It was quiet in the hallway. There had been a pipe that had been leaking so half of the floor was wet. Duyi manoeuvred his way towards the end of the hallway avoiding the bodyguards that lay there unconscious.
‘They really shouldn’t have done that.’
He started laughing and opened the door to the huge storage space. As he expected, he found an unconscious Moorim covered and laying in his own blood.
‘Ugh, I could’ve been sooner if that stupid doctor didn’t decide to get involved.’
He proceeded to untie Moorim from his chair and threw him over his shoulders. On his way out, he didn’t bother to avoid the motionless bodies on the ground. He found a warm spot by a radiator and carefully dropped Moorim down.
‘Don’t go anywhere, okay?’ Duyi frowned. ‘Why am I even talking to you? Okay, wait here.’
Duyi opened the window and climbed out. It was too risky to go out through the front door. Who knew who would be there waiting for him.
It didn’t take too long before he came back with a plastic bag and a pair of scissors. He took care of the wound on Moorim’s head and of the other cuts scattered over his body as a result of being dragged all over the place. Duyi noticed Moorim’s eyelids trembling and slowly but surely he opened his eyes.
‘Welcome back, bud.’ Duyi smiled brightly.
Moorim couldn’t react as a piece of bread was immediately shoved into his mouth. It was only then that he noticed how hungry he was and gladly accepted the food and water that was crammed into his throat.
He was tired, extremely tired. Duyi had sat down beside him and Moorim had caught himself leaning on his shoulder multiple times. He actually didn’t find it uncomfortable but Duyi must have been tired as well. Moorim knew what happened but he wasn’t quite ready to accept the situation. At that moment he just felt happy. He was finally able to forget about his worries for a bit. Tears were streaming down his face but Moorim wouldn’t say that he was crying, he was just letting go of everything. Duyi stayed pretty silent. Moorim sometimes caught him humming to yet another song but for the most part he stayed quiet. Moorim had no idea how long they had sat there. Probably a few hours. They just sat there, enjoying the snacks Duyi had bought at the department store and the soft breeze that blew from the open window.
Moorim was surprised that Duyi didn’t ask him why he didn’t just want to get out of there as fast as possible. Or how he got there. Or why he was even kidnapped.
And Duyi on his turn was surprised that Moorim didn’t ask him how he knew he was there or how he had been able to save him.
‘Do you know if Yuna is okay?’
Moorim was the first to break the silence. He looked at Duyi.
‘You mean that doctor, right? She’s fine. She knows how to take care of herself.’
Moorim let out a sigh of relief. He felt bad that he had dragged her into it and had put her in danger. He wish he could’ve turned back time. Not just to save her but to save himself. To even before the accident. Before even meeting Jackson, because that’s when everything turned ugly.
‘You know what. That doctor is really getting on my nerve. She keeps ordering me around and trying to start a fight.’
Moorim chuckled.
‘It’s not funny.’
‘My bad,’ Moorim answered without sincerity and still laughing.
‘Can’t you do the same thing as with me and tell her about her own secret. Maybe then she’ll leave you alone.’
Duyi’s face changed. It became serious and concentrated.
‘That’s the thing, I can’t read her.’
Moorim frowned.
‘So she’s the one you talked about last, the one you were trying to figure out.’
‘Yup,’ Duyi nodded, ‘I don’t know what it is about her. Like, I’m sure she’s hiding something. She doesn’t seem like a pure person to me but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t see anything.’
Moorim sighed.
‘This is a dream right?’ he asked.
‘It is. If you fall asleep here, you’ll just wake up in your bed again.’
Moorim accepted it. I mean if it was true that would only be beneficial. He decided to close his eyes and let his mind drift off.
And so he woke up the next morning in his warm bed. He had a strange feeling. He felt like he had a huge hangover but he couldn’t remember drinking at all. He didn’t even have alcohol in his house. But when he got out of his bed, he in fact saw a bottle a Polish vodka on his bedside table. It was empty. Then I must have been really drunk to not even remember when I started drinking. He got some clean clothes and proceeded to make his way to the bathroom.
He opened the door to the living room and was shocked by what he found there. The whole place was a wreckage. Beer cans and empty takeout boxes were scattered across his apartment. And there, on his couch, were a passed out Duyi and Yuna.
Moorim dumped what he was holding and couldn’t help his jaw from dropping to the floor. What did he do last night?

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