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The beginning of October 2025

I watch as we drive through London, Niall decided we’re going to get my things from my apartment and that I’ll stay with him for the rest of the week. I guess he wants to keep an eye on me. We’ll even take Prince with us. I’m a little worried about that, what if he escapes? But Niall said he’ll make sure that it won’t happen. I sigh when we drive over Tower Bridge. “What’s wrong dearest?” “I don’t know, it’s weird.” “Tell me, I won’t judge you. I know seeing him must have been hard.” “It was hard, but not as hard as I thought. If he had come in last month it would have been ten times harder. It’s like you said, I am happier with you.” He smiles and takes my hand. Normally I would pull away, but I love it when he does little gestures like this. “But it still hurts.” He concluded. “It hurts, because before him I was different. I was happy, outgoing, Emma even said he dimmed my fire.” “So it doesn’t hurt that he cheated on you, it hurts more that he changed you and not for the better?” I hum. “It’s not that it didn’t hurt he cheated on me, because it did. But I think that hurt changed me in a way. Like I don’t trust men. Nor do I feel confident. I feel like if someone would tell me he loves me I’d start laughing. Why would someone love me if I can’t even love myself?” he has a restrained look on his face. “Don’t worry please. You do so much for me, Emma said she sees bits of the old me again. I really like you and I think I could possibly, maybe love you one day. You just have to be patient with me.” He starts smiling. “You could maybe love me one day?” “Maybe, I don’t know what will happen next but I do really think you’re not going to hurt me. And for some weird reason I trust you.” We smile at each other. And not for the first time I drown in his eyes, I always loved his eyes but those posters didn’t do them any justice, they are even more beautiful in real life.
Niall looks back at the road and sighs, “of course we’re in a traffic jam.” I turn on the volume of the radio when I hear a familiar tune, I laugh and start singing. Niall joins me and I shut up when he has his solo. He looks at me and sings: “you’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you, and you’ll never treat yourself right but I want you to. If I let you know I’m here for you, maybe you love yourself like I love you.” I smile at him and try to hide my cheeks. Of course I’m blushing. “Fun fact about crazy fangirl Laure: I always told everyone to shut up during your solo’s. They could sing as much as they want but when you were singing? They had to shut up.” I tell him when my cheeks have cooled down. He laughs. “Why? My voice isn’t as strong as Harry’s or Zayn’s.” “I don’t know, you were my favourite, obviously. Your voice is different, in another way than Harry’s, it’s more vulnerable. Plus it always calmed me down. And in the beginning you didn’t get enough solo’s so they where pretty special. Plus Zayn broke my heart by leaving.” “Oh, was I?” He smiles, “How do you mean, Zayn broke your heart?” “You were, no joke. Ask Emma, I even had this cut-out thing of you in my room. Kind of creepy when I think about it… Well, I know it was the beginning of the end, and your music made me happy in so many ways. I was afraid to lose it.” “But you didn’t?” “No, I didn’t lose it, of course the die hard fan in me died down, but the music still makes me happy. Plus your solo work might be even better. ” He smiles, “I would have loved to meet Fangirl Laure.” “No, you wouldn’t, she was creepy.” I grin at him. “She was? How so?” “Oh, the fanfiction, Niall, you should stay away from it!” “You read that? Did you read After?” “Oh Gods! Of course I read after! I even have the books somewhere!” “What did you think of it? I know Harry read it, and he wasn’t too happy about it. He even was worried fans really saw him that way.” “When I was 15 years old, I thought there was nothing more romantic than a bad boy going good for a girl, but when I got older I hated the way they treated each other. Tessa wanted too much too fast and Harry treated her like shit when things didn’t go his way. Kind of toxic. I do still love the ending though, how Tessa found the strength to leave him and get her life together before committing to him. And there’s a difference between fanfiction dark Harry and cupcake Harry in real life. I did know that, I saw dark Harry more as the evil twin brother of Harry.” “Cupcake Harry, really?” “Well, he’s always so polite and I don’t know how else to call him.” I grin and he chuckles, “I’ll be sure to tell him that next time I see him.” “What? That I call him cupcake or that his evil twin brother is dark Harry?” “Both! And If you called him cupcake, what did you call me?” “I called you all cupcake. But you’re my favourite cupcake of them all. You’re a raspberry and white chocolate kind of cupcake.” I smile at him and he brings my hand to his mouth and kisses it lightly. I blush and look away.
