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the end of August 2025

The next morning, it’s a little over half past five when I walk into my bakery. I smile when I put on the lights, and turn the lock on the door again. James and Rose won’t be here for another hour. I put on the kettle and make myself some green tea. I take my apron and get working. First I check the macarons in the freezer. Making sure we’ll have enough for today, I see I will have to make some more after morning rush. Then I take the supplies for cupcakes. First I make enough vanilla batter, since it’s the base for my raspberry-white chocolate cupcakes and I have a vanilla feeling today. So I’ll make some plane old vanilla cupcakes too. When the cupcakes are done and in the oven I make a chocolate cake batter, and pour it in to the mould and let it rest while I take the cupcakes out of the oven. Then it’s time to make some brownies, but I do them with a twist, some Maltesers in the batter and no one knows what they’re tasting. While everything is cooling I make sure the bagels I made yesterday are spread and filled with everything anyone can dream off. When all of that’s done I start decorating my cakes and putting all of it in the counter.
I hear the lock and see Rose and James walking in. I smile at them “Good morning sunshine, you have been busy?” James asks while I put on the coffee machine, after three years I figured out they won’t function properly without a coffee. “Good morning! I have actually, I baked the raspberry cupcakes and made some plane old vanilla’s and the brownie and chocolate cake are already done. Also the morning bagels are done.” “Do you ever sleep?” “I do, just a little.” I smile when I see his worried look, but choose to ignore it. “So, battleplan for today: James and Rose you do the morning rush and when you get overwhelmed you can call in my help. Meanwhile I will bake everything and make sure everything is ready by 10.” “So , basically the same as always.” Rose smiles above her cup of coffee. I nod and go to the stereo, I put on the playlist I made for the bakery and smile when I hear the first notes of Flicker. “I’m going to make the dough for the bread. Is there someone who wants to make the scones?” I ask and James starts smiling. I have to admit, James’ scones are better than mine, and he graciously gave me permission to sell them. “I’ll make some more raspberry jam then, I saw we were almost out and we have to much raspberries anyway.” Rose walks to the kitchen and we follow. “Okay, guys we have half an hour before we have to open, let’s make it worth it.” I smile and start working. By half past 7, the scones are in the oven, the jam is on the stove, and Rose and James are serving coffee and tea. I take another sip from my tea and start working on the caramel cupcakes. I get distracted by the noise of the oven but James is already there to take his scones out. I smile at him and get working again. When these are done I go over to the stove and put it on. The raspberries have been soaked in jam sugar and now they are ready to cook. Afterwards I put them into little jars and close them off. By then it’s time to kneed my bread dough a second time and I start doing that. The morning rush is almost over and both James and Rose deserve a rest so I don’t ask them to help me. I make some more bagels for the noon rush and look up when Rose walks in, “Laure, don’t freak out, but guess who came in 5 minutes ago?” “The Queen?” I say, mockingly. “No, you idiot. James didn’t recognise him, and neither did I. Well, I did, I had a feeling I knew him but I didn’t know it was him. When he walked out your playlist thought it was the perfect moment to start playing ‘Little Things’ and he looked back and started smiling and it just clicked! Niall Horan was here, Laure! He just ordered a coffee and some macarons, and went off again, but nonetheless, he was here” She chattered and I started smiling like an idiot, “Can you say that again?” “Niall Freaking Horan was here.” “And tell me again why you didn’t think it was a good time to call me to the front?” I ask confused. “Well, it only clicked when he was already gone…” she shoots me a little smile “He’ll come back Laure, I’m sure of it.” “Yeah, well let’s hope that the next time I’m in the front.” I smile a little sad, I just missed him, the man of my dreams, well he was when I was fifteen years old. Fifteen year old me would never forgive twenty-seven year old me. I shook my head and started working again. I really wanted to meet him, but I can’t change anything now. When the bagels are done, I start on some more macarons. I make the dough and divide it in equal parts, and give all of it a different colour. While those are drying in put the bread in the oven and make some fillings. Of course the vanilla-thyme buttercream, which is my mums favourite. A sea salt-caramel one, a pistachio cream and a blueberry-lemon custard. If I have the time this afternoon I will make more, with different colours. But right now the noon rush is about to start and I need to make sure everything for the sandwiches is at the ready. So I start cleaning my workspace and put the vegetables, meat, chicken, salmon and fresh tuna salad on it. After that’s done I check the counter and start refilling it. James and Rose are cleaning the tables and doing the dishes. And like that we’re back in a rush and between twelve and half past one, we don’t say a word to each other. I do bake the macarons and make sure they’re cooling off so I can fill them after the rush. Someone comes by and delivers the tea I ordered and while I unpack it, Rose writes our specials on a chalk board. She has this cute handwriting that matches the font of our logo. And soon, like someone just snapped their fingers it’s five and I close the door behind me. Let’s go home! Maybe he’s still walking around, but as soon as that thought occurs I shake my head, he won’t. Maybe I should call Emma, she’ll want to know this! She’s not a fan, but she knows how much those five idiots mean to me and especially that Irish dude. Wasn’t she the one who went with me to Amsterdam to see a concert? And she did listen to me when I went on and on about them. And that’s what I do. “Hi girl! Miss me already?” She picks up, and I start laughing. “Hi babe! Yes I did! Got home safe yesterday?” Silence follows. “Em, if you’re nodding I can’t see that.” I tell her and I hear her laugh. “Yeah, well I was nodding. But, I did get home safe! Mum picked me up from the station.” “Good, you never guess who came by the shop today!” I start, “Who? The Queen?” I hear her teasing voice, and I laugh, that’s why she’s my best friend. “Yes, well, that was my first answer too, but no.” “Damn, is it a celebrity?” “Yes, and I used to have a huge crush on him!” “What? Don’t tell me it was Niall? Wait, if it was him, do tell and WHY AREN’T YOU MORE EXITED?” She yells through the phone. “Gee thanks Em, now I’m deaf.” I mutter while scanning my card to enter the underground. “I didn’t get to see him, I was in the kitchen and my stupid co-workers did not know it was him until he left and my playlist started playing ‘Little Things’. That’s why you should be here, you’d recognize him and come get me with the excuse of needing a bathroom break or something.” “Oh babe, he’ll come back. If he tastes some of your pastries he’ll be addicted and come back as soon as he can.” She tries to make me feel better. “You think? There are bakeries which are ten times better than mine.” “Laure, can you stop it please, your bakery is the best. And what you can’t do with skills you make up with enthusiasm.” I smile and blush. “Ugh, why don’t you move to London! I need you here as my personal cheerleader.” She laughs “I’ll be your cheerleader from over here. But I really have to get back to work. I’ll call you tomorrow?” “I’ll be waiting, love you.” “Love you too.” I put my phone away and get home. I’m exhausted. This was a long day.

Fijne maandag! Ik heb écht een druk weekend gehad. Zaterdag voormiddag mijn weekendwerk op het postkantoor, waar het zo druk was dat ik niet heb kunnen ontbijten. En in de namiddag had ik een lentefeest van m'n achternichtje. Ik had gehoopt op tijd thuis te zijn, maar dat is niet gelukt. En zondag heb ik een hele dag gestudeerd.

Ik zag ook net dat ik al 5 abo's heb! Wauw! Dankjewel! Ik had eerlijk gezegd nooit verwacht dat iemand dit zou willen lezen.

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