Foto bij Prologue 1

November 2012

She walked into her room, her eyes finding his. They were everywhere, together with his other bandmates. She had plastered her walls with posters she found in every magazine, loving each one more than she loved the last one. Those guys had the ability to make her smile, whenever she listened to their music.
But one stood out, the blond Irish one, with his crooked smile and cute accent.
No, he didn’t have as much muscle as his bandmates,
or was as outspoken as some of them,
but he made her smile, even more than the others did.
And to her, he was the most perfect man she had ever seen.

Hoi allemaal!

Ik weet dat dit nog niks is, en dat het heel cliché klinkt, maar ik beloof dat het beter wordt!


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