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On the first day of shooting with the whole cast I got up early again and began filming the actors in the make up chairs again. It was quite magical to see these people transform into real dwarves. After most dwarves were all ready, costume and make up done, I walked with them to the studio where the crew was ready to start shooting. As everyone was reading his lines once more Peter was giving orders of how everything was going to be filmed and where the actors had to stand. Just as I wanted to film a little part of this studio someone jumped in front of my camera ‘Oh sorry, no filming here, this is all secret material this cannot be shared with out beloved fans yet!’ Aidan quickly said while holding his face so close to the camera I couldn’t even see anything of the set anymore. ‘Okay, thanks for the lovely note Aidan’ I laughed taking away the camera. ‘Wow wait it’s Kili, I am Kili prince of Erebor!’ he said taking up the camera again and pointing it at himself ‘Now bow for me!’ he added before I took the camera over from him once more ‘Okay I think that’s enough you handsome dwarf!’ I spoke which made Aidan smile a huge smile ‘Wait you called me handsome!’ he started teasing me ‘Yea fine, I did now don’t get your hopes up you’re still annoying!’ I answered putting his feet back on the ground. He knew I liked him anyway.
After talking to Aidan a little longer it was time for the actors to get to their places, that’s the moment Sir Ian McKellen walked in as well. I once more had this Andy Serkis moment where I was just staring at him, barely believing this brilliant actor was walking past me for real. I didn’t have time to say hello at the moment, so I sat down in the back and waited patiently till Peter shot his first scene and gave everyone a little break. I tried to keep my face low while walking over to Sir Ian McKellen, I didn’t want him to get scared away by my face. ‘Hello sir, I’m so sorry to interrupt but I just wanted to tell you it’s a pleasure to meet you! I have been a fan of you ever since I can remember’ I explained which made him look down at me with this really sweet and gentle expression on his face. ‘Oh thank you love, and what is your name?’ he asked ‘Hera, Hera O’ Gorman sir’ I said ‘Well nice to meet you too, That’s a beautiful name you have! please call me Ian!’ he said which made me smile a little, but then I remembered how ugly I looked when I smiled and quickly tried to recover. ‘Th..Thank you!’ I stuttered. ‘Now I should get back to work!’ I added leaving Ian alone with Martin and Richard, I only hoped I didn’t come over as an awkward freak. He seemed such a nice and down to earth man, just like I imagined him. I was kind of fangirling for the rest of the day about Sir Ian McKellen and all the other great actors I met on this set already. If the first movie would come out thousands of girls would start fangirling about these dwarves, and elves, and wizards and I was here living the dream, working together with these amazing people that most fangirls are dreaming about.
Between every scene, Tami and her crew checked every actor’s make up and clothing, Peter re-watched the scene he just filmed and the actors were rereading their lines for the next scene. I mostly helped by placing the right materials in the right positions for another scene and then put the actors back on their positions. ‘So it’s your big entrance now brother’ I spoke to my brother as he was preparing himself with Aidan for his first scene, the moment in which Fili and Kili showed up at Bilbo’s doorstep. ‘Are you sure you’re ready to witness our royal entrance?’ Aidan now said looking at Martin Freeman who just joined us. ‘Our charming personalities might blow you away!’ he warned the hobbit who now laughed ‘Oh yesh I am sure you will, better make sure I don’t slam the door in your royal faces again!’ Martin now answered which made me laugh. ‘Oh c’mon you wouldn’t do that to such handsome young dwarf princes right?’ Dean now spoke ‘Oh wait and see’ Martin laughed with this mysterious look on his face that made both Aidan and Dean shiver. ‘Oh dear, that’s one evil hobbit!’ Dean said. ‘Don’t worry cousins, he’ll swiftly calm down once the king arrives!’ a deep husky voice now spoke from behind me. As I turned around I saw the one and only Thorin Oakenshield walk in, his costume looked so fine and majestic, his hair softly moving in the breeze of the open door, and his deep blue eyes made the picture even more perfect. ‘My king!’ Dean now spoke kneeling as if he really believed the king under the mountain just walked in. ‘Uncle!’ Aidan yelled and almost jumped in Thorin’s arms, hugging hem tight. ‘Okay, that’s quite enough, you’re a prince, behave like one!’ Richard now spoke with an even deeper voice. ‘Oh of course, my apologies uncle!’ Aidan said trying to keep his face all serious. That’s when Peter called my brother and Aidan to get ready for the scene. Once all the actors who were not needed on set sat down again the scene started. Bilbo opened up his door and there stood Fili and Kili, just when they tried to introduce themselves Bilbo started making these really weird faces which first made them look up in surprise and then laugh out. ‘Oh come on Martin!’ Aidan burst out in laughter ‘this isn’t fair!’ Dean now said trying to catch his breath. ‘Cut!’ Peter called out, also laughing at the funny hobbit. ‘Okay guys, let’s try again!’ he said after everyone seemed to have calmed down. Once again Bilbo opened the door, but only seeing Martin’s face made the two dwarf brothers laugh again. So it went on for quite a while, each time Martin made funny faces, or just opened his door with a grin which made the others burst out in laughter. Eventually after 15 or more times they did manage to stay serious and actually filmed the scene.

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