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‘I really can’t wait till we start shooting at Mirkwood, I’m looking forward to seeing my fabulous throne!’ Lee suddenly spoke as Orlando and Evangeline were talking about their roles. All of us looked up at him with a smirk on our faces ‘Of course you say that, look at you feeling all kingly, make sure you don’t get all rusty on that throne!’ Orlando laughed at Lee which made Evangeline and me laugh as well. ‘Hey, hey I deserve to be king now, I mean look at my career guys. I’m climbing up, only a while ago I dad of the Great Dane Marmaduke, and now I’m finally getting the role I was born for!’ Lee explained which made me laugh even harder, I had seen Marmaduke and well I could tell you it was a funny movie. ‘Of course your majesty!’ I laughed which made Lee turn around in surprise to look at me ‘See at least somebody who appreciates me for who I am’ he spoke ‘Oh, oh I was just joking around a bit you know. I thought we were all joking’ I then said in a serious tone, Lee now swiftly lifted his hand and poked me. ‘You’re a little tease aren’t you?’ he asked while I looked up at him in surprise ‘Possibly yes’ I answered still not knowing whether I should say something about him poking me or not. ‘Lee we gotta go to class again, if you want to be king you better study a little more Elvish man!’ Evangeline said which made everyone stand up. ‘Hey do you want to join us?’ she asked me while gently laying a hand on my shoulder. ‘Uh yes, I would love to, but do you think your teacher would be okay with that?’ I carefully asked. ‘Of course that’ll be okay, c’mon!’ Orlando replied before anyone else could so I decided it was worth a try. I mean I always wanted to learn how to speak elvish! Orlando was right, the teacher didn’t mind me being around at all. As he was teaching Lee, Orlando and Evangeline some basic sentences and practiced phrases they’d have to use in the movie I was reading through the words and sentences myself. It was pretty crazy to think John Tolkien created whole languages like this by himself. The pronunciation, the sentence structure, I had no idea how he came up with it but it worked.
After the class I thanked Orlando, Lee and Evangeline for their company and taking me to the class and then quietly returned to my trailer where I started reading Alice in Wonderland once again. After reading through a few pages I realized I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to what I was actually reading. My thoughts kept going back to Lee, Orlando and Evangeline, I still couldn’t believe I just had dinner with them and then willingly stayed with them for elvish classes. I mean I was the person who didn’t want to go on this journey because I was afraid of meeting new people and having to socialize and stuff. Look at me now? I wasn’t even sure why I agreed to hanging out with these people, I barely knew them, I obviously had nothing in common with them. Yet I liked them, they were nice to me and didn’t think of me as a freak or something. Maybe I just wanted to believe that they saw me as a normal person and genuinely cared about me, they were actors after all couldn’t be that hard to act nice to someone as ugly and uninteresting as me. It didn’t matter anyway, I almost forgot how nice it felt when someone cared about you and included you in their lives, so whether they really cared for me or just faked it, I appreciated their kindness.
After trying to read a few more pages I decided it was time to go to bed and take it all easy for the next few days. I shouldn’t get used to people being kind to me, I shouldn’t care about these actors. I just had to look after myself as I had done for years, it was safe to live like that. I had grown wise enough to know I shouldn’t abandon a safe life style just because my heart tries to make me believe someone cares about me. My head knew it were lies, the world was nothing more then a lonely and deceitful place. With a bit of luck I wouldn’t be around for too long anymore so I shouldn’t waste my time trying to change things.

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