.
‘You’re lying.’
Moorim’s eyes widened. Not many people had been able to tell when he was lying or telling the truth. That was his hidden talent. If it wasn’t for his amazing ability to deceive others, he would probably be dead.
‘You didn’t actually forget about him, did you?’
A shock went through Moorim’s body. H-how did he know? The man in front of him didn’t seem like a delusional, homeless man. Moorim stared back into his deep eyes. They were no longer in a state of agitation and frustration because of some rotten tomatoes. They were filled with worry. Did he know him?
A door opened and closed behind Moorim but he didn’t feel the need to check who it was. The tension in the room was high. How did this strange man in a yellow suit covered in tomatoes know about his past? How did he know about the secret that he had been hiding for so long? How was he able to see through the lie?

Who was he?

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