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The beginning of October 2025

I wake up and memories of yesterday evening come flooding back to me. I smile as I look beside me. Niall is still sleeping, I decide to go and make breakfast, so I get up and take the shirt Niall wore yesterday. I sniff it and smile, I just love his smell. I try my best to be as silent as I can and walk downstairs. “Hi Prince, how was your night?” I ask him when I see him laying in the veranda. Apparently, he likes to watch the garden. He looks at me like he knows what we did last night and he’s judging. I laugh and get to the kitchen. I put on the kettle and start making myself some tea. I also put on the coffee machine. I know Niall loves coffee in the morning, so I make sure it’s ready. I check if we have some bread left over from yesterday. I put some water on it and put it back into the oven, so it’s crispy again. I check the fridge and see some eggs and bacon. I also find some raspberries, strawberries and oranges. I see some yoghurt and decide to make a smoothie and scrambled eggs with bacon. The desert I made for yesterday is also perfect for the morning. It has fruit and the mascarpone makes it light, so I decide to serve it now. I’m halfway done when I hear footsteps coming into the veranda. “Good morning Prince! Had a good night?” I hear his voice ask. “Whoa, don’t look so mad at me. I didn’t hurt her!” I smile but get on with my work. “Good morning dearest!” I turn around and smile, I give him a kiss. “Good morning cupcake. Did you sleep well?” I turn around as I ask him, he hums, and hugs me. He lets his face rest on my shoulder. “You know, you don’t need to go all out every time. I’m fine with just some cereal.” I turn around and face him. “But what’s the advantage of being with a professional baker when she can’t go all out?” I ask him with a smile. “The advantage is having her kiss you, and being loved by her.” He kisses me and butterflies are making a mess of my stomach. “You’re cute.” I tell him. “Still, I like to make sure you’re well fed.” he laughs. “Can you take the bread out of the oven? I’m almost done with the eggs and bacon and then we can eat.” I tell him. He takes oven gloves and takes it out. When I’m done I take the frying pan from the heather and put it on the table. “So what did you make this time?” He asks with a smile on his face. “Well, this is the desert I had planned for last night, but we never got to it.” I wink “It’s mascarpone with fresh berries and some cookies. And a raspberry-strawberry smoothie and scrambled eggs with bacon.” I tell him. “It looks delicious!” he tells me and I smile. He starts putting things on his plate, but I only take the mascarpone with berries. “Why don’t you eat?” He asks, his face worried. “I do eat, I just don’t eat that much.” I tell him. “You sure? I mean, I can eat all of this but I’m happy to share.” “No, really. If you could just leave some smoothie for me, I’ll be fine.” “Okay…” the conversation ends and we both start eating. “So, tell me. What do I have to wear tonight?” I ask when I’m done. “Uhm, I don’t know. We’re going to a high ranking restaurant so, maybe something fancy?” Gods, I didn’t bring anything fancy with me... I nod, “Could we stop by my apartment later on today? I need to raid my closet.” “No, we can’t stop by your apartment.” He tells me and my face drops. Oh. “We’re going shopping, my treat.” “No Niall, I don’t need new clothes. Honestly.” “No, you don’t but I like to spoil my girlfriend, so please?” His face is so cute, I can’t say no. “Okay, but only if we can stop by the bakery after. And I want to go back to work on Sunday, it’s Friday now… I already took more time off than I can afford.” He hums. “Sure, I have to be back in the studio on Tuesday.” “Oh, you’re recording already?” “No, still writing, but my management planned a collaboration with Shawn and we jam and write at the same time. Maybe you could stop by after work?” He asks, “Sure, I could. We’ll see.”
“I’m going to take a shower.” I tell him when we put the dishes in the dishwasher. He smiles, “Can I join.” “No you can’t.” I tell him and walk away, but Niall follows and puts his arms around me. “Can I at least get a kiss?” I turn around and kiss his cheek. He growls and I run and laugh. “I’ll get you!” “No you won’t” I yell as I run into the bathroom and close the door behind me. I turn the lock right in time. “Mean!” He laughs and I giggle. I connect my phone to the stereo installation in the bathroom and put my playlist on. Soon enough, I get into the shower. I sing and dance a little while I get ready for the day. Getting ready is a party on my own. I blush when No Control comes on and I hear Niall’s laugh coming out of his room. Still, I sing my heart out. I walk out in just a towel when I’m done. I walk towards the closet and take some clothes, just a plain grey t-shirt and a jeans. I put the towel down and I hear Niall breath in, oops. I look behind me and see him watching me. I put on my clothes and walk towards the bed. Niall’s already dressed. I kiss him and he smiles. “I’m going to brush my teeth and then we’ll go, okay?” I nod. I take my phone and text James and Rose that’ll be coming by today and will start working again on Sunday. I put my phone into my purse and wait until Niall is ready to go.
Soon enough he is and we’re on our way to the city centre. He parks in the street with the luxurious brands, I shake my head. “Niall, please. I’m okay with a dress from Zara, really.” I feel really uncomfortable when he shakes his head and get’s out of the car. He walks over and opens my door. “Laure, really dearest. It’s okay.” “I don’t like this. Really.” I tell him, but I get out either way, I know I won’t get my way today. He takes my hand and together we walk towards a shop. A lady of my mums age walks towards us. “Hello mister Horan, how can I help you today?” She asks, and I smile. “My lovely girlfriend needs an outfit for tonight. I don’t care how much, if she likes it, she gets it.” My eyes go wide. “Hi, I’m Laure.” I tell her and shake her hand. “Hi my name is Caroline. If you could just follow me.” She tells me and I nod. “You’re crazy.” I whisper in Niall’s ear when we walk behind her. “Crazy about you? Yes I am.” He whispers back, I smile. “We’re a walking cliché.” I tell him and he shrugs. When he wants to answer me, Caroline calls me over and I’m taken aback by the beautiful dresses I see in front of me. “So, what do you like, and what don’t you like?” “I really don’t like strapless. And I hate tulle.” I tell her and she nods, I wish my brother was here, he would know what to do. “Okay, any colours you don’t like.” “I’m really into any colour, but I don’t like flashy colours.” I tell her and again she nods. She walks around in the shop and starts pulling out dresses. I get behind her and begin talking to her. “Is it okay if I call my brother? It might sound really rude, but he’s always completely honest with me. And his sense of fashion is what I need right now.” “Of course dear. I assume it’s your first time shopping like this?” I nod, “I remember the first time I walked in here, I felt overwhelmed and I knew my way around fashion. But you just go with easy and comfortable, right?” I nod again. “Let’s find something sexy and comfortable, all in one okay?” I smile at her, “Thank you very much. I’m going to call my brother now.” I walk over to Niall and explain that I want to call my brother, he doesn’t know the story behind it but he nods anyway. I search his name and start facetiming him. “Hiya. How’s lover boy doing.” He picks up and I roll my eyes at him. “Hi, he’s doing fine. Cupcake, meet my brother, Sep. Sep, meet my boyfriend Niall.” “Hi, nice to meet you. Well, I already kind of know everything about you. Since she couldn’t shut up about you 15 years ago.” My brother smiles at Niall. I roll my eyes at him. “Shut up Sep!” “So why are you calling?” “I need advise, mister superstar over here wants to take me out to a fancy restaurant. But first he takes me shopping and I need my personal Fashion guru.” He smiles, but rolls his eyes. “Sure, it’s not like I have a job or anything.” I smile, “Yes, well I figured.” Caroline calls me. “Sep, meet Caroline. She’ll help me over here.” “Hi, Caroline. I’m Sep. Laure’s personal Fashion Guru.” I smile. “So here are some dresses I’d like you to try on. Maybe I could take your brother with me while I try and find some other ones?” I nod, while Sep squeals with joy. I get into the fitting room and start taking off my clothes.
The first few dresses are disasters. They look beautiful on the hanger, but when I try them on I don’t feel good in them. I don’t even show them to Niall. When Caroline comes back, she asks if I found something yet, but I shake my head. “Well, your brother found a beautiful one. You should try this.” I look and my eyes go wide. “Sep!” I tell hem but he just tells me to try it on. I do as I’m told and my mouth falls open. It’s a golden dress, which make my skin glow. It’s short, it only goes halfway my thighs. And it’s loose but hugs my curves in all the right places. The lower back is completely open, which means it’s sexy but I can still wear a bra. I look stunning. I like the fabric and I don’t feel like I’m zipped in too tight. I walk out of the fitting room and three sets of eyes go wide. “Wow, Laure. You look beautiful.” Sep says and I blush. Niall can only nod and Caroline looks happy. “Is this appropriate, Niall?” I ask him and he wakes up out of his trance. “Yes, it is. And the guys are talking about going out afterwards. I won’t be able to stay too far away from you, or men might steal you away from me.” I giggle. “They won’t. And if they try I won’t let them get close” I tell him. “So, this is the dress?” Caroline asks and I nod. “Now she only needs black killer heels and a black purse. Maybe some lingerie?” Sep tells Caroline, and she nods. “Sep! I have black heels and lingerie!” I tell him. The dress is already too much. I don’t want to take advantage of Niall. Niall stands and walks towards me. “What’s the advantage of having a rich boyfriend if he can’t spoil you?” he whispers in my ear and I roll my eyes. “I’m not with you because you’re rich, I love you because you’re you.” He ignores me. “Caroline? Could you please take Sep with you and make sure my girlfriend is the star of the evening.” She smiles and nods. “Sep, don’t!” I warn him, but he shrugs as if to say, ‘what can I do sis.’ I walk back into the fitting room and take the dress off. When I’m done, I wait. I’ll have to fit the lingerie anyway so what’s the point of getting dressed. Soon enough, Caroline comes back with the lingerie, “I choose it!” Sep yells and I roll my eyes. It’s a black lace, strapless bra with a black lace pantie. I’m glad he didn’t choose a string. I would never wear it under this dress. I try it on and it fits perfectly. I smile. I take it off again and start to dress myself again. When I walk out I give both the dress and the lingerie to Caroline. Niall is sitting in one of the chairs, next to him a shoebox and a little bag? He’s talking to my brother. I go and sit next to him. “I’ll try them on, but I already have black heels.” I tell him again but he doesn’t seem to care. “Just try them and if they fit, you can take them with you. I have too much money anyway and I like to spend it on the people I love.” At that moment my eyes fall on the brand name. I smile and silently thank Sep. I’ve always wanted Louboutin’s. I try them on and they fit perfectly. Caroline comes and get them. “You’ll look stunning tonight, sis.” Sep tells me and I thank him. “I’ll call you soon. Thanks for the help.” I end the call and Niall looks at me. “Let’s go to my bakery, I feel much more comfortable over there.” He laughs and we walk towards the cashier. Caroline hands me the bags and I almost faint when I hear the price. “Niall, you really shouldn’t have.” I tell him again. “It’s fine.” I stop walking and pull him closer to me. I kiss him and put my arms around him. He puts his hands on my waist and we kiss in the middle of London. When we let each other go, he grins. “That’s a way of thanking me.” We walk towards the car and he opens my door, always the gentleman.

I know you love him, but it's over mate

Ik had even een writersblock dus ik ga deze week even heel intensief schrijven. Maar moet ook nog 2 weken werken. Wat een feest is deze zomervakantie toch!

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    Waa!! Love it!
    Ben benieuwd hoe de meeting met de jongens gaat, bet they’ll love her!!

    Ik ken het writersblock aah. Ik kruip dr nu langzaam uit!! 😵

    Snel verder! <3

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    • LaureWithAnE

      Bij mij gaat het echt niet. Heb een heel weekend naar mijn laptop gestaard 🙄

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      Ah no!! Wat kut..

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