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In the afternoon I wasn’t feeling too well, so I talked to Peter and decided it was best if I went to get some rest in my trailer, I soon fell asleep there only to wake up hours later to the sound of someone throwing rocks against my window. ‘What the…’ I muttered swiftly getting out of bed looking out of the window to see Aidan standing there. ‘My lady, it is time for dinner!’ he spoke and raised his hand to me while bowing which made me laugh ‘Oh Kili…’ I mumbled as Aidan was still standing there in full costume acting like a real dwarf prince. ‘Are you coming, this really isn’t as comfortable as it looks’ he then suddenly said still sitting on one knee. I couldn’t help but laugh ‘I’m sorry but I’m not feeling very well, I think I better stay in bed’ I spoke. Which made Kili stand up, he quietly shook his head ‘My lady if you don’t feel well you definitely need to get something to eat!’ he said, I just shook my head in return since I really wasn’t feeling hungry. ‘yea right’ Aidan then spoke before walking away. ‘Aidan?’ I tried to call him back but he didn’t turn back around. After watching him walk away a little longer I just closed my window and went back to my little living room. I only just cuddled up in the sofa with a glass of water when the door burst open and Aidan, Lee and Orlando came in all carrying plates of food. ‘What are you guys doing?’ I asked them in confusion. ‘Make sure our Lady Hera gets to eat and gets better!’ Orlando smiled putting a plate full of pasta in front of me. ‘Oh dear I can’t refuse pasta can I?’ I muttered which made everyone laugh ‘No indeed, not even a true king does!’ Lee said before sitting himself down and devouring his pasta in no time.
While eating my pasta I didn’t say much, I couldn’t help but wonder why Aidan got me dinner and brought these two elf actors with him. Did they seriously worry about me, would Dean know they were doing this? Or did he sent them knowing I was sort of getting a bond with these men? In some way that thought made me angry, how dare he make everything so hard for me. He knew I didn’t want to make any friends, he knew I wasn’t here to socialize, and I definitely didn’t come here to care for people, for I didn’t want anyone to care for me. Still I couldn’t be angry at these men for taking care of me, I just enjoyed my pasta as much as they did and then sat back a little deeper in my sofa. ‘Here take this’ Orlando suddenly said handing me a blanket. ‘I’m not cold’ I then spoke looking awkwardly from the blanket tot Orlando and back. ‘Come one just get cosy’ he tried ‘Okay you stop acting like my dad or something’ I suddenly said. I was shocked by my own words for a moment, not because it sounded rude because I kind of meant to be a little rude as he didn’t listen to me, I was just shocked because I never talked about my mom or dad. Now here I was calling Orlando a typical dad, how could I even say that I barely knew my parents anymore, I had banned them from my mind for so long I sometimes felt like I never knew them at all, how could I know how they would have treated me. Orlando didn’t seem very shocked by my words though ‘Well you stop acting like a little drama queen, maybe I should speak to your parents little lady and tell them you’re not taking care of yourself very well’ he then answered which made me grab the blanket angrily. ‘Maybe you guys should get out’ I sizzled then which made Orlando, Lee and Aidan look up in confusion. ‘Come on Hera I was just joking around?’ Orlando tried but I stood up and opened the door ‘I don’t care I did not invite any of you, if you’re here to act like my dads just leave!’ I muttered where after Orlando came to me and tried to lay his hand on my shoulder but I flinched away from him. ‘Hera..’ he started, but I didn’t let him finish. ‘If you won’t go I’ll go myself!’ I growled before grabbing my coat and running outside. ‘Hera!’ I still heard Aidan yell behind me, but I ignored it and kept running. I had just passed by the gates of the studios when my heart started beating dangerously hard in my chest. I ignored these warning signs and kept running onto the streets towards the beach trying to find a place where I could be by myself and calm down. I crossed two streets when a sudden burning pain began spreading in my heart. The stabbing and burning feeling in my chest stopped me from running and brought me to my knees. As I sat there on my hands and knees in the middle of the streets for a few seconds all I could think of was dying. Would this be the end of me? Was it all worth it? What was I even running from? The truth?

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