Title: One Time Spin-off: Just one more night [!MC!]
Release Date: 16 June 2019
Language: English
Production: Winterdawn


Because my noona liked it too much and because she inspired me to write this down when helping me out when I was out of ideas. This episode is NOT related to To The Max, just the character use.



Monaco, 5th July 2025

he warm hands of Max rest against Nola’s soft cheeks. Their lips pressed against each other and their eyes closed, both enjoying this kiss. The girl holds his arms in her hands, feeling how strong they’ve become the past year. The Dutchman wants more than only a simple kiss from the beautiful woman in front of him. Moving his lips, Nola answers it immediately. The way Max takes the lead, but still being very gentle and soft to her, makes her melt inside. His tenderness side he only shows when he’s around her. Their lips feverishly touching. One of Max’s hands starts his way to go down to her side, holding her firm and close to him. Deep in their kiss, Nola moves her hands up all the way until she rests them in her boyfriend’s hair, carefully tangling her fingers into his already short hair. A cold shiver of joy runs down his spine and butterflies fill his tummy as she keeps stroking through his hair once in a while. With that one hand on her side, he pulls her even closer to his body. Just feeling that firm and strong body against hers, makes her moan softly already. “You like that?”, whispers the Dutchman hoarse against her lips, disconnecting them for a split second. Nola presses their lips together again while humming, sending vibrations through both their lips. They’ve not seen each other in a while now with all his time spending in a simulator and his car to become a world champion.

Desperately, Nola tries to open his mouth with her tongue. It’s Max that denies her request to take things slowly for once this time. He deepens their kiss, little by little. Every second that passes like this he’s doing this magic to her, she falls in love even more. The driver disconnects their lips, pressing his forehead against his girlfriends while keeping his eyes closed. A string of saliva keeps their lips still connected, but neither minds it. “I’ve missed you so much.” His voice is thick from intensity. Seconds pass while Max and Nola enjoy the silence and just having the other this close in their arms. Their breaths a little heavy makes them both realize the need they have for each other is real. Without waiting another second, the young man presses his lips one more time down on his girlfriends, immediately asking her permission with the tip of his tongue for a French kiss. And she doesn’t need to hesitate about it at all. This is what she wanted for a long time now, feeling him like this again. Being this passionate about the kiss, makes them breath heavier by the second. At one point they pull away to catch their breaths. Opening up his eyes, he sees the blue sea of his girlfriends eyes swallowing him away, but his doing the same to her as well.

Max starts to walk them to the nearest wall, making Nola walk backwards and gives him her trust to lead her while keeping her on her both feet. She feels her back touching the red walls of their bedroom, signaling the driver to place his hands on the wall next to her head and side. Once again they start a heated kiss, before she can’t keep it up anymore. Her hands start to roam over his body, touching every inch of his muscled chest and his abs. She bites his lips, while her hands find their way under his shirt. He’s feeling hot under her touch already, making her feel more satisfied than she ever thought she’d be. Max pushes himself off the wall, to help his girlfriend take his shirt off and throws it on the floor next to him. With her jaw being dropped a little, amazed by his muscled upper body, she traces a path over his chest. A smile decorates his face, seeing her like this. They need no words to tell the other how much they love or need the other one. Max’s hands find their way to her blouse, unbuttoning it very slowly. Once it falls loose over her shoulders, he sees his opportunity to kiss her collarbone all the way up to her neck and taking a halt by her ear.

Her blouse quickly touches the floor, not too far away from the earlier discarded shirt. The Dutch man can’t deny, but to take a quick glance at her wonderful body, making him breath even heavier than he already did. “You’re so beautiful.”, he whispers, almost afraid he’s going to break her when he speaks too loud. Nola just blushes by the compliment he just gave her and pulls him closer to her body again. His hands find their way to her perfect sized boobs he takes in his hands before he softly starts to massage them. It makes Nola’s legs feel like jelly when he does this to her, even when it’s not skin to skin yet. Soft moans leave her mouth, her head tilted to the back a little. “You like that don’t you?” She knows how he’s smirking when he sees her like this and she’s not going to lie about it because she loves it how he manhandles her boobs like that. “Just…”, she starts when she moans again: “…do it already!” Instead of just opening her bra and taking it off like the easiest way there is, Max takes them out of Nola’s bra, pushing the piece of fabric a little bit more down her body so he has more space to admire. Those warm and firm hands on her boobs, gives the girl goosebumps all over her body. Kissing his way from her jaw to her collarbone and ending up until he has one of the two nipples between his lips, licking it every now and then. “O my …” Nola moans again, not too sure if she will keep herself up on her legs much longer if her boyfriend doesn’t stop in time.

