POV Janelle

I saw through the curtains how the ballroom was getting quite full. "Hey sunshine, shouldn't you bring the glasses of champagne to the tables?" her voice made me look up and I saw my best friend Teresa standing next to me. "Hey there." I said and gave her a hug. "Happy birthday." she said while hugging me and I was so happy to see her again. Since she found her mate last June, I haven't seen her often... She has a daughter now, her name is April. She took April with her today. "Hey little April." I said and took her into my arms. She smiled happily looking up at me.

"Auntie Janelle needs to go and give the people some champagne." Teresa said after some time and I gave April back to her. I took up my plate with the glasses of champagne and made my way to the ballroom. When walking in to the ballroom I saw the royal family, the king and queen on the throne and their son next to them. Prince Jonathan was handsome, he always had been, but this time seeing him their my heart started to pound in my throat and my palms started to sweat a bit. Oh Janelle, don't let this be true, you could let the glasses slip! I wasn't paying much attention to where I was stepping and tripped over the leg of a betas daughter.

It was easy to see she was beta by the daring and evil look she had on her face when she saw me laying there. "Oh, an omega, look where you walk you stupid tug." she growled to me. I could only notice the pain in my hand. Slowly I looked at the wound with glass inside. I had fallen into a champagne glass and it must have cut my hand because it was bleeding.

"Are you allright?" a male voice asked obviously worried. I looked up and saw prince Jonathan kneeling next to me with a concerned look on his face. He followed my gaze to my hand and seemed to cringe. Immediately he helped me to stand up and took a napkin from the table and wrapped it around my hand tightly to stop my hand from bleeding badly. "We need to find you a doctor, what's your name?" he asked and I swollowed completely in awe for him. "Janelle, your highness." I stammerd quickly and he nodded. "I will guide you to the doctor." he said and I gave him a thankfull smile. He took my hand and a pleasurable feeling spread through my body. He pulled me up and helped me to the doctor.

I didn't speak even one word, I was afraid. Why did he even come to me in the first place? I could have gone to the doctor myself, or another omega could have led me the way but he was the alpha, the prince of this kingdom. He wasn't supposed to help an omega. Soon enough we reached the office of the castles doctor. As soon as the doctor saw prince Jonathan he bowed for him and saw the napkin wrapped around my hand. "What happened, your highness?" he asked with a frown. "She fell into a glass of champagne." prince Jonathan said and the doctor told me to have a seat so I did. After a bit of examination and removing the pieces of glass out of my hand and taking care of my hand the doctor wrapped my hand with some sterile cloths and told me to rest that hand. "But I need it to work on the field." I blurted out before I could stop myself. "Are you an omega?" the doctor asked and looked at prince Jonathan in surprise. "Yes." I said and looked at prince Jonathan with the same surprised look but thanked him immediately. The doctor asked prince Jonathan to have word with him outside his office. That didn't sound alright.

POV Jonathan

I stepped outside the doctors office, I felt what this was going to be about. "Your highness, I don't doubt your good heart, but why help an omega like her? You know it is frowned upon, and I don't believe the king and queen will like such an act." he said and I sighed, he was right but that didn't change my destiny. The moongodess had chosen this omega to be my mate. This normally doesn't happen, mostly we get mates from our own rank. I guess the moongodess must have been in a funny mood when she made this match but I could feel it, she was my mate.

There was no way I could have mistaken in what I felt, her smell, the feeling that ran through my spine when I touched her hand earlier. She was my mate. "She is my mate. I knew it when I saw her." I said and he nodded. "I understand, but think about the consequences. The omegas might think they will stand a chance at ranking up, they might form a rebellion, and if they don't then maybe the other ranks will because they will feel threathened. I don't know, your highness but this seems risky." he said quietly because he knew not to raise his voice to me, he was but a beta.

"I know but what can I do?" a sigh escaped my lips, I knew this could lead to a lot of trouble for both her and me but the moongodess must have done this for a reason. "Well, if you ask... you could keep her a secret, or be out in the open about her or just find yourself a maid." he said looking up towards me now. I growled at the idea of just having a maid. No way. She is my mate and she will be that no matter what the consequences will be. "No! She is my mate!" I yelled and remembered she could hear that. Yes, she stepped out of the office and looked at us.

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