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The beginning of October 2025

The next morning comes and goes, and I still haven’t heard from Niall. I’m no longer sad, I’m just really, really mad. Mad at myself, mad at him, basically mad at the whole world. I’m in no mood to serve costumers so I have declared this day my baking day. I won’t come out of the kitchen until everyone is gone. At least, that’s what I said this morning to James and Rose. “Uhm, Laure. I know you said you didn’t want to leave your kitchen. But I think you should.” James comes in while I’m whisking some cream. I usually use the electric mixer for that but today I’m so mad I need to do it by hand. Otherwise I will start punching people. I look up and I see he has a panicked look. “What’s it James?” I sigh. “Laure, Jace is here. Alone.” And I freeze. No! Please Gods, not today. I’m already on edge. “Tell him I’m not here, please.” “Laure, just come out! I know you’re there!” I hear Jace yell in Dutch. It’s so long since I heard his voice. I shiver and am ready to cry. But I won’t give him this satisfaction. I’m strong, I’m no longer that too trusting little girl. “James, I have to go in there. Take my phone and can you please text Emma, and tell her he’s here. And try to call Niall.” I don’t even know why I tell him to call Niall. I’m mad at him. But all I can think about is his arms around me when James is gone. Making me feel safe and warm. I’ll be mad at him tomorrow, today I need him. “I will, good luck girl. Show him what he’s lost.” James smiles at me and I give him a doubtful smile. “Oh and Laure, if you want me to throw him out, just call out.”
I take a deep breath to calm me down and walk in. The first face I see is Roses and if looks could kill, Jace would be on the floor bleeding to death right now. I follow her gaze and stop walking. Jace looks older, but still he’s the same guy I used to love. He looks at me with a smile, it’s my smile. I only ever saw him smiling at me like that. My heart flutters and I stop myself from smile back at him. “Hi.” I say and try to keep my distance, but he walks over. “Hi, long time no see.” He says and pulls me in a hug. I freeze and just stand there. “Yes, well. I actually didn’t want to see you.” I say and escape his embrace. “Wow, that hurts. I thought we were friends.” His face is earnest but I see through him, he’s toying with me. “Jace, really? You saw my bakery. You came by. Can you just go? If I wanted to see you, I would have called!” “Laure, please don’t be so dramatic! And talk Dutch for god’s sake!” He speaks to me in a tone like I’m a child. “Hell no! I’m not going to talk Dutch! I’m going to talk English so Rose and James know exactly what’s going on. And by the way, I’m not dramatic, I’m everything but! You cheated on me, for two years! I have every fucking right to not want to see you! You have some nerve, showing up here.” “Laure, it’s been five years. Get over yourself already! I just wanted to visit my best friend. Her dream just got real and I know deep down you want to show me.” “First, I got over you, really I did. But I will never get over the betrayal of my trust, nor will I get over the fact that because of you I find it hard to accept love or even friendship. You don’t know what James had to do to win my trust. Second: No I didn’t want to show you around. I never wanted you here. This is my Jace free space. It’s bad enough that I can’t enter my room at home without thinking about you. You’re not going to ruin London for me too. Now order what you want and leave. I’m going back to my kitchen. Rose help him please.” I turn around and walk to the kitchen. I close the door. Nobody has to hear me cry and I know that’s what I will do.
I hear the door open behind me and James walks in. He takes me in an embrace and together we go sit on the floor. I cry on his shoulder and can’t seem to stop. “Shhht, you did good! He didn’t leave but Rose is staring at him with her murderous glare so he won’t stay long. Niall’s on his way and Emma will call you tonight. She told me to tell you to pick up please.” I cry some more and I don’t know how long we sit like that but at one moment I hear yelling. I look up at Jace and he shrugs. I get up and dry my tears. I look at James’ shirt and smile. “I’m sorry, now you have to walk around with a wet shirt.” “Don’t worry about that. C’mon let’s see who’s making a scene.” He opens the door and I see two people yelling at each other. It’s Niall and Jace. The guy who left me alone yesterday and the guy who broke me five years ago, it’s a funny sight actually. “You don’t know the whole story!” “Oh no? So you didn’t cheat on her for two years with a good friend of hers and when she found out tossed her aside like she was nothing?” “I did but…” “But what? Just leave her alone! She’s doing good without you! She’s happy, I think! She’s happy with me!” Okay, cute. But uhm, this is going to far. “Oh please, don’t act like you won’t leave her! You can have every girl in the world! Girls who are prettier, and who’ll give you everything without making you work for it! Plus, yes I cheated on her but if she wasn’t such a prude I would never have done that.” I swallow, am I ugly? Did Jace just say that I’m ugly? It’s like he stabbed in my heart, again. He was the first guy to tell me how beautiful I am. And now he says this? And me, a prude? Is it so bad that I wanted to wait and be sure before I gave my virginity away? I’m sorry I don’t sleep with everyone. “What in hell are you even talking about! She’s the most beautiful woman on the planet!” Jace laughs, his mean laugh. “You can’t be serious Niall, have you looked at-“ Niall plants his fist on his nose and I gasp. “STOP IT!” I scream before Jace can hurt Niall. “You!” I point at Jace, “OUT! NOW!” I walk to him and take his arm. I walk him outside and close the door. I wave at him from behind the window and watch him walk away. Well, he’s gone. I walk back to the kitchen and close the door again. I refuse to look at Niall, not today. I start crying again, but this time James doesn’t follow me back in. I get back to whisking the cream, because I’m ready to punch someone in the face. Of course someone thinks it’s a good idea to interrupt me and opens the door. I don’t look up, I just keep whisking. “Laure? Are you okay?” he asks. I feel him standing behind me but I don’t answer. “Laure, please look at me, dearest.” The last straw, him calling me that. “Don’t you dare call me that! I’m not your dearest! I waited for you, yesterday! A whole day! I texted you! And now you show up, defend me and you think everything is okay again?” I turn around and I yell at him. Strange combination, tears of sadness about a man I loved years ago, and angry yelling at a man I could one day possibly love. The look in his eyes softens. “Oh dearest, I came home at twelve in the evening. The meeting turned into a photoshoot and a couple of interviews. I wanted to text you, really. But I was afraid that I would wake you up. And I only woke up when James called me. You don’t know how quickly I raced to get here. I was so worried about you.” He pulls me into a hug and I start ugly crying. “I thought you forgot about me. I called Emma and she had to reassure me. Don’t ever do this again. Just text me, no matter how late it gets. I don’t want to be so insecure but right now it’s what I need.” “I will. Don’t worry dearest. You were always on my mind.” I start crying again and want to pull away, but he only pulls me closer. “Shht, let it all out babe. Did you hear everything he said?” I nod against his chest and I start thinking about it again. “Don’t believe a word he said. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And him cheating on you is his fault. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.” He sighs, “How much are you hurting right now? Scale one to ten?” “Nine before you got here, but a seven and a half now you’re here.” He kisses my head and sighs. “I don’t get how someone could hurt you so much. Shall I ask James and Rose if they can close up for you?” I nod. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” He let’s me go and looks at me worried. I try to smile at him but I fail. Only a minute later he’s back. He takes my bag and coat and helps me put it on. He takes my hand and pulls me out of the kitchen. James and Rose look at me worried but I just smile at them. “I’ll be back tomorrow. Thanks.” “Laure, just take the week off, we’ll be fine.” They smile at me and I thank them. “I’ll text you, and I’ll stop by.” I tell them but Niall pulls me out of the bakery before I finish my sentence.

Ik heb eigenlijk niet veel te melden. Lol, behalve dat ik ook een Niall in mijn leven wil.
Tot vrijdag!

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