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The next day started of way more relaxed. There were no scenes to film only sets to finish and actors to prepare. Since I didn’t have anything to do I decided to go to the beach once more. I had no idea how intense my job as video blogger and photographer and stuff was going to be so I better enjoyed the sun and sea now I still had time. When I arrived at the beach I saw Orlando, Evangeline, Lee, Aidan, Dean, James and Graham got their before me. For a moment I wanted to go sit by myself again and hope they didn’t see me, but I somehow walked towards the group anyway. I wasn’t sure why, I hoped to have a relaxing day and for some reason I didn’t think sitting with this group would be relaxing. Still I chose to sit with them, maybe because I felt like I should get to know them better since I’d be working with them soon, maybe I just wanted to feel like a part of this group too since I started to behave more and more like a normal human being. It was true that I was getting attached to them, they could be so annoying, but so funny at the same time and I liked them for making me smile or even laugh. I hated myself smiling, it’s not like there could ever appear a beautiful smile on that ugly deformed face of mine, yet I liked smiling when I was with them because they didn’t seem to think I looked weird or ugly.
When I joined the group everyone happily greeted me ‘Enjoying the sun one last time before we get locked up in those studios’ Graham said which made me nod. ‘Yea no idea how long we’re going to be at work there, but I’m pretty sure I can use some more vitamins before starting’ I laughed which made everyone nod in agreement. Just as I took my towel and wanted to throw it open on the beach I saw Orlando holding a surfboard. ‘Wait do you surf?’ I asked him, he shrug. ‘I learned it a long time ago, I thought this was a good moment to try it again’ he answered ‘Nice, I always wanted to learn how to surf, but I don’t think I can’ I mumbled which made Orlando shake his head. ‘Of course you can, have you ever tried it?’ he asked ‘Uh no?’ I muttered ‘Well then how can you know, come on I’ll teach you!’ he said which made me laugh ‘What like now?’ I asked. ‘Of course like now! Like you said before we don’t know how long this shooting will exactly take so we better make the best of our last free day!’ he spoke ‘Well maybe we can also lake the best of it by staying safely on the beach, we don’t want people to get hurt before shooting right?’ Dean suddenly spoke up which made me look around in surprise. ‘What do you mean by that?’ I asked ‘Nothing, I just don’t think this is a good time to learn how to surf, I don’t think it’s your thing right now’ Dean said which made me sigh. The fact that he behaved like he knew me so well and had to protect me from every little thing already made me want to go surfing even more. ‘Oh come on what could happen? You could fall in the water soo? You just swim back up and start over again if you like!’ Orlando smiled. Dean didn’t smile and gave me a warning look which made me turn around to Orlando with a challenging smile on my face. ‘Alright how do we start?’ I asked. ‘By getting in the water you smart ass’ he laughed before happily grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the water. As I turned around I could still see Dean’s angry look, but I didn’t care and didn’t change my mind. I did know it could be risky for my heart, but I was surrounded by people who cared about me, what could possibly go wrong, if I fell, or got hurt I knew they could look after me. So we both got in the water, it was cold but bearable. Orlando explained how to get on the surfboard, how to peddle deeper into the sea and then turn around at the right moment to catch your wave, peddle again, stand up and go with the flow. It all seemed really simple when he explained it. I could only hope that actually doing it would be just as easy. Orlando was the first one to go deeper into the water and demonstrate how to find a good wave. I was quiet relieved to see him struggle a bit as well, yet he did manage to stand up and surf back towards me after all. It was my turn, the peddling was easy, picking a wave was fine, finding my balance and standing up a little less, and soon I felt my board slipping away making me fall backwards into the water. I only stayed down for a few seconds before swimming to the surface. Orlando was already in the water checking if I was alright while I heard the others laugh from a distance. When I got back on my board and checked on Dean I saw his eyes looking dangerously angry in mine. Yet I didn’t stop and after promising Orlando that I was fine I got back on the board and tried it again. So we both surfed for about an hour, after falling a couple more times I could say I did succeed quite a few times as well. Orlando seemed a happy teacher in each case. When we got back to the others they were all talking about how funny we looked at the beginning, but how did do a good job after all. That being said we went out to get lunch together, I tried to check on Dean now and then but he seemed to ignore me since I didn’t behave as he liked me to. Pity for him, I felt quite fine without him watching me every step anyway.

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