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The middle of September 2025

“Shit, shit, shit, shit!” I curse, today is a day I have been dreading from the start. Rose has her day off, and James called a little before seven that he wouldn’t make it. He didn’t feel well. So I will be doing this on my own today. I feel nauseous at the thought, but I will get through today. Thank the Gods I stayed a little longer yesterday so most pastries are already done. I already made the breakfast bagels and already made the dough for the pastries I’m going to bake this afternoon. It’s the final weeks to enjoy fresh raspberries so most of my recipes include them now. The raspberry-brownie I made last week was so good, I’ve decided to make it more often. Also the berry-scones I came up with last week are new. Now I only have to bake bread, some more bagels and James’ classic scones. But that will have to wait ‘til after morning rush. I start filling up the counter and make sure everything looks clean. Soon it’s half past seven and I go and open the curtains, turn the lock and get behind the counter. Soon, my little bakery is full of businessmen and -women. It is a little overwhelming but I manage to survive it without any mad costumers. When the rush died down, students start to fill my bakery with noises of pages turning and silent prayers. I make sure everyone is set and get back in the kitchen.
I need to make the bread and bagels before the noon rush starts again. But soon enough, those tasks are done as well and the scones are cooling down. I smile and silently praise myself for having everything under control. I go and pour myself another cup of tea and rest on the counter. The students are all working hard. I smile when I see someone studying accountancy, and I frown when I see her throwing her book in her bag. I go over to her “What’s wrong?” I ask, hoping she won’t mind. “I just don’t get it. I’ve made that exercise 5 times and it’s wrong every single time.” She sighs, I smile at her. “What if I helped you? I was an accountant until 3 months ago.” “Really? You don’t look the part.” I laugh quietly and tell her that’s exactly what my family said when I told them I wanted to study accountancy. I take a chair and she takes her book back. I explain her how to correctly process an invoice. When I’m done I let her make her exercise again and go make sure everything is ready for the rush hour. When she’s done she comes over to make sure she did everything right. I look at it and see she did everything correctly. I smile at her and tell her she will make a great accountant one day. “Thank you, my name is Luna by the way.” “Hi Luna, I’m Laure.” “I have a test tomorrow, so I’m going home to study a bit more. But I will let you know when I get the results back.” I smile at her and tell her she’s always welcome here and when I’m not busy I don’t mind helping her with her homework. She takes her things and waves. I wave back and smile. But it doesn’t take long. It’s twelve o’clock and the lunchbreak has started, obviously, since there are 3 men in suits walking in and ordering lunch. I tell them to take a seat and that I will be right there with their order. And with that, rush hour begins and I run around the bakery on auto pilot.
It’s three when I finally get to sit down, and eat something. I make myself a bagel with salmon and some tomato and a cup of Jasmin Earl Grey. I sit behind the counter and watch the people pass by. Some are curious and look inside and I smile at them. I’m sucked into my own world, thinking about how I love London and it’s not until I hear the bell ringing signalling someone just walked in that I look up. My heart starts to race and I feel my cheeks blush. How many nights have I not laid awake, reading fanfiction about him, or his bandmates? How stressed was I when they came to Belgium for the first time and I really had to get tickets? Didn’t my mum and dad forbid me to listen to their music on the stereo downstairs, because they were sick of it? Thank the Gods I had done my hair and make-up this morning. I smile at him, okay Laure, he’s just a normal human being, act cool. “Hello, how can I help you?” I ask. “Hi, uhm a double espresso and uhm, oh, I can’t choose. They all look good.” He smiles and I grin back at him. “Shall I help you choose?” I ask and wait until he nods. “Well, there are macarons, the yellow ones are vanilla-thyme buttercream, which is my mothers favourite. - ” “Wait, you made all of this?” He asks, stunned. I smile and nod. “Last time, I was here I had an assortment of those and they were the best I have had since I was in Paris.” Okay, now I really am blushing. “Thanks, well. I also have this really delicious brownie with raspberries. Or just plain old red velvet cake. The chocolate cake has a filling of chocolate buttercream and smashed Maltesers. Or scones with homemade jam and clotted cream. The classic ones are a recipe of a friend of mine, his are better than mine.” I smile, “But the ones with berries are just as delicious. The Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies are my best friend’s favourite and my brother loves the Duo cookies. My dad will never admit it but he loves the funfetti cupcakes. But the real crowd pleaser? The raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes. Oh sorry, I’m rambling, am I not?” I am ready to slap myself against my head. But Niall only smiles. His eyes light up when he does and I think my heart just missed a couple of beats. Laure, really? You’re twenty-seven, not a fifteen year old fangirl. “No, really, you’re just passionate!” “Thanks, so, did you make a choice?” I ask and can’t help but grin. “Yes, well, if you say the raspberry-white chocolate ones are a crowd pleaser, I’ll trust you.” I nod and ask him if it’s to go? “No, I’ll stay here.” Internally, I scream. I don’t think I can think straight when he’s around. Externally, I smile. “Take a seat, I will bring your order in a minute.” He nods and goes to the couch near the book shelves. I make his coffee and take the cupcake he ordered. I put it on a tray and bring it to him. He’s reading. When I see the title, I smile. Pride and Prejudice, go figure! “That’s one of my favourites.” He looks up, grinning “What a surprise, doesn’t every woman want a Mr. Darcy in her life?” I chuckle “Well, I have been looking for him for the past 27 years, I had no such luck. Met a Wickham though. If you find a Mr. Darcy, send him to me please?” He mutters something I can’t understand. I put the tray on the table in front of him “Enjoy.” I smile and basically run to the kitchen. I take my phone and text Emma.
Laure: You never guess who is sitting in my bakery right now.
Emma: Let me guess, Santa Claus?
Laure: Idiot. It’s Niall Freaking Horan
Emma: OH MY GOD! Did you talk to him?
Laure: I did, he’s reading Pride and Prejudice. And eating my raspberry cupcake!
Emma: Oh, if he isn’t the perfect man for you:Dcall me tonight with all the details! And stay calm, you fangirl! x
Laure: Yes, yes, I’ll call you tonight. x

I put my phone away again and get back behind the counter. I smile when I see him sitting there. He put the book away and is eating the cupcake. He closes his eyes when he takes a bite and I giggle. He’s cute. And then, I hear the familiar tune of ‘This Town’, oh Gods, not now! Niall looks up, and stares straight into my eyes. I blush and roll my eyes. He stands up and comes to the counter. “So, tell me, do you like this artist?” he asks cheeky, “Not really no, I just happen to listen to him from time to time.” I say, rolling my eyes again. “Oh, really? Well I heard he really likes your cupcakes.” “He does? Well, if that isn’t a compliment I don’t know what is. Isn’t he known to like food?” I say and I blush again, great, now he knows I’m a Directioner. “I’d say so yes, but how do you know that? If you’re not a fan?” “To be honest, I was a Directioner, and when you guys went on a ‘break’ and began bringing out solo songs, the only ones that really stuck where Harry’s and yours.” I say and look to the ground. Good job at staying cool Laure “A Directioner huh, long time since I heard that.” I smile. Then a couple of costumers come in and he goes back to reading his book and sipping his coffee.

Ohh, ze hebben elkaar voor de eerste keer ontmoet! Hoe schattig!
Fijne week iedereen, en jullie horen donderdag weer van me!
Ik heb activeren in mijn planning voor de komende weken opgenomen. Zodat ik het zeker niet vergeet.
Hope you like it!

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  • VampireMouse

    Aaah super leuk!!!
    Hihi ik studeer zelf accountancy dus vind het echt grappig om te lezen als ze iemand er mee helpt!
    Studeer jij dat ook?
    Succes met je examens

    6 maanden geleden
    • LaureWithAnE

      Ik studeer inderdaad Accountancy-Fiscaliteit aan de KdG-hogeschool in Antwerpen:)(Laure is voor een groot stuk gebaseerd op mezelf, figures 😉)
      Dankjewel! En jij ook succes als je binnenkort examens hebt!

      6 maanden geleden
    • VampireMouse

      Gaaaf! Ik heb geen examens meer ik ben met de laatste drie jaar praktijk tot gecertificeert accountant bezig:Dtoch bedankt!

      6 maanden geleden

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