Moorim sat there, next to the man who had now changed into some sweatpants and an oversized sweater, which made him look a whole less crazy. There was an awkward silence between the two. Or well for Moorim it was awkward. The man seemed to be quite comfortable. He was drinking from a juice box as he smiled at the tall buildings around them.
‘How did I know? That’s what you want to know, right.’
Moorim looked up at him and nodded. The heavy wind blew the man’s hair back, exposing an almost perfect forehead with only a tiny scar on the exact spot Harry Potter had his lightning bolt. he probably fell from a bench when he was younger.
‘Well, to be honest I don’t know either. This is why people usually declare me as delusional and crazy, it’s to try and hide their secrets.’ He sighed. ‘But actually, I do know you. You were that kid that wasn’t in school for a good month who supposedly had some huge accident giving him memory loss. Wasn’t that you? You’re Moorim right?’
‘Wait, you went to school with me?’
Moorim looked at him in disbelief.
‘Jup, but you probably won’t remember me.’
‘What? Why would I forget who was in my class?’
‘Because you had memory loss, right?’
The man laughed at his own joke and he apparently found it so funny he almost choked in his drink. Moorim patted him on the back a bit harder than necessary, pretty much just hitting him at this point.
‘Yeah, yeah, I get it.’ The man laughed. ‘But you still wouldn’t remember me. I was the guy you hit after Jackson told you I stole his lunch.’
He pointed at the little scar on his forehead.
‘To be honest, you were really far off my nose.’ He smiled.
‘I do remember you,’ Moorim paused for a second, ‘but I also don’t...’
‘That was my intention. I didn’t want to be remembered. Knowing how fucked up our school was back then, I thought it would be better if I just got through it without being noticed. I think I did a pretty good job at that. I bet you don’t even know my name.’
‘I do-‘ Moorim suddenly realized he in fact didn’t, ‘never mind, I don’t. How in the world were you able to go that unnoticed?’
The man smiled.
‘I guess I’m just not that interesting. Owh and if you really wanted to know, I don’t really have a name so you can call me whatever you want.’
‘you must have something of a name. Come on, show me your ID.’
The man smiled and took out his ID. Moorim was prepared for some weird ass name that would be so shaming that no one would want to have it, but what he found was just a last name. Nothing more, nothing less.
‘Wait you really don’t have a name?’
‘Nope. I was abandoned right after birth and no one bothered to name me.’
‘How do you live like that?’
‘I don’t,’ he sighed, maybe a habit he had taken from Moorim, ‘I don’t have anything. No life, no money, no house, no friends, no family, but honestly, it’s not half bad.’
‘So you’re saying you don’t have an indentity.’
‘I do, just look at my ID.’
Moorim felt like he would start laughing like the madman that he was again, but he didn’t. He just smiled brightly until his eyes formed two crescents and his gums were fully exposed. Moorim could understand how some would say this was his charm and others that this was his ugly feature.
‘Can I come up with a name then?’
‘Sure. If it’s good I might even use it as my official name.’
‘How about Duyi?’
‘Duyi? Isn’t that like a really weird name?’
‘So is Moorim, to be honest.’
‘hmm, Duyi. It does have something.’
‘it means independent wholeness. I thought that’d be perfect for you.’
‘Wow. I didn’t know you were a poet.’
‘Yes, sir!’
Moorim laughed. It was the first time he had genuinely laughed in a really long time. He didn’t care that Duyi found out his secret anymore. He seemed like a genuine guy and must’ve gone through a lot if he didn’t even have a name. Maybe this would be the start of a great friendship.
Moorim’s expression suddenly became very serious again. He didn’t want a great friendship. He didn’t want to be afraid of being betrayed and abandoned again. He wanted his hurt to end.
‘Don’t worry. I know I can’t say anything that will make you trust me. I will try to show you that I’m worth your trust by helping you. You’re a detective now right?’
Moorim smiled. He knew it would be difficult to get over this feeling and open up to people and he appreciated that Duyi was so understanding.
‘There you are!’
The door smashed open and a very angry looking nurse ran towards Duyi.
‘How dare you hit her like that?!’
The nurse dragged Duyi back inside. Moorim waved him goodbye with a sad smile on his face. He did kind of long for a friend.
Suddenly, Moorim recognized the nurse that was so desperate to get Duyi back inside.
‘Hold up.’
Moorim came in between the two quibblers.
‘Wait, you’re Yuna, right?’
The nurse looked at Moorim with a confused look in her eyes before lighting up.
‘Hey, you’re that dude from the gas station!’
‘you know each other?’
Duyi tried to fight his way out of Yuna’s grip but only made things worse as Yuna tightened her grasp on his arm.
‘You keep quiet.’
Moorim smiled at the scene. He had thought Duyi was definitely a dominant man but seeing how easily Yuna was able to refrain him just made him laugh.
‘Moorim, do something, please. You know I didn’t do anything wrong right?’
‘I do, but frankly I find this scene very hilarious and I haven’t properly laughed in a few months so let me have this one.’
Yuna gave Duyi a dirty look and proceeded to drag him back inside, accompanied by Moorim trying to retain his laughter.

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