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When I was sitting alone in my trailer that evening I decided to take out my decorations and make the trailer a little cosier. Pictures from me with my parents and my brothers were soon hanging on my fridge, a hundred little Christmas lights around the seating area and some stuffed animals on my wardrobe. I was pretty sure I’d be fine on this set for the next year or longer, as I just had this lovely trailer to myself with all my books and my guitar. That night I fell asleep dreaming about myself as a dwarf in the company of Thorin Oakenshield. When I woke up I had to look around twice before realizing where I actually was, once the memories of the day before were coming back to me I slowly got out of bed and took a hot shower in my tiny bathroom. After this I realized I’d have to go to the cafeteria to get some breakfast, which meant everyone would probably be staring at me for being the new one and even worse for being Dean’s little sister who couldn’t stay at home for some reason. Just when I thought of leaving set and finding a bakery or a shop in town someone knocked on my trailer. It was a pity there was no camera or a little eye at the door to check who it was, when I opened it I saw it was just Dean. ‘Good you’re up already, want to get some breakfast?’ he asked in a happy mood which made me sigh. ‘And why would you need to hold my hand for that?’ I asked a little bitchy since I knew very well I wouldn’t have gone to get food all by myself. I just didn’t like him pampering me again, it made me feel like we were children, back to the days when mom and dad had passed away. As Dean was looking up at me in surprise another actor just walked by ‘Goodmorning Dean, Hello Hera’ he spoke, his deep husky voice and blue eyes sounded familiar ‘Hi Richard!’ Dean answered just when I remembered his name. No wonder he plays Thorin with looks and a voice like that I thought while watching him walk passed us. ‘So if you want to go by yourself fine by me, I thought you’d like some company though’ Dean spoke where after I quietly nodded grabbed my jacket and followed him to the cafeteria. Once we were there Aidan immediately started waving at us as a sign we could go sit with him. ‘How kind of him to safe us a spot!’ Dean immediately smiled while I walked behind him like a lost puppy. I didn’t dare to look around too much, I kept my face down so my hair could once again cover most of my face. The part it didn’t cover I hid in my simple black scarf. Once we grabbed a plate and got ourselves some nice eggs, sandwiches and juice we sat down with Aidan. ‘Good morning sunshine why are we looking so grim then?’ he said while looking at me. ‘It’s summer, this is not the time for jackets and scarfs!’ he added when I looked up a little surprised by his comment. ‘I’ll wear my jacket and scarf whenever I like to, thank you’ I answered him with a little nod which made him laugh ‘I love that attitude girl’ he spoke ‘I mean goddess’ he then joked. There I was eating my sandwich wondering whether I found him annoying or just funny. No one else tried to start a conversation with me that morning and I didn’t mind at all. After breakfast I swiftly returned to my room and began playing on my guitar a little. I only left the trailer again by noon to get lunch, luckily most people were at work by then. Dean told me he had to go to the training centre to practice on his fighting skills and dwarf movements. Yes, that’s right since dwarfs are walking and fighting and doing basically everything different from normal humans all the actors who play dwarves need to practice on how to move like dwarves. The elves on the other hand had to practice their elegance as well with some fine elvish movements. Both of these races also had their own language created by the one and only Tolkien himself so they had to learn at least the basics of that as well. In the evening it was a little more crowded in the cafeteria. For a moment I wished I knocked on Dean’s door to ask if he wanted to join me for dinner, but soon that feeling faded. I wasn’t his little dog or something, I had to stand up for myself. As I carefully looked around to see some people staring at me I bumped into someone that ran into the cafeteria without looking. ‘Oh I’m so sorry!’ he said while carefully turning around. ‘I was a little hungry, but that doesn’t mean I can just run over people of course!’ he explained himself which made me look up with a surprised smile. It didn’t happen that often that people apologized for a soft bump against someone else’s shoulder. ‘It’s quite alright I wasn’t looking where I went’ I swiftly replied where after I noticed this guy wasn’t just an actor it was Orlando Bloom, the one and only Legolas. ‘I haven’t seen you around here before? Are you an actrice?’ he asked while studying my face, of course he did do a double check on my scar as if he thought it was just make-up. It took me a while before I could actually answer how I wished I could tell him I was an actrice and that the scar was only make-up, but I wasn’t here to tell lies. ‘No, I am Hera. Hera O’Gorman, you must be Orlando Bloom’ I answered which made him laugh ‘Or Legolas, yes it depends how you like to call me’ he said which made me smile. ‘Elf prince if that’s okay by you?’ I then suggested, I had no idea where my talkative mood came from but I actually liked it ‘Yea well I must admit it seems a bit much, but I kind of like that name so yea go ahead!’ he laughed which made me laugh too ‘Hey you getting dinner as well? Want to join me?’ he asked. After stuttering a bit and looking around to make sure I couldn’t just go sit in a corner and sort of disappear I agreed to having dinner with him. We only sat down with our full plates as two other actors joined us. I didn’t recognize them but they didn’t seem to mind, the lady introduced herself as Evangeline Lilly who played Tauriel the elf, the man who joined us appeared to be Lee Pace, the actor who played Thranduil, king of the woodlands. Believe me he acted like a king, he of course meant it in a fun way, but well he definitely was the perfect guy for the job.

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