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‘Hera!’ I suddenly heard a voice scream from behind me, just as I wanted to turn around I felt two strong arms being wrapped around me ‘Hera, are you alright?’ the well- known voice of Richard asked. ‘No, no I am not alright’ I said. I didn’t know why I told him I wasn’t okay, maybe because it was no use trying to hide it anymore as I obviously didn’t look okay at all. Maybe it was his kind voice that made me trust him, as he carefully took me into his arms and made me look at him I could no longer hold back my tears. Maybe seeing his worried blue eyes made me cry, maybe it was just all the sadness of the past years that came back to me, maybe a mix of both. All I knew for sure is that I cried in that moment and I didn’t even try to stop. ‘Hera?’ I heard another well-known voice call out Aidan. ‘Oh please no’ I cried out where after Richard immediately seemed to understand me and told Aidan to go back to set with the others, promising them we would come back soon. ‘Come on let’s go sit down a bit’ he said carrying me to a bench a little further down the street. We sat on the bench in silence for about 10 minutes.
‘Hera, what happened?’ he asked carefully, I sighed and barely knew where to start. I just decided to tell him about Aidan, Orlando and Lee and how they upset me. ‘You know I’m more a loner right, and I didn’t come here to make friends and socialize and stuff. I wasn’t feeling very well this afternoon so I got back to my trailer, suddenly Aidan woke me up to get lunch I didn’t feel like it, but he thought I needed to eat so he came back with a plate together with Orlando and Lee. I did eat with them and then it began, you know I was already a little mad that they came into my trailer and fed me like a child, but then Orlando tried to hand me over a blanket so I could cuddle up on the couch like a baby. I refused, saying he should stop acting like a dad. I don’t even know why I said it I don’t have a dad. Then he said I should stop being so bitchy and that he should maybe call my parents and tell them about how I didn’t take care of myself. I don’t have any parents. Not anymore, so I lost it and told them to get out. They refused and so I ran away myself. I have a bad heart and so I didn’t get far before my heart started failing and brought me to my knees, here we are now’ I told him my exact point of view on this evening. ‘It’s normal that you feel a little annