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After sitting at the beach for a few more hours, secretly watching the men behave like little children pushing each other into the sea, eating ice cream, drinking smoothies and constantly laughing at each other, I decided it was time to go back home. I carefully grabbed my stuff and went back to the trailer park without saying anything. It’s not like they had paid any more attention to me since I kind of pushed them away getting myself a drink. After about half an hour I was back at my trailer taking a shower to wash away the sweat and sand. The hot shower really helped me relax from my long walk, I could feel my heart finally slowing down and my muscles unclenched. I was putting on some loose sports clothes when I heart someone knock on my trailer door ‘Gimme a minute!’ I yelled putting on my shirt and pants and quickly opening the door. ‘Well hello sunshine, are you ready for dinner? You look fabulous’ Aidan said as he stood in front of my trailer ‘Really man, what’s the matter with you? Don’t you have a girlfriend to spoil?’ I decided to ask since I still found it a little strange how flirty he could act around me. ‘Oh, oh yes I do have a girlfriend, really don’t feel too flattered girl I was just trying to be polite! You know making new friends, asking a shy little girl out to have dinner with a handsome young man?’ he then explained himself which did make me laugh a bit. ‘Don’t flatter yourself Aidan, I am so not into you, but I appreciate the gesture. You are a fun guy’ I said thinking of the joke I made with Richard earlier that day. ‘Still don’t let that ego get in the way, for now I would like to get dinner with you yes’ I added before sticking out my hand towards Aidan who cheerfully grabbed it and let me down the stairs, out of the trailer park and into the cafeteria.
Aidan let me to the table of Graham, Jed, Adam, Peter, James and Dean. The dinner of tonight was Pizza apparently. I had to admit I loved pizza, but there seemed to be a few hungy dwarves who loved pizza even more than I did. From the moment Aidan saw Jed return with a plate full of pizza he jumped of his chair followed by Dean and James who all raced to get pizza first. ‘Well I see they’re taking their role very seriously, sticking to their character even off screen.’ I spoke which made Graham, Adam and Peter laugh. ‘We get paid to eat like dwarves, wouldn’t you stick to your character?’ a husky voice then asked from behind me as I saw Richard pass by with his plate and sit down at a table with the more quiet and well behaved dwarf actors. ‘Well seems like he does enjoy talking to you then’ Peter laughed which made me look up at him in surprise. ‘Of course he does, we’re on the same level’ I said before standing up and getting some pizza leaving the men with their questioning looks. I just loved the way these actors seemed to be so curious about me, it was so easy to play mind games with them. When I got back to the table I saw Aidan, Dean and James stuff their mouths full with pizza while the others also went to the buffet to get some themselves. ‘Bon Apetit!’ Aidan said with his mouth full which made me shake my head in disgust before I began eating myself. I had to admit it was a good pizza, I always loved pizza, like everyone I suppose but since I didn’t leave the house much and I didn’t feel like making pizza myself tasted the same I enjoyed this one more than ever. After dinner the dwarf actors still had to go train on their fighting skills ‘Oh dear no, I can’t do it. Please Hera will you go in my place?’ Aidan suddenly cried out as everyone was getting up ready to go. ‘I ate too much I think, this is not good’ Dean also murmured. ‘Hera will fight for me!’ Aidan then said while I didn’t even agree to it at all. ‘You are Kili if I remember correctly, I am a lady, I don’t fight. Good luck!’ I laughed before leaving the cafeteria with a grin on my face. After I grabbed a book in my trailer I decided it would be pretty funny to watch the dwarves as they all suffered so I walked to the training center and sneaked in quietly watching everyone trying to fight each other in their bodysuit. While the trainer was commanding them no one paid attention to me, so there I stood watching them puffing and hissing while swinging around their swords or axes.
I had been standing there for about ten minutes before James eyes crossed mine which made him lose his concentration where after Aidan easily stabbed him with his wooden sword. Luckily it wasn’t sharp or anything so James just fell back, but didn’t get hurt by Aidan. The young actor seemed surprised to find James on the ground and turned around to see what had caught his attention. ‘Well there she is, my replacement for tonight, I think I gotta go guys!’ Aidan then said while walking towards me with his sword in his hands. ‘Oh no, no uhm I just walked around here and I was curious to see you guys at work, I cannot fight’ I immediately started talking while I carefully tried to get back to the door. ‘Oh come on my tummy is killing me, fight for me Hera!’ Aidan now almost begged which made me sigh ‘I. Do. Not. Fight’ I repeated ‘Good luck though!’ I quickly spoke and ran to the door just before Aidan could grab my arm and pull me into the fight. ‘Idiot’ I mumbled while walking back to my trailer with a grin on my face. I just couldn’t believe how someone could annoy me and make me laugh so much all at the same time.

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