Morgana conjured a goal. "When you made that rod float, small lightning beams came out of your hand, could you aim it at the target?" she said. Larten sat down a bit more so that if I could not aim properly (which also could not be good) he would not be hit. I concentrated on my hands again but I only got the little sparks from before. Larten came to me 'You shouldn't evoke the same feeling as before. Focus on the energy around you and in the depths of your mind. " He smiled at me and gave me a wink. I did what he had advised me. I thought for a moment. "Come on Benjamin you can do this." I thought. I focused on the power of electricity, on all the small atoms that my body contains and all of them. Morgana looked at me and wrote things in her notebook without losing her eyes. I felt my whole body tingle. My hair started to straighten and I felt the goosebumps spread. I opened my eyes and suddenly saw the world in black and white. Despite this sudden event, I remained calm. I didn't stretch my arms like in movies, all I did was open my hands. The lightning fell out as if my hands broke out. It did not go towards the target but kept floating around my body like a pendulum. Larten was looking at me with a smile. Morgana kept her emotions under control, but the sparkles in her eyes were unmissable. She continued to write in her notion book. I restored my gaze and attention to the target and ordered the lightning to go to the target. Like a snake in the water, it moved toward the target at an incredible speed. It hit the disk with the power of a gunshot and burned. "Wow, that was really impressive." so Morgana. Her praising words did well but something was wrong. My vision was still not normal. I grabbed hold of the wall for a little more support. Larten walked over to me. He stood a few more away from me when his scarab began to light up a very shepherd. Morgana saw Larten's gaze stiffen and approached me. My ears started to fill in a murmur. It seemed as if I was standing next to the engine of an airplane that was about to take off. My whole body started to glow. 'Benjamin, you have to stop. Whatever you are doing is not good for you. " I looked at the water on the other side of the wall. Somehow I could see color in it. I closed my eyes and drilled my nails in the palm of my hand. I felt Morgana's hand hit me. "Larten quickly get some water from the refrigerator," she ordered. He went over and pulled out a bottle of Evian. I heard all the voices in my head. From small childish voices to old people who told old stories. "SHUT" I cried. My hair started to stand straight from the tension on it. I was getting paler and my knees could not bear me anymore. Bonk. There is a collision against the wall. I opened my eyes and saw a bunch of tigerfish crashing into the window. A group of catfish swam across the other side. They, in turn, started to smash their wall in one place with their shell. "Make you come away." I almost whispered to them. Morgana looked doubtfully at Larten. "We can't leave you here. Morgana, isn't there a spell that can calm the fish or that the wall has protection? " he asked anxiously. His scarab pulsed which indicated that there were not all the fish still there. She had lost her mind for a moment, but when she heard Larten's voice, it fell back into her brain. "No, this diamond stops everything from magically sagging," she said. The voices were all talking to me now. water [/ i] "Go, I'll be fine." I stood up. My body screamed internally that I had to lie down immediately. I stood up. The diamond room began to show cracks and would not be long before the walls collapsed. Larten and Morgana no longer moved. On their faces, it was no longer visible if they stayed in fear or to stay together. I felt that I didn't have much energy left but I had to do something. My concentration settled on partly metal sofas. At my command, the thing flew up to the door. On his way, he intercepted the two people and they were thrown into the corridor. I vowed never to give anything crystal to someone. It broke because fish hit it !? I hoped that the voices were good for me and that water could not hurt me.

Krak. The fish no longer moved and swam slowly backward. A crack in one of the walls pulled itself further. I swallowed and prepared for a heavy blow. I lay down in a fetus position so that if the walls collapsed I would be dragged along with the flow and the air in my body would make me float. If only I didn't get anything in my head. I did not dare anymore and look and pinched eyes so hard that it gave me a headache. I heard the glass breaking and the water rushing in. I held my breath and waited for the feeling of being soaked. the seconds that followed were so unlikely. After four seconds I opened my eyes. The water swirled around me but remained at some distance from my body. I stood straight and water moved with it. There was perhaps only a 5 cm distance between me and my "prison" but it was enough. I took a step forward. The floor survives the blow with a few cracks here and there. At first, I thought I saw stones approaching me, but they were by no means stones. The tiger and catfish formed a dome around me. Little crustaceans appeared from their hiding places and came running towards me like a bunch of ants. They stood at the edge where the air separated them from me. It was beautiful to see. Shells that had already felt the test of time and new ones that sparkled in the harsh light. For some reason, my eyes didn't smile at the almost lack of sunlight. One of the crabs came through the indefinite boundary set between me and the animals. He had a shell of the size that a toddler could easily crawl into. I went down through my knees to get about the same eye level with the feelers of the cramp. He crawled out of his shield and pushed it in my direction with his scissors. I picked up the large shell. The crab retreated into the water, now unprotected against any impending danger. All crabs raised their heads to heaven and I could see a tone I had never heard before. I didn't really hear the sound but I felt it more like a feeling. The voices began to rise in my head again. Animalis will be resurrected [/ i]. My eyes almost fell out of their sockets when I realized that they were the voices I had heard in my head. The catfish started to give a spectacle with their art of changing color and they supported the crabs with their voice. The tigerfish also screamed loudly. Fish that did not appear on the scene also participated in their opera show. Suddenly my mind was quiet again and the animals continued their daily routine.

After just staring at me for at least another minute, I moved. I had to let everything sink. I saw a figure approaching me. At first, I thought it was a seal but the grace and speed with which the creature swam could not possibly have been a seal. When the figure came closer I knew who it was. It was Evy. She smiled at me and put her head in the air column. "There are a few people waiting for you," she said with a wink. "Gee, I don't think it's so bad here," I answered her. We laughed. She ordered me to hold her tight. She had her reservations when I held the shell so tightly, but she finally agreed to take it with me. I took a deep breath and put my head in the icy water. My arms wrapped around her beautiful fishtail and she swam up at an incredible speed. It was only 12 seconds before I could breathe again because our heads came in contact with the sky above the sea that bordered on the land where the school was located. We then swam together for a few minutes to the land where Morgana, Larten and the other students who lived in our house. I could feel the ground under my feet and started walking. Morgana had burst into tears. "I'm so sorry we couldn't do anything. I was that we had lost you. Evy felt that something was wrong in the sea and then immediately changed and went looking for you. " she rattled on and on and I realized that her maternal instinct had taken over from the strict teacher. I had received a blanket from Larten and gratefully wrapped it around my shoulders. I got out of the water but felt part of me being left behind. I went to my room and Larten asked all sorts of questions that I eagerly answered but most of them I couldn't answer. We finally decided to investigate tomorrow.

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