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“Hnoss, you have to wait for me!” The smaller girl called out. She had the skirt of her gown in one hand, holding it up from the floor as she chased after her sister. She could hear her sister laugh loudly as the older girl was moving way faster than Gersemi did.
“Too slow!” Her sister chuckled loudly, pushing open the big doors into the throne room. The younger sister failed to notice how Hnoss fell into a slower step and bumped into her. Hnoss hissed at Gersemi as she just barely managed to keep her balance, while her sister did collapsed on the floor.
“I am sorry,” Gersemi quickly muttered as she got up. She brushed the small specks of dirt from her gown before she followed her sister.
“Good morning, grandfather,” Hnoss spoke for the both of us, with the two sister curtsying in unison.
“Good morning, my loves. Did your ladies prepare you for our special guests?” Njord spoke, he sat on the big wooden throne, his hands resting on armrests.
“The Asgardians?” Gersemi asked. Hnoss shot her an annoyed glance, one she always used when she urged Gersemi to shut her mouth.
“Of course, grandfather,” Hnoss spoke, her head slightly bowed. “ Do you think they will take either father or mother with them?”
Neither of the sisters had ever met their parents, who lived in Asgard. They had been moved there after the war, as a leverage for the Asgardians, together with Kvasir. The two sisters had been born on Asgard but sent back to Vanaheim as babies. So both had anticipated the visit from the Asgardians, in the hope that one of their parents would be present.
“I am afraid not. But you will be reunited one day,” he promised them like he always did. “Now please, behave. Our guests have arrived.
The two girls barely had time to take their places on each side of the throne, before the heavy wooden doors opened again. The first figure to enter was a familiar face. Gersemi’s face lit up as she saw Hogun. The older warrior spent most of his time on Asgard, but whenever he did spend time on his home realm Gersemi loved to flock him with questions.
“Your majesty,” the warrior spoke, kneeling down with his head bowed down. “May I present to you, Odin, King of Asgard and the young princes Thor and Loki of Asgard,” Hogun spoke, standing straight once again when Njord gave him a small wave of his hand, his sign of permission.
Gersemis gaze moved from the Vanir warrior to the three Asgardians. The king had his two sons on his side, both looking like complete opposites. One blonde, slightly tanned and the other with dark raven-hair, and pale skin. They both did share the blue eyes, which were also found in their father. They had to be around the same age as Hnoss and Gersemi.
“Welcome Odin, to Vanaheim. We are honoured by your visit,” Njord rose from the throne, as the two princes made a short bow, their father standing tall.
“We are happy to be your guests, Njord. I would like to introduce my sons, Princes Thor and Loki,” he spoke, he first placed a firm hand on the shoulder of the blonde boy, before he did the same with the dark-haired boy.
“It’s is an honour to meet you both,” Njord said, a modest smile on his lips. “I hope you still remember my granddaughters, even though it has been a while,” The Vanir king looked shortly to the two girls, giving them a small nod.
“I am Hnoss,” introduced her sister herself, making a deep curtsy, her head bowed down.
“I am Gersemi, it’s our honour to meet you, King Odin,” finished Gersemi, following her sister in a curtsy like they had been taught. As Gersemi rose from her curtsy she caught the eye of Loki. He had his hands folded behind his back and smiled at her. Gersemi couldn’t help but smile back.
“Hogun, would you like to accompany the princes to their chambers?” Njord suggested, his gaze moving shortly to the warrior, who bowed his head in his answer. Hogun turned around, nodding shortly to the two boys before they left the throne room together. “Hnoss and Gersemi, if I recall correctly you two have classes to attempt,” The Vanir king spoke to them with his usual soft smile. The two girls nodded, curtsying once more before the Asgardian king before they left the throne room.
“Race you to our class!” Hnoss called out, as soon as the doors had closed. The girl already set off in a sprint.
“Not fair!” Gersemi called out after her before she ran after her.

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    normaal gesproken lees ik geen Engels geschreven verhalen, maar ja dit sterke begin en de combi van marvel zorgt er wel voor dat ik een abo hierop neem

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