"Can I do something for you child?" said the lady at the corner. "Yes, I am searching a book about sudden weather changes." She looked with a startled face and she said that the science department was on my left. I thanked her and went to the closest bookshelf. The weather was no longer normal during the last days. From sunshine, it could change into hail or even a fierce storm. I had picked up a few books and already walked back to the counter. The lady was talking to the priest of the local church. I had seen him a few times in the square. There were rumors that he was doing devil and monster expulsion. I didn't believe in things like that, but if I did, he could certainly be able to. A smile had never been found on his face. Despite all these things in my mind, I smiled at him and put my books on the table for the lady."Are you interested in the weather, young man?" asked the priest. I was a little shocked and got a cold shiver down my back but I kept smiling and nodded. "Yes, sir, lately I think the weather is behaving strangely, so I thought a little research couldn't hurt." The corners of his mouth curled up a bit, but you couldn't really say it was a smile. "I can help you. I have a few books in the church's library that might give us some answers," he said that with the same grimace. Everything in my head was already trying to find an apologie not to go but in the end, I said: "Yes, if I don't bother you with it." Sometimes I really wondered why I could lie so well and why I did it so much. "Okay, I'll see you at the chapel around 11 o'clock in the evening?" he asked. I nodded and he disappeared between the bookshelves. I returned home and lay down on my bed. 'Come on, that man can't be that bad. Those gossips are probably just nonsense. " I said to myself. I picked up a book and started reading. There was a lot of explanation about the low and high-pressure areas in the atmosphere but nothing really useful. My aunt came in and plopped my newly ironed clothes at the door. "I hope you're smart enough to know where to put them," she said, descending the stairs. I lived with my terrible aunt. My parents had disappeared in a huge storm, but they found me still in their car. When they approached my aunt to ask if she wanted to look after me, she first said no, but when she heard she was going to receive money from the state if she let me stay, she changed her mind. I never knew whether I should be happy or sad about that. All in all, she was never really friendly, but she was also not inevitable. I put my clothes in my closet and thought again about the priest. I don't know why but I had a feeling that something was going to happen that night that wasn't in my program book. After eating an ordered pizza while watching Netflix I saw that it was already 10:30 pm. I descended the stairs very gently so as not to wake my sleeping aunt. I slipped into my shoes and jumped on my bike to the chapel. In the dark the chapel looked more like an institution but I went inside. "Sir, are you here?" my voice echoed against the bare walls of the building. "Here behind Jonas." I shuffled slowly along the pews to the altar. The priest stood with his back to me bent over a few books with weird images of monsters. I stood next to him and read 'The weather change agent'. "So, you think it's a monster that causes these storms." He raised his head and looked me in the eye. His gray-tinted eyes looked straight into my azure blue, giving me the feeling that my head was being cut open. I looked away and looked at the books again. "Yes, I think it's a monster. The same thing that killed your parents." That sentence hit like a bomb. I heard lightning outside and felt a strange cold take my breath away. "That means the monster must have been both there and here. And Jonas even you know that one plus one is two." He pulled a cross out of his sleeve "Ostendit Tibi Verum," he suddenly shouted. With his cross before him. An unknown force forced me to walk backward on my knees. "Run !!" Was the only thing that hit my head. It was like a hand pinch me together. I almost fell but I could find some balance against a bookshelf. I started to see blurred. The priest kept screaming. I knew I would start losing consciousness if I didn't find a solution quickly. I tried to run to the door but my legs collapsed against one of the church walls. I felt weaker and weaker. I collapsed but I just kept conscious. Just when I almost touched the ground with my head I see an arrow piercing the priest's neck. I felt the coldness of the church floor against my head and the blood that had started to run from my mouth, ears, eyes, and nose. That is what I still remember from what happened before my real adventure. I was curious about what would happen next. You too?

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