Maybe I really killed my parents. Was the last thought that crossed my mind before I went to the land of sleep.

I woke up. I saw a note on my bedside table. "Welcome. I hope we become good roommates." Was written in very beautiful writing. At first, I thought a girl would have written it, but I knew they would never let a boy sleep with a girl. I looked around my room well. Three meters on my left was another double bed that was nicely laid out. Right across, there was a fireplace that needed urgent cleaning. I stood up and washed my face and hands in the bathroom I had found. It was small but you had everything there. I returned to my room and looked at the window. It was wide open and there was a strange bird on the window. He looked at me carefully. He opened his wings and I noticed that he had four. He turned and flew away at lightning speed to the forest where I had a view. I wanted to go outside, but I noticed that there was another door. He was the same color as the bricks of the wall, so he didn't stand out that much. I went there and opened it a crack. I looked through it with my left eye. A boy stood on a balcony watching through a telephoto scope. He blushed. I opened the door completely. "Am I disturbing something?" I asked. The boy shrugged and dropped the telescope. I stretched out my arm and let it float. I felt an electrical voltage develop between the telescope and me. Fortunately, the boy had already recovered from the shock and grabbed it from the air. "That thing is worth a lot of money," he said. He breathed quickly so I knew he was a bit upset. I felt guilty and looked down. "Sorry, it was not my intention to scare you (which was perhaps a small lie) and it was certainly not the intention to destroy your telescope." I almost whispered. The boy smiled at me and put down his telescope. He pulled a chair from behind and sat down. "It doesn't matter, nothing's broken. I just got a little frightened. Sit down." He stretched out his hand, a rope came out of his arm at lightning speed and pulled a chair on the other side towards me. The rope disappeared as quickly as it had come. I sat down. He saw my shocked face. "I am Larten and as you have already seen, I am a mummy."

I'm going, to be honest, I had expected something special but not this. "I'm Jonas, and I don't know what I am, yet." I felt the blush on my cheeks when I said that. "That's normal the first few days, they only knew about me a month later that I was a mummy." We laughed. "But what were you actually looking at, it made you blush well." He smiled at me. "I'm in love with a girl, but I'm afraid she doesn't like me. After all, I'm a mummy. That's why I look at her through my telescope." Although he put a smile on his face I saw a flurry of defeat. "May I see her is?" He gave me the telescope and showed me where to look. "The one on the left is Evy, she is, as you can see, a mermaid. The one sitting on the rock is Camille, now she looks like an ordinary girl but when she takes off her necklace she transforms into her gorgonian form. The one that is lying in the grass with her dress of leaves is Alina. She has stolen all my heart. She is a dryad and a powerful one. She can grow plants almost anywhere and make them move to her will. "He kept looking at her. It was almost pathetic to see. Suddenly a green light glowed on his chest. He kept looking but said "Don't be afraid. That's my scarab that warns me because a magical one is getting closer. It's probably Morgana." He had not yet finished speaking or she already opened the door. "Benjamin, will you come with us? We're going to do some tests." She looked up at Larten. "Larten, I told you so much that you just have to ask her if she likes you or not. You will never know whether she likes you or not." She sighed. She turned and left the room. I followed her closely and saw that Larten had also decided to come along. We descended a spiral staircase and entered a small living room. "You will probably live here for a long time with Larten and three other girls. You have a separate house farther from the school and other students because you are a little more complicated than a common magician, vampire or werewolf. Some of you also need special ones like our mermaid, Evy, "she said, stepping through a large lawn. The school loomed behind a few high hills "So I'm not a magician?" I asked. "No, what you showed us yesterday indicates that you are a different kind of creature. You will probably spend a lot of time with the magicians because you have access to magic," she replied. We arrived in front of a large gate. Two stone griffins stood proudly beside the gate. She clicked her tongue in her mouth and the gate opened.

We entered a small garden. It smelled terrible. There were plants in different colors, but unfortunately, they each gave off their own strong scent. We entered a small medieval tower and descended down a stone spiral staircase. The corridor was lit by a few torches so there was little to see. In some places they were extinguished, so we only had the light of Larten's scarab. In the end, we found one of the most modern rooms. It was illuminated with lights from the floor and the walls were made of glass. We were in the middle of a lake because everywhere you looked you saw water. Crabs and mussels had already claimed the undersides of the outer walls and the glasses were allowed to get a cleaning turn but everything was what you needed. A modern kitchen with a separate freezer and a modern salon. "Okay, we are coming here because these walls are made of a certain kind of diamond" I was shocked and swore to not make the walls dirty quickly "so that they do not let magic through. Here we can do a test without you entire building. " Morgana said. Larten had already laid down on the couch and enjoyed the view. "Jonas, come and stand in front of me." I did what she feared. Larten sat up to see if something special was going to happen. Morgana gave me an iron bar and instructed me to make it float. I focused on the feeling I had in my fingers. My hand began to tingle again and small electrical sparks were again. I tried to control them and only concentrate on the rod. I released the bar, but it remained in place. With both my hands I tried to control him and I let him go high. He was trembling, but all in all, he went upstairs slowly. "If I use more power now, it might be faster." I thought. I took a deep breath and put more power on my hands. Electric sparks started to come off my hands, but the bar moved faster. "Benjamin, you have to stop, you are overheating the rod," Larten shouted suddenly. Morgana took notes and said nothing. I looked at the bar now floating on the other side of the room and saw that it did indeed start to turn red. I let him float towards me and when he floated in front of me I released my magnetic grip so that he fell to the ground. Waves of heat flowed from it so I stepped back. "So you can let metal objects float but after a while, they get overheated. Interesting. Let's try something else," Morgana said. She almost glowed with joy. Larten looked worried, I had no idea why.

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