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When we arrived at the studios Andy helped us carry our bags to our trailers. I imagined the studios to be big, but I definitely wasn’t prepared for everything I was seeing now already, and we didn’t even go inside yet. In the trailer park stood about a hundred trailers. Mine was next to Dean’s and Aidan’s trailer, a bit at the corner of the park which was perfect, this way I wouldn’t have to cross a lot of people all the time and could hide whenever I needed rest. Aidan’s trailer was right behind me and Dean’s next to me. While we were putting all our stuff into the trailers I saw hundreds of people of the whole cast and crew walking around the set. The buildings where all the shooting would get done were huge, there even was a movable building where all the make up got done and a stock where all the costumes and weapons and all other materials they needed on set were stocked. I was pretty sure I hadn’t even seen half of it yet. After I was fully installed I went to check on Dean who was accompanied by Aidan. ‘So want to join us on a tour around the set?’ Aidan suggested and even though I didn’t feel ready for it my curiosity took the upper hand and made me nod ‘Sure!’ I answered. I had to admit Aidan was a nice guy and a great guide, he started by showing the cafeteria which is obviously the most important place on set. Since mom passed, I had been the cook at home, at first Dean and Brett tried to cook me healthy meals but no matter how hard they tried they never really succeeded in making a really nice meal. So by the time I turned 13 I began cooking and soon I turned out to be a real talent. So I hoped to find some good food here as well. ‘So it’s a good thing you guys don’t have to cook yourselves meals every day’ I smiled a cheeky smile while looking at Dean who now pulled up his nose ‘Yea go on laugh at me because I can’t cook’ he answered which made Aidan laugh ‘Oh great I can’t cook either! That’s because we’re real men, and we’re princes by the way we have servants to cook for us’ Aidan answered whereby I shook my head in disbelief. I knew he was joking but it sounded so genuine I had to make a comment about it ‘Yea don’t let that ego get you killed’ I snapped which made Dean and Aidan laugh ‘Oooh burn’ my brother said before we continued our tour. As we walked through the cafeteria back to the door we passed by a table where some people were playing a cart game. Aidan apparently thought this was a good moment for an introduction as well. ‘Graham, James, Stephen, Mark, Richard and Ken, this is our last dwarf of the company Dean O’Gorman. Our pretty Fili, and his lovely sister Hera, mythical Goddess!’ Aidan spoke whereby the man swiftly stood up to shake hands with my brother or even gave him a hug. When they turned to me I quickly offered my hand or simply waved from a distance while hiding my face in my scarf again. ‘My parents just really liked the name, like you don’t need to call me a mythical Goddess the whole time’ I told Aidan ‘Oh I know, I just like doing that’ he simply replied which made me roll my eyes. For some reason I felt really uncomfortable in the situation with all the grown-up men around me. ‘So another Kiwi on set, good to see we’re having the upper hand!’ the man who introduced himself as Graham laughed. ‘Oh yea fine guys, okay you kiwi’s untie cute and stuff! Now I’m going on with my tour!’ Aidan fiercely spoke before leading my brother away where after I swiftly followed them gladly leaving the men behind. After this Aidan took us to the make-up department where I met Tami Lane and a whole lot of other people who were responsible for make-up, prosthetics, wigs and everything else that had to do with the cast’s looks. After having a little chat and watching some parts of Fili’s costume we went to the studios where we seemed to be walking right into Gollum’s cave. ‘Wow’ was all I could say while looking around the studios at the massive green screens, the indoor pool surrounded by fake cave walls that were made out of some sort of cast. When we walked into the cave we saw Andy talking to Peter Jackson surrounded by a whole lot of other people from the crew. ‘Ah there’s our newest dwarf member!’ Andy spoke when he saw us coming. ‘Pete here we have Dean O’Gorman and his sister Hera’ Aidan said while Peter walked towards us, greeting us with a firm handshake. ‘It’s really good you’re here Dean, the dwarves seemed to feel really incomplete without their little Fili around since Rob had to leave. I’m sure you’ll quickly find your place in the group!’ the hobbit looking man spoke. It was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw Peter walking there with a mug of tea on his bare feet, looking like a hobbit. ‘I’m sure I’ll quickly find my place in the group, everyone’s really nice and I’m so excited to bring Fili to life!’ Dean answered and you could hear his voice trembling a little which meant he really was excited. ‘Hera nice to meet you!’ Peter then said with a smile looking straight at me. ‘Hello sir, nice to meet you too!’ I replied which made Peter laugh ‘Oh please call me Pete okay?’ he asked ‘Sir makes me feel old’ he added which made me laugh too where after I promised to call him Pete. After this they had to get back to work and so Aidan let us through the rest of the studios, the training centre and most important his own trailer where he brought us to get a good drink and get to know each other a little better. Sadly for him he wouldn’t get much out of me as there wasn’t anything interesting about my life, luckily Dean and Aidan were the real talkative people and didn’t even noticed I barely said anything about myself.

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