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Dear Harry,

You know i love you, i feel like i have loved you forever.
The moment i handed my soul over to your control is an experience unable to be compared.
I remember watching you grow over the years, becoming the superstar you always wanted to be, i admired being your fan every step of the road.
You did not need me, but i understood some part of me needed you.
In the darkness of any trouble i faced, i found myself running to the only light i could ever find: you.
In you there was hope, hope for happy days.
In the chaos of my life, you have carried me through every problem without hesitation or fear. Without you, i would not know courage or love in its full capacity.
You have always given me your all.
You have helped me to tame my demons, and take hold of my fate.
You have taught me that having dreams is only half the battle, without action a dream is nothing but that: a dream.
You have taught me the value of hard work, understanding and patience.
And i will be forever grateful for that.
No matter how hard i try to fight it off, i am left with this feeling that i'll have to go.
Know that i tried very hard to stay.
Don't forget you are my one and only.
I'll miss you with every beat of my heart.
I love you, i always will.


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  • CrazyUnicornLuf

    Awe..... Komt er ook een deel twee?
    (pretty pretty pleaseee....)(lol)(blush)

    8 maanden geleden
    • ccsx

      Hahaha jaaa die komt er! 😜

      8 maanden geleden
    • CrazyUnicornLuf


      8 maanden geleden

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