Foto bij Chapter Two

After their classes Gersemi headed towards her chambers. Her sister had almost dragged her towards the big gardens of the palace to play war, but Gersemi managed to escape her. On her way through the palace, she noticed the unfamiliar figure who wandered the halls. Like before he had his hands folded behind his back, which was turned towards her. His black hair was combed back and he was looking up to the big wall drawings and wooden details while he walked the halls.
“Are you lost?” Gersemis voice sounded through the hall. The boy quickly turned around, looking like he was caught.
“I think I am, princess. My mother told me about the beautiful gardens of the Vanaheim castle. I was foolish enough to go look for them myself,” Loki explained, his eyes not leaving hers. Gersemi couldn’t help but smile, a reassuring smile.
“You’re not far off. Shall I show you?” Gersemi offered. The prince nodded, a small smile appearing on his lips as well.
“I would appreciate that very much.”
Gersemi walked towards the boy, pointing out the direction they were going to walk in. Together they made their way towards the garden in silence, both unsure what to talk about. Gersemi knew things about Asgard, how it was similar to the way they lived in Vanaheim, but she did not quite know what to talk about with the boy. She pushed open the doors towards the garden. The brown tones of the castle made place for the green from the grass, plants and trees.
“Here you go!” Still, she did not leave the boy. She gave him a tour of the garden, telling him about the different plants and functions of them. She even pointed out the tree she ran into once when she was playing hide and seek with her sister, which made Loki chuckle softly.
“I meant no offence,” he quickly apologized.
“None taken, I learned to look where I go rather quickly after that incident.” The two of them went silent when they heard two other voices. Gersemi urged Loki to stay in his spot as she moved forward. She caught the eye of her sister, who was in a battle with Prince Thor. The boy turned around to follow Hnoss’ stare, quickly spotting Gersemi and Loki. Thor and Hnoss shortly looked at each other before they both released a battle yell.
“Go!” Gersemi screamed out as she turned towards Loki. Both set off in a sprint, running through the garden, Hnoss and Thor on their heels.
With Gersemi being the smallest in between the four kids, she had difficulty keeping up with the bigger steps of Loki. As soon as the young boy noticed it, he grabbed hold of her hand, his touch cold, almost dragging her along. They gained an advantage by taking short turns and running in between bushes that made it harder for the two older kids to follow them.
“Left!” Gersemi hissed as the other two were out of sight. “Inside!” she commanded when the small shed came in sight. Loki quickly pulled open the door, both ducking inside. Gersemi turned the key, locking the door from the inside before she motioned Loki to get down. Both hid under the small window, their hands covering their mouths as they heard the other two kids coming closer.
“They must have gone that way,” She heard the boyish voice that must belong to Thor.
“No, they went that way,” Hnoss said full confidence. “This is my home, I know how to find them!” Thor responded but the voices already carried away.
“I think they are gone,” Gersemi spoke softly before she pushed herself up, carefully peering out of the window. There was no sight of the other kids. “Even though I like showing you around the gardens, I reckon we should go inside before they hunt us down again,”
“Or, we can use our advantage,” Loki suggested, a grin on his face.
“Excuse me?”
“They do not know where we are currently. If we can follow them, we could ambush them,” the boy explained.
“You think like a warrior,” Gersemi concluded. “I like it.”
This time Loki did not hold her hand instead, they slowly advantaged through the garden, following the voices of their siblings. It wasn’t hard to follow them, with the volume of their voices. Both Gersemi and Loki picked up large sticks as they closed in on the other two.
Right before they reached them, the two kids nodded towards each other. Breaking into a sprint they screamed loudly as they attacked their siblings. Gersemi kicked Hnoss’ feet from beneath her, her sister hitting the floor with a scream.
“Surrender!” The girl called out as she poked the stick in the stomach of the older girl. She quickly glanced towards the two boys. Loki had pushed Thor to the ground, his feet on the chest of his brother, stick near his face. Her sister mumbled something, her eyes didn’t meet Gersemis.
“What did you say, sister?” The girl spoke with a smile, knowing her victory.
“I surrender.”

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