I felt the blood all over my head.

I heard something. It sounded like a rumble. It was the engine of a car. I woke up because my head was banging against the window all the time. I wanted to open my eyes but changed my mind. "What if I was kidnapped and they thought I was dead, wouldn't that be better?" "We know you're not dead, Jonas. Do you really think we would go to so much trouble to put a corpse in the car and put a seatbelt on him? I raised my eyes and looked from where the voice came. A blonde girl was sitting on the other side of the car, staring at me with a bored expression. "Come on, Elizabeth, shouldn't you be nicer to him, maybe he will become your new classmate," said the driver. He was a well-built man with a tattoo on his neck that was mostly covered by his shirt. It was a wolf tattoo.

"Good morning Jonas, I am Elias, Elizabeth's brother, we are the ones who saved you from that priest and then, without hurting you too much, brought you into this car. We are going to a place where you can rest. I have already explained the situation to the director and there are already some people waiting for you to come. People like us.' "I don't know why, but he said the last one more to himself than to me." Elizabeth looked out the window, a sign beyond seemed to make her somehow happy. With my head turned to the right but my eyes to the left, I tried to read what was on the sign as subtly as possible. "Skeptiatrum school." with below in small letters "Here you choose who you want to be." We were in a very bushy area with a few open meadows here and there. I felt the car slowing down and began to hear the happy shouts of children. "I might try to run away later." I thought. Thousands of questions ran through my head, like New Year's Eve fireworks, but there was one that needed to be answered now. "Excuse me, but what do you mean by people like us?" Elias laughed and his sister began to roll her eyes. "People with powers,gifts, people who are supernatural or monsters. They are all names they give us, but in fact we are just special. This school that we attend gives us the opportunity to deal with our gifts.When we have trained enough and learned about how to control ourselves without being noticed too much in society, we graduate. I am a werewolf and my very kind sister a mage .She is also a witch, but that describes her character more." He was allowed to pay for that last sentence with a fist on the back of his chair. "Wait until we get home and I'll roast you," she said with a mean look. To show that she could really do that, she raised her hand until sparks began to appear. "Elizabeth, you've already 'accidentally' blown up a car once and I remember father's punishment very well," Elias said in a monotone tone but with a drop of amusement. Elizabeth stopped her spell and breezed.

So I was 'kindly' kidnapped and was now taken to a school where there are mages and werewolves. I tried to stay calm and look around. I looked outside and tried to concentrate on the children I saw playing. I gave up immediately when I saw that a few children could run so fast that their legs were covered in a haze. Elizabeth saw my (probably) shocked face and laughed. "Those are the vampire children, most of them are only between 6 and 12, their human bodies." I smiled back and again tried to follow them. These children were not the monstrous creatures the priest spoke of when he preached. Wait, something was wrong. "Doesn't the sun affect their skin?" I asked. "Well noted, the sun has no effect on their skin because the graduated mages have to make the sun ring as a final test." That ring protects their skin for a very long time. If they don't wear that ring, their skin will catch fire and they may even die because of it, you will learn later what is true about mythological creatures and what is not."

We parked right in front of the door." I forgot to say " said Elizabeth" Put your hood right over your head because your face is still full of blood and we don't want to scare the other students with your arrival." I moved my hand on my cheek and indeed felt many scabs of blood. I must have looked so bad then. I pulled my hood over my head so that my face was covered with a shadow. I looked down at the ground so that I would not stand out too much. Elias put his hand on my shoulder and led me inside. His sister stayed behind with some other mages in a room full of coffee tables and chairs. Finally, we stopped at a door. He knocked and a male voice said we could enter.

