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The beginning of October 2025

“Dearest, the cab will be here in ten minutes!” Niall yells up the stairs. “I’ll be right down, my hair is almost done!” I yell back. I put the last curl into place and smile at myself. I have put some light make-up on, a little gold and brown on my eyes with a bit of eyeliner so the black in my eyes pops and a little purple under my eyes, so the green is brighter. The lipstick I put on is red, but it looks good. I haven’t put on my dress yet, so I’m walking around in Niall’s shirt. I put some more hairspray on my hair and finish it with some perfume. I take Niall’s shirt off and carefully put my dress on. “Cupcake, can you come zip me?” I ask when I’m done. I’ve already put my heels on and I admire myself in the mirror. I still look like myself, just a bit more confident. Niall comes in and zips me. I smile at him. He looks really handsome himself, a black suit with a white button down shirt. “Ready?” he asks me. “Ready.” I tell him. “No you’re not” he says. And he takes out a little blue box. I frown. “What’s that?” “A gift for you.” He tells me. “Niall, you shouldn’t have. You’ve already given me so much. I have nothing to give you back.” “You staying with me is everything I need. Now open it.” I open it and it’s a silver necklace. It has two hearts lined with little diamonds. It’s beautiful. it’s small and I love it. “Thank you so much! It’s beautiful.” I tell him and kiss him. Thank the gods, my lipstick doesn’t smudge. “Can you put it on, please?” I ask him and turn around. I put my hair up and he puts it on, he kisses my neck right where the lock lands. I smile. “Let’s go.” He takes my hand and gently helps me down the stairs. We say a quick goodbye to Prince and get into the cab.
“You look beautiful, you know that?” He asks when we’re standing in front of the restaurant. Nerves have taken control of me and I just nod. “Don’t worry dearest, they’ll like you.” I just nod again. He takes my hand and we walk in. A hostess, who is a couple of years older than me, welcomes us and eyes Niall. I get a little uncomfortable, but Niall doesn’t seem to notice. We walk to the back of the restaurant and I see that we’re the first ones. I’m relieved, stay of execution. Niall takes a seat, but I just stand there. “What’s up?” he asks with a smile. “Can I sit next to you? Or do I have to sit across of you?” “Whatever you like best, they won’t mind.” “Next to you, it is then.” I smile and go sit next to him. He takes my hand again and I look at our intertwined fingers. We look up when we hear footsteps approach. It’s Louis with Eleanor. Niall gets up and pulls me up with him. “Hi Lou.” He smiles and lets go of my hand to hug him. “Hi Niall!” He goes and hugs Eleanor too and I just smile. “Lou, El, this is Laure, my girlfriend.” I blush. “Hi!” Louis comes over and hugs me. So does Eleanor. “Hi, I’m Laure.” I smile, I feel so stupid. “You really look good.” Eleanor tells me. “Thank you, so do you!” Before we can sit down Zayn walks in and I’m surprised, I hadn’t really expected him here. But I just smile. The boyband I loved to pieces is getting back together tonight. Niall introduces me again. And again when Liam walks in with Danielle. I’m glad they got back together. I always shipped them when I was younger. Harry walks in alone and once again Niall introduces me. We all order something to drink and I listen to the conversations. I still don’t feel 100% at ease. “Are you okay?” Niall whispers in my ear when we all have our drinks and I nod. “It’s just so surreal, I have been a fan since I was fourteen years old. With you I feel totally at ease, because to me you’re no superstar. You’re just Niall.” I whisper back. “Hey, lovebirds, no whispering!” Louis says and I look up, I really don’t like all the attention. “Yeah, what are you talking about?” Zayn intervenes. “Laure is just really nervous.” Niall tells him and I blush. Thank you very much, Niall. “Why?” Harry asks. “I was such a crazy fangirl when I was younger. And it feels kind of surreal sitting here. To me, Niall isn’t a superstar, he’s just Niall. But seeing all five of you together it makes my fangirl heart race.” I tell them and they laugh. “So Niall actually dates a fan, huh?” Liam asks. “He does, kind of. I left crazy fangirl Laure behind me though.” “She says now, but this morning, she was singing her heart out to No Control.” He laughs and everyone joins him. “Yes, well. Don’t blame me. I love that song.” I giggle. “So, Niall told us you have a bakery?” Zayn saves me and I give him a thankful smile. “Uhu, I opened it a couple of months ago, and it’s really doing well. It’s in Temple.” I tell him. “That’s where we met actually. I had heard that there was a new bakery with really good baked goods and I wanted to check it out. But the first time I tried I couldn’t find it. So a really lovely lady told me it was closed but it would open again tomorrow. I actually bumped into her.” “It was you! I already thought I recognised you.” I laugh. “You never told me that!” he nods and just smiles. “So the next day, I was in the kitchen and my co-workers where in the front. I just took a break when Rose came running into the kitchen, all apologetic. She told me Niall Horan had come by. I was so