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The beginning of October 2025

“Good morning sunshine!” I smile at James and Rose when they walk into the bakery. I’ve been back at work and back home for a week now. Both me and Niall have been buys. I’ve been making up for lost time and Niall’s busy writing his album. The past few days he has been at the recording studio with Shawn, which means lots of late nights. So we haven’t seen each other. I get up early, when Niall is still asleep and go to bed when Niall’s still at the studio. We’ve been texting a lot though. But today Niall has promised to come by after lunch rush so we can spend a little time together. Both James and Rose mumble something and I just hand them a cup. I’ve been here for the past 2 hours baking everything to my hearts content. Making sure everything is ready so I can take a break and spend some time with Niall. “Can you guys fill up the counter and put the delivery of last night into stock so I can finish up in the kitchen?” I ask them when they look a little more awake. They nod and I get back into the kitchen. I’m filling the last macarons when it’s time to open so once I’m done I clean my hands and get behind the counter.
Morning rush is soon over and I’m back into the kitchen. I put on some music and dance to it. I yelp when I feel two hands on my hips, but when I hear his voice singing to the music I smile. “Niall! You scared me!” I turn around and kiss him. “Sorry dearest. I just couldn’t resist it.” He mumbles against my lips and kisses me back. Soon my hands are on his biceps and his are on my back, embracing me. When the kiss ends I put my head on his chest, and his arms pull me closer. We move to the music, which conveniently has gone to a slower song. “I’ve missed you the past couple of days.” He tells me and I smile. “I’ve missed you too. How’s recording going?” “It’s going good, we actually finished early so me and Shawn came here for lunch, you want to join?” “Cupcake, I really have to finish this first. I’ll come and sit with you when I’m done okay?” I look into his eyes, disappointment clear. “Yeah, sure.” He shrugs and I give him a peck on the lips and turn back to my work, I hear his footsteps. I sigh, I do want to spend time with him but work first. Soon enough I’m done with my work and help Rose prepare Niall and Shawn’s lunch. I make myself a cup of tea and bring everything to their table. “Hi, I don’t think we’ve officially met.” I say when I put down their food. “I’m Laure.” I shake Shawn’s hand. “I know, Niall can’t stop talking about you.” I smile. “Do you mind if I sit with you?” I ask, “No not at all, please sit down.” I take my seat and sip my tea. The moment I sit down Niall places his hand on my thigh and squeezes it. I look up at him and he gives me a wink. I smile. Niall and Shawn are in conversation about their upcoming albums and I just enjoy the quiet. “Dearest, shouldn’t you eat?” Niall interrupt my daydreaming. “I had some leftover breakfast cupcake back in the kitchen, and I’ll eat some more after rush.” I assure him, giving him a smile. To be honest, I have been surviving on two meals a day for the past few months. It’s only when I have a day off that I have three meals. When I work I have two meals and some leftovers during the day. I take my cup again and take a sip. Soon enough my break is cut short and I have to get behind the counter to help Rose and James.
“Dearest, we’re going. I’ll come by your flat after work?” I look up when Niall interrupts me. “Sure. Bye Shawn, it was lovely to meet you. I’ll see you soon, cupcake. Love you.” I smile at him and give him a little wave. He blows me a kiss and I giggle. “He’s so whipped.” Rose whispers to me when they both walked out, and I chuckle. We get back to work and soon we’re closing up. “Bye guys, see you tomorrow.” I tell them when they walk out. I close the door and get into the kitchen. I’ve decided to stay a little longer and make sure everything is fine for tomorrow so I can sleep in. I put on my music on maximum volume and start working. Three hours later, I’m done. I just have to clean and then I can go home. Soon enough the dishwasher is loaded, and the workspace is clean again. I disconnect my phone from the docking station, not looking at the notifications I received, and I put it in my bag. I’ll check it on the tube. I walk up to the door and