When Elias opened the door, we found ourselves in a beautiful office, sitting at a table with a man in his forties with almost silver hair, and in the corner sat a young African woman with wavy black hair. She stood up and stretched out her hand looking at me. I took her hand and it felt like a wave of calm flowed through me as I touched it. "Hello, Jonas, I am Morgana, the head of mages and head teacher of magic." She sat back down, but the feeling still lingered in my body. The man came out from behind his desk and gave me a hand as well. "I'm Mathias, the headmaster of this school, I hope you didn't have a very difficult journey?" He looked into my eyes and I looked back. "Well, it wasn't that bad. First I was attacked by a priest so I was covered in blood. Then I was put in a car with a werewolf behind the wheel and a witch who tried to set the car on fire. I bet everyone wants holidays like that, right?" I felt them all blush a little. Not wanting to seem too angry and rude (although I was), I continued in a more friendly manner. "But I'm here now and glad that Elias and Elizabeth saved me from that psychopath. Still, I feel that I won't get out of here just by taking a bath? "Mathias burst out laughing" It's nice that you're talking about it yourself. As you've probably heard, this school is for people with special gifts. We train them here and then they can live a normal life in society. Unless they want to stay here, which is also an option. "

I felt my eyelids getting heavy. I suppressed a yawn as Mathias talked about the history of the school. Morgana's eyes had become slits and she was looking at me very inquisitively, but also disturbingly. Then I realised that I had probably been asleep before. The feeling of tiredness only started when she had given me a hand. This was a trap, but I was not going to let it happen just like that. The nail of my ring finger was always cut at the corners. Don't ask me why, but sometimes it comes in handy, like now. I pressed them into the palm of my hand until the blood flowed out. I looked around the room with my eyes looking for something to defend myself. Unfortunately, there was only a pen on the desk. Morgana stood up and approached me now. She was on to me.

I grabbed the pen and dived for the door. Elias tried to stop me, but his reflexes were too slow. "Stop him!" shouted Mathias. I ran out of the corridor and entered the large lounge. The conversations going on there stopped when they saw my bloody head and hands. "Jonas, stay where you are, we don't want to hurt you," Elizabeth said, slowly coming forward with a few friends while the rest of the school slowly backed away. Elias now entered the drawing room. I was startled to see his face change. His nose and mouth had come forward and hair had started to grow everywhere. I heard his bones breaking and saw him fall to his hands and knees and suddenly a big black wolf was standing in front of me. I was shocked and distracted and unfortunately Elizabeth made good use of it. "Dispulso!" she shouted. An invisible fist knocked me out through one of the windows. I fell down on the field, dazed, but tried to get up again immediately. Morgana was already outside, holding a black ball which she sent towards me. It flew straight at my face. I crossed my arms in front of it, ready for the hit. But that did not happen. A bolt of lightning came from my right hand and hit the ball. It flew to the ground in pieces. Everyone was startled and stepped away from me. I looked at my hands and saw little bolts of lightning jumping from one finger to the other. The pen I was holding was now floating in my hand. I had made it magnetic. Elias swung around me and bared his teeth. Morgana called the pieces of the sphere back to her, but did not fire them again.

"Benjamin, put your hands on the ground and we'll explain everything. We can resolve this peacefully without any injuries," Mathias said. In the meantime, he had also come out and approached me cautiously. I was angry "You said I could trust you, but you just bewitched me. I don't know how to do these things, but I don't want to learn anything from you if you just curse me at any time." I shouted. Dark clouds gathered high above us and the sound of thunder supported my feelings. "Jonas, that spell was so we could do some tests so we could find out what you were," Morgana said loudly. The wind began to blow harder and frightened students rushed in. Morgana took a step in my direction. Her heel sank slightly into the grass. I was still holding the pen on her. Very slowly she put one more. "I didn't mean to scare you like that, the spell normally works a lot faster, but you can resist it, I don't know how you do that, but we'll investigate it together okay?" As she said that she , still slowly, came closer. She put a hand on my shoulder and my lightning flashed and the pen fell on the grass. I fell to my knees and started crying with my hands in front of my face. Rain fell in torrents and everyone except Morgana ran inside. Morgana on the other hand sat down in front of me and hugged me. "Let it all go, it's okay to cry. Everything will be fine, just give it some time and give us some time too. We are here for you Jonas."

When I stopped crying, Morgana led me to a cottage that was some distance from the school. My head felt heavy and I was exhausted. We were suddenly in a room and I just fell down in a bed that was there. Morgana behaved like a mother, put a blanket over me and kissed my forehead. When she had almost closed the door, I asked one more thing. 'Morgana, would you like to put me to sleep with the spell?' She smiled and nodded. 'Somnia' was the word that rolled over her lips as I sank into my thoughts. One thing was clear now. The storms were caused by me. So that meant the priest was right. I was the monster.

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