It seems like he can read her mind and stands back up on his feet to move his arms around her body again, this time to lift her up in his arm and walk her down their bed. She still wonders how he manages it, but she knows how hard he has to train them in order to drive his car. Her back hits the baby pink colored duvet sheets. With her boyfriend between her legs, she admires her view she got in front of her. Max bends himself over his girlfriend once again while flowering Nola’s belly with butterfly kisses. She’s getting aroused even more the second he keeps doing his magic to her until she can’t stop all the moans coming from her mouth. With a smirk, Max’s hands start to unbuckle her belt and jeans buttons, before pulling the jeans all the way down and taking it off as well. His right hand finds it way between her legs, slowly rubbing her sweet spot through her panties. Nola’s hands grab the duvets sheets, tucking onto them already. The electricity his touches causes, makes her see stars. “Yes… there.” She bites her lip when he finds the best sweet spot. Her shaking hands touching his body, before she does the same to his G-Star jeans as he did to hers. Nola slowly pushes it down, swallowing almost invisible by seeing that huge bulge already. He must have wanted her for so long now after he starts hissing when she just brushes over it softly.

The only thing remaining them from being fully naked, is Nola’s panties and Max’s boxer briefs. His hands have found their way between her legs, the right hand rubbing that sweet spot again and the left hand pulling away her panties a little bit, before entering his index finger into her. She catches her breath, taken away by how his fingers feel so nice inside of her already. Nola starts to wonder how he feels again when he’s inside her with his dick. She withers and whimpers. Max feels how her hands start to roam over his body again, making it difficult for him to keep himself under control. “I want you already.” Nola says with a hoarse voice now, suddenly pulling down her boyfriend’s boxer briefs, making his nicely swollen dick, bounce up slightly against his stomach causing him to let out a breathtakingly moan. It’s music, to both their ears. Nola’s hands fold themselves around Max’s shaft, slowly moving it up and down. Every now and then she brushes her thumb over the top, feeling how excited he already is. With the way she touches him, it’s almost impossible for Max to concentrate, his hands still making the love of his life feel like she’s on cloud nine. Suddenly she pushes her thumb a little harder over the top of his shaft, causing him to almost loose it already. He pulls his hands back and takes off her panties in almost one go being impatient as he is. Max crawls between her legs, tangling one hand into hers as he pushes it down on the duvet for support. With his other hand he positions himself and slowly pushes inside. Making them both hiss after this long awaited touch.

Max goes slowly, giving Nola the time to get adjusted to his size again. He bends himself over his girlfriend, his other hand next to her head to keep himself up as his lips have found hers again. This kiss is passionate and filled with love, while he slowly starts to thrusts his hips. They both missed it how it feels like to be connected like this. Between their heated kiss, moans start to fill the room as well as some skin on skin sounds. Max thrusts a little faster, but not chasing an early release. He wants to last this as long as possible. Nola tangles her hands in her boyfriends hair again, feeling the sensation Max’s dick sends through her body with each new thrust. It’s when she feels his thrust become unsteady and a little more forceful than before, signaling he’s close to come undone. She, herself, feels how her muscles inside her body begin to tighten and an explosion goes off inside her belly when she moans her loudest and longest moan ever. “I love you much”, she pants as the orgasm washes heavily over her, sending Max as well over the edge as she keeps tightening around him. “I love you to the moon and back as well.” He manages to say between concentrating on many things before he feels his arms become jelly, lying his upper body part down on his girlfriend, part on the duvet. Nola smiles, stroking through his hair while they keep staring in each others eyes never breaking contact and trying to take back the control over their breath. Max tangles his right hand into her while he flowers Nola’s collarbone with butterfly kisses again. She’s the luckiest woman in the world to have this beautiful and lovely man as her boyfriend.

Nola wakes up breathing a hard and an unsteady rhythm. “Damn, that’s was a fucking amazing dream... too sad it’ll never be reality.” She bit her lip, knowing these things would only happen to her when she closed her eyes and dozed off into dreamland. A sigh escaped from her lips when she found out she had her own problems between her legs right now. “Great.”, she groaned.

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  • VampireMouse

    *runs around again*

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  • VampireMouse

    *runs around naked.*

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    • Winterdawn

      O.O Everything alright ma’am? *chuckles*

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    • VampireMouse

      Juah... Im just chilling..
      *Inner fansgirl is still running around*

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    • Winterdawn

      While being naked? *holds tears of laughter from not falling down his cheeks*

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