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STATUS: active (presumably)

REAL NAME: unknown

ALIASES: Silver Moon, the Silver Archer, Aletheia... [click to expand]

DATE OF BIRTH: unknown, possibly around 1600 B.C.

PLACE OF BIRTH: unknown, possibly Mesopotamia or Sumer


RACE: unknown

GENDER: female (presumed)

DENTAL: unknown

LANGUAGES: unknown

HEIGHT: unknown

WEIGHT: unknown

HAIR: dark brown, grey

EYES: unknown


FAMILY: unknown

EMPLOYMENT: soldier, assistant botanist, hunter… [click to expand]



Little is truly known about this figure and most of our information is from retellings and archaeological findings. The subject is presumably immortal or an ancient deity, since they seem to have been present at historical events and resurface constantly in local myths all over the globe, during different periods of time. The only reason we presume this is the same person, is due to the characteristic description of a bow and arrow wielding character with grey colored hairstreaks. There is no possibility whatsoever that the believers of these myths could have interacted with each other, as they were both geographically and temporally distanced. We, therefore, conclude this phenomenon has to be a real person and not merely a myth.
      The subject is proficient in combat and war techniques since they have participated in an abundance of battles. In most narratives, they have increased strength and reflexes. Their proficiency with the bow has granted them the title of ‘master of archery’ and the like on many occasions. According to a single tale, they also have control over the weather and represent the spirit of the moon, although this might have been exaggerated. Since the discovery of Roman and Greek demigods, many researchers have proposed the subject might be affiliated with either one of them.


Some significant reports include:
      • One of the earliest sightings of the subject comes from Greece, 300 BC. According to surviving records of a warlike people in northern Greece, a female archer with grey hair named Aletheia (“truth”) met them during a battle with a chimaera. The tribe had been terrorized with this monster for generations and were searching for a solution, since the monster could not be killed. The subject discovered the tribe had been hunting the monster when it was not a direct danger for them, thus angering the beast, which made it threaten their village. The subject told them to only attack the monster when there was a new moon and to solely defend their village when it was necessary. One of the lesser-known works of Greco-Roman writer Livius Andronicus retells this story and claims the tribe had nicknamed the archer ‘Argentum Luna’, or ‘Silver Moon’.
      • In 1492, an assistant botanist by the name of Juan Alba was one of the researchers aboard the Santa María, one of the ships of Columbus’ first voyage to America. According to the diary of a crewmember, Alba was the descendant of Ottoman merchants and suffered from premature graying. Somewhere between Spain and the Canary Islands, the ships encountered the Siren’s Island. All crewmembers survived due to Alba warning them on time and telling them to plug their ears with wax.
      • The last known sighting of the subject was during the Second World War. In 1942, Egyptian-Canadian soldier Hassan Khan was part of the Fusiliers Mont-Royal during Operation Jubilee, more commonly known as the Dieppe Raid. The unit suffered many casualties and only a few men could reach the town, of which Khan was one of them. Here, it was reported by German forces that the group came under attack by Greek Hellhounds, sent by sons of Hades. In the battle, soldier Khan was seen wielding a bow shooting silver arrows. After the fight, the group received the message to withdraw, but Khan never returned and was reported MIA.

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