It’s past three when we arrive at my apartment. I go up and take all of Princes things first. “I’ll bring them to the car. Or do you need my help here?” “No, it’s fine.” I smile at him and watch him take everything for Prince. “How much stuff can a cat have?” I hear him mutter. “Hey! He’s called Prince for a reason! Isn’t it Princey?” I yell and Prince looks at me like I’m crazy. I go to my bedroom and take my suitcase and beauty case. I start with my pyjama’s, I have a lot of them because I have this habit to wear them the whole day when I don’t have to go out. I choose two of them and take a couple of sweat pants with me too. I throw in some comfy shirts, two pairs of jeans and even take a nice outfit with me, you never know when you need it. I throw in my bikini because Niall mentioned he has an indoor pool. When I open my lingerie drawer Niall walks in. I close it real quick, we’re not in that stadium yet. My cheeks turn red and I walk to my bathroom. I take my curling iron and start with my make-up. I decide to take my Juvia’s Place palette. It has flashy colours and browns. I only take one lipstick. My favourite: Unicorn Blood from Jeffree Star. I decide to just throw everything for a full face in. Maybe we could go out or something. You never know. Then I start to take my shampoo and stuff. I throw in my toothbrush and some toothpaste. “Niall, can you come here please?” I ask when I have to choose a parfum. I have way too many and I don’t know what he likes… “What’s up?” “Tell me which one you like?” I gesture to the bottles and he starts laughing. “Really? Which one is your favourite?” “This one smells like jasmine. And I love jasmine. Everything in my life smells likes jasmine. My shampoo, my favourite parfum, my favourite tea… If I ever get married the whole venue will smell like jasmine!” I tell him. “Take that one, I guess you’re wearing it right now?” I hum, “I love the way your hair smells so jasmine it is!” I smile at him and put it in the case. “You know, it’s just for a week right?” He says when he looks into it. “I know, but you never know. I like to be prepared for everything.” I throw in some things to put in my hair and close it. “You have a hairdryer right?” He nods. I smile and walk back to my room. I take some towels and stuff and put it in my suitcase. “Can you try and calm Prince? He doesn’t get what’s happening and he’s stressed.” I ask Niall when I see Prince pacing through the apartment. It’s the perfect excuse since I still have to pack my lingerie. He walks out and I hear him talking to my cat. I smile and open my drawer again. I decide to put some comfy bra’s in my suitcase and take some plain panties. It’s when I get to the nice ones I start doubting. Do I need these? It’s not like we’re there already, are we? I shake my head, I better take to many things than be ashamed that I didn’t. I decide to take a white lace one, that matches my nice outfit. I smile when I take it, I bought it with Emma a couple of years ago. I never wore it, since I never really had someone to wear it for. The lace almost covers my whole tummy, but you can see through it. Which gives it a sexy feeling. But the white also gives it a innocent look, and I like it. I also bought matching panties and hold ups, I didn’t think I’d ever need it but today, I’m glad I did. I put it all in my suitcase, I hear Niall whistle and I look up. “What?” I ask innocently, “I saw that! Looks hot.” “Oh, grow up already!” I scold him and close my suitcase. “I won’t wear it, anyway.” “I’ll bring these down, I think Prince won’t get in his carrier unless you’re calling him.” He smiles at me and I return the gesture. I take the carrier of off my closet and call him. “Prince, come here baby. We’re going on a trip.” My voice sounds excited and Prince comes to me. “Hi baby, you want to come with me to Niall’s place? I promise it will be fun.” He gets into his container without problems and I praise him. “You’re such a good boy. Mummy loves you so much.” “Mummy huh?” I look up and see Niall standing in the doorway. “What? He’s my little baby.” I defend myself. “So, guessing you want kids?” “Nope, love them, but get sick of them after half an hour. I like cats, they’re independent, and I can leave them alone for the day. You?” “Not really, not right now at least. My live is still way to unpredictable and a child needs stability.” We look at each other, and I start to wonder, am I really planning a life with him? “Shall we go? I think it will take up to an hour to get to my place and you look drained.” I nod, I feel drained too. It’s been a long day. I close my apartment and walk towards Niall’s car. He opens my door and takes Princes carrier so I can get in and puts him on my lap. He walks around the car and starts driving. It doesn’t take long before I fall asleep.

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