put on the alarm before I leave. I’m walking towards the tube when I feel my phone vibrating. I fish it out of my bag and look at the caller ID. SHIT Niall! “Cupcake, Hi!” I say as I pick up. “Laure, where are you?!” He almost yells through the phone. Wow Niall is never mad. “I’m walking towards the tube, I just finished up in the bakery.” I try to stay as calm as possible, even though I don’t like that he’s yelling at me. “You know that it’s half past 7?” “I do, I just wanted to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow so I can sleep in.” I explain myself. “Laure, really. I told you I’d meet you here after work. We haven’t seen each other in a week.” “I know, I kind of forgot. I’ll be home as soon as possible. You have your key right?” “What do you mean? You kind of forgot?” “Like I said Niall. I run a bakery; I have other things on my mind.” “Yes, and I’m a celebrity, I have other things on my mind as well, but I was here at half past 6.” He ends the call and I sigh. He’s acting like a teenage girl.
I get home to an angry Niall. I’ve put my coat on the hanger and put my shoes underneath it when he decides to speak. “So, you decided to show up huh?” “Niall don’t act like this. You have been working long hours as well, but I don’t take it out on you, do I?” “And the first night I’m off, you decide to go and bake!” He yells and I take a step back “Because it’s my job!” I yell back, I’m not going to be his punching bag. “And singing is mine!” He takes a step towards me. “I know, and I don’t care how many late nights you have, but don’t get mad when I have them too!” I try to tell him gently, which seems to work. “I’m not mad that you have late nights! I’m mad that you forgot about me!” He yells some more, and I’m really getting sick of this. “And I’m sorry! I have no explanation for me forgetting you.” “Yeah, figures.” He sarcastically remarks. “Are you done being mad yet? I’ll make us something for dinner.” “Don’t bother, I’m going out.” He walks towards the door, not looking at me. “Okay. Have fun.” I tell him and flinch when he shuts the door with too much force. I turn to face Prince “Do you understand men? Because I don’t. If he wants to spend some time with me, he should have just stayed.” Prince looks at me as if to say: ‘Don’t ask me woman, I’m just a cat.’
I end up ordering a pizza and watching Grey’s Anatomy for the tenth time. I go to bed early, so I can get as much sleep as possible. I wake in the middle of the night to someone knocking rather harshly on my door. “Laure, puh-please open up.” It’s Niall. I run towards the door. “Niall, do you know how late it is?” “I-I k-n-now babe. I j-just wanted to be with you.” He slurs and I get him in. “Niall, you ass. Are you drunk?” “M-maybe a little.” I sigh. “C’mon superman. Let’s get you into bed. But first you have to drink 2 litters of water. You’ll thank me tomorrow.” I let him sit on one of my kitchen stools and give him a bottle of water. “I want a kiss first.” I sigh. “Niall, I’m not going to kiss you. Now drink up.” I tell him. He shrugs but starts to drink the water. It takes me almost half an hour but after he’s done drinking water, I get him into bed rather easily. “Can I get a kiss now?” he asks when he lays down next to me. I sigh but give him a peck on the lips. “Now go to sleep. I have to be up in 3 hours.” I tell him and turn away. He whines a little but puts his arm around me, I lay back into his chest and a smile forms on my face.

I wake up with a groan 3 hours later. I get out of bed and smile at the sight before me. Niall’s hair is all messed up and he’s lying down like a starfish. I get ready and make myself a cup of tea for the road. I decide to leave a note.
Good morning!
I’m off to work. I didn’t want to wake you.
Hope you have one hell of a hangover though.
I’ll see you tonight. I’ll make dinner and bring some cupcakes.

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    Oehh he’s mad!! Oh my god!!
    Maar ik weet zeker dat als hij een cupcake proeft dat hij het meteen vergeet😜 the magic of cupcakes right?!

    4 maanden geleden
  • VampireMouse

    Ghehehehe drunk Naill. Ik heb respect hoe Laure er mee om gaat!
    Snel verder hoor!!

    4 maanden geleden
    • LaureWithAnE

      Hahaha ik zou niet weten of ik er ook zo mee zou kunnen omgaan!

      4 maanden geleden

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