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Here's a fun and relaxing chapter lovies!

The next morning, I decided to go make a walk in the city. I was pretty sure there would be a bakery nearby, so I didn’t get any breakfast before leaving set. After walking around for 30 minutes I found exactly what I was looking for, a nice little bakery with all sorts of bread and cakes. After buying myself a croissant I continued my walk. I had to admit Wellington was way more beautiful then I imagined. In Auckland people always used to call Wellington the trash of New Zealand, because it would be too touristy, and it wouldn’t fit in with the other cities and towns in New Zealand. I’m guessing the citizens of Auckland were just jealous Wellington was the capitol instead of Auckland, that while Auckland has way more inhabitants. I didn’t see why Wellington was trash. There seemed a lot to do here, I actually liked seeing people from all different countries taking pictures and reading a map trying to get to the right museum, or to the beach or whatever they planned to do that day.
I just walked around, not knowing where I was going, but that didn’t bother me. I walked for about an hour before I decided I had to rest out a bit since the ache in my chest was getting worse with every step I took. Wellington wasn’t exactly a flat city, I had climbed quiet a few hills already and right now I was looking out on the city to sea bridge of wellington, this bridge took you from the city centre to the beach. As I was looking out over the city I tried to take deep breaths before continuing my walk. Once I was on the other side of the bridge I found this cosy looking restaurant where I got my lunch. I had only just finished and paid for my lunch when my phone rang, looking at the screen I saw Dean’s name appear ‘Oh c’mon brother’ I muttered before picking up the phone saying a simple hello. ‘Uh Hera where are you?’ was Dean’s first question ‘On a walk in the city’ I spoke which left Dean quiet for a little too long ‘Hera’ he began which made me sigh. ‘What is it?’ I asked as kind as possible ‘You shouldn’t be going out alone, definitely not on walking tours, what if you get hurt? What if you lose the way?’ Dean started talking, I so saw that one coming ‘Dean… Dean I am not a kid’ I tried interrupting him from his speech ‘I am 21 years old, a grown woman, I think I know where to find the studios, I can read a map and if I’m hurt I just sit down a bit. I can look after myself thank you’ I spoke which luckily made Dean shut up. I knew he still wasn’t convinced, and he definitely wasn’t happy about me doing this. Yet I didn’t really care, I meant every word I said to him. ‘Just don’t stay away too long’ he said before saying goodbye and hanging up the phone. I quietly shook my head while putting away my phone and heading over to the beach. I decided to sit down and enjoy the sun on my pale skin, a soft breeze playing with my hair. I almost forget what it was like going to the beach, I forget the smell of salted water, the feeling of sand slipping right between my fingers or toes, I forget how peaceful the sea could sound. I had been walking around wearing my light black scarf and leather jacket all day. But sitting here at the beach I took off my jacked and laid down on it carefully closing my eyes so there was nothing else but the sound of the waves and the soft voices from other people who were also sunbathing or swimming in the sea. I had no idea how long I laid there, but I suddenly heard people calling my name. At first I thought it was just a coincidence there were probably some parent’s calling for their child that was also called Hera but as the voices came closer I seemed to recognize them. I sat up in surprise looking right up at Aidan who was only a few steps away from me, right behind him Dean and a few more actors followed him. ‘Oh hey you’re still alive, we’ve been yelling out your name for like 20 times’ Aidan said where after I shook my head trying to come up with a good answer for my ignorance ‘I…I actually thought there were just some parents calling their kid, I didn’t know you guys were free and coming to the beach’ I explained still a little confused why all these people suddenly came up to me. ‘Well we’re free, we weren’t gonna come to the beach, but since Dean seemed pretty worried about his little sister and the weather was really nice I actually guessed you’d be here so we came here’ Aidan told me which made me throw an angry look at Dean. ‘Seriously worried? Again I’m 21 years old, I can look after myself I was just enjoying the lovely weather’ I spoke ‘Well now so are we, isn’t that nice?’ Aidan said before Dean could even open up his mouth. ‘It’s okay I guess, I was kind of enjoying the silence’ I answered. ‘Oh then we should go sit a bit further away leaving Richard here, then you guys can both be boring while enjoying the silence’ a tall man who I think was named Graham now said. ‘Uh who?’ I asked him ‘Here our fiend Richard, you won’t even notice he’s here!’ another man now said. I had no idea who he was and I definitely didn’t know what to say anymore so I decided to ask his name while checking out the guy they called Richard. He was a very tall man, he had really dark brown hair, light blue eyes and he seemed to be growing a beard, he looked like a rather quiet type of person. ‘Me? I’m Adam nice to meet you!’ the man who just spoke to me now answered which made me look at him again. ‘Hera, nice to meet you too’ I replied still feeling really uncomfortable by all these man looking down on me again. ‘So I guess I’m going to get some refreshments, I’ll see you guys later’ I spoke where after I stood up grabbed my jacket and started walking towards a beach bar. ‘Oh we won’t be far, see you soon!’ Aidan laughed before they walked closer to the water. ‘I’m sorry about that, they don’t mean to laugh at you, they’re just a couple of fun guys joking around’ I suddenly heard someone say in a really British accent and a low husky voice. As I turned around I saw Richard standing behind me ‘You’re from England’ I said totally forgetting about what he just said to me. ‘Yes, that’s correct’ he said with a light chuckle. ‘So like I said you shouldn’t take everything they say too personal’ he carefully spoke which brought me back to his point ‘Oh uhm, I don’t take it personal at all to be honest. I know they’re just joking around, sometimes I just wish they could keep their jokes to themselves or just bother each other with it instead of following me’ I mumbled where after Richard gave me a nice smile. ‘Yea like I said they believe they’re the fun guys on set, everyone might get enough of it one day’ he answered which made me laugh a bit. ‘Did you just call them mushrooms?’ I asked him which made him give me a questioning look ‘Like you said they’re fun guy’s, you know like fungi?’ I said trying not laugh with my own stupid joke, I instantly regretted it until I heard Richard laughing ‘Oh like that, yea sure, yes they’re definitely a bunch of mushrooms’ he said which made us both burst out in laughter. When I turned around to look at the group of guys we just called mushrooms I saw all of them stare at us with surprised looks on their faces. ‘Oh dear, there we go, they all imagined us sitting down not saying a word. Now we laugh and it looks like they’re watching the world come to an end’ Richard spoke which made me chuckle. When I looked back at the bar the waiter just handed over my drink. ‘Oh and a lemonade for me please I’ll pay!’ Richard said whereby I shook my head ‘No, thank you, you really don’t need to do that’ I said but Richard already put his money on the counter. ‘I insist, trust me this movie deal is huge, and I’m just a lonely fellow so let me buy a lady like you a drink?’ he almost begged it. I had to think about it for a moment but then decided it was not worth my time so I just let him. ‘Thanks’ I kindly said ‘Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to enjoy the sunshine and the nice peaceful sound of the waves again’ I said taking my drink. ‘You really do prefer being left alone all the time don’t you?’ Richard then said ‘I guess I’m just a pretty individualistic person yes, just a simple person, not much interesting about me’ I answered while walking away again ‘I doubt that last part!’ Richard still yelled at me before I was out of reach heading back to my safe spot.

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