disappointed, because he had been so close but I hadn’t seen him.” “And I was disappointed, I had hoped to see that lovely lady again…” He looks at me and I kiss his cheek. “So I came back a couple of weeks later and you were all alone. You told me you had baked each and every thing in the counter yourself. I was so impressed. And I stayed until closing time. I even stayed after.” “Ooh, sex on the counter. I like it.” Louis interrupts him and I roll my eyes. “Shut up, Lou!” El tells him. “It’s exactly what my best friends assumed too.” I say. “Well, no. She actually thought me how to bake.” He tells and I smile. “He’s a good student.” “Only because I wanted to impress my teacher.” He tells me and kisses my cheek. “And so I came back, everyday for a couple of weeks. And now we’re here.” “Now, we’re here.” I drown in his eyes and smile. “You’re cute together.” Danielle tells us. We both smile.
After dinner, we all switched seats. I’m talking to Zayn and Danielle and Niall is talking to Louis, Harry and Liam about football. “So Laure, are we as bad as you predicted?” Danielle asks with a smile. “No, no. I just thought nobody would like me.” “Why not?” Zayn asks. “I don’t know, I’ve got a pretty low self-esteem.” I tell them. “You know, you’re the first girl in a long time Niall introduced to us. We can clearly see he loves you. As long as you make him happy, we’re happy.” Zayn tells me and I smile. “Thanks.” I tell him. “You know, I’m still kind of mad at you.” I tell Zayn. “Huh, how?” “Thanks to you, I failed maths in my junior year.” “Okay? Explain.” I smile, “Well, the day after you announced you’d leave One Direction I had a maths final. And the moment I heard I just burst out crying and I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t focus either. And I mean, I don’t really care why you left. If you weren’t happy because of what you were doing you should have left. I just would have appreciated it more if you could’ve waited for two more days, though.” He laughs, “I’m sorry, timing has never been my strong suit.” I giggle. I don’t know why I was so worried, they are all really kind and welcoming. “Dearest?” I look up and see Niall walking towards us. “Yes?” “Do you want to go home? Or do you want to go out?” Niall takes his place next to me and puts his hand around my waist. “I don’t really care, going out seems fun. But if you don’t want to, I’m fine with going home too.” “Harry! We’re going out.” Niall tells Harry and he smiles at me. “Are you coming too?” I ask Danielle and Zayn. “Bear’s coming tomorrow, so I don’t think so.” Danielle says and I nod. “I’m coming, it’s been to long since I went out.” He and Niall high five and I can’t help but roll my eyes. Boys will be boys, I guess.
Soon enough, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Eleanor, Niall and me are in one of the most popular clubs in London and the music is taking control of my body. We walk towards the VIP section. Niall puts his arm around my waist and pulls me close to him. I like that he’s being protective and I just giggle. I might have had too much to drink already, but I don’t really care. “What do you want to drink?” he asks, “White wine please.” He nods and walks away. I go over to the sofa Eleanor is sitting on. “Shall we dance?” I ask her and she nods. Together we walk down to the dancefloor and start dancing. Apparently it’s a 80’s – 90’s – 00’s theme night. I love this kind of music. I am startled when someone starts dancing with me. I turn around and push him away. “I have a boyfriend.” I tell him. “I don’t see him around, you?” “He’s right here” Niall is my knight in shinning armour, saving me when I need him most. “Oh sorry, man.” He says and walks away. “I told you, I couldn’t stay away too long. I’ve only been gone for five minutes and already there’s another suitor.” I laugh, and Niall gives me a glass of wine. “Thanks cupcake.” He wants to walk away, but I don’t let him. I take his hand, and pull him closer. I kiss him. “Dance with me?” he nods, soon enough we’re all dancing and laughing and just having a good time. I drink some more and so does Niall, soon we’re both funny drunk. On one moment he stands behind me and we’re dancing really close. We stay like this and I giggle when I feel something against my ass. I turn around and whisper in his ear, “Shall we go home?” he nods and we say goodbye to everyone. We go and find our coats and Niall holds a cab. When we’re seated and on our way home I put my hand on the growing bulge in his pants and kiss his neck. He moans and takes my head into his hands. He kisses me and I smile. This is going to be fun.


Why men great till they’ve got to be great?

Ik ben zeer blij dat ik nog een hoofdstukje had staan zodat ik het via mijn gsm kon activeren. Mijn laptop is namelijk kapot. Normaal komt morgen mijn nieuwe en ga ik super veel moeten schrijven.

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    Omg love dit stukje! Fijn dat je morgen weer een laptop hebt, jeeej! <3

    She met the boys!!:)
    Kudo! Snel verderr <3

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  • VampireMouse

    Balen dat je laptop is overleden! Gelukkig heb je morgen weer een nieuwe!
    Leuk hoofdstuk, snel verder ❤️❤️

    6 maanden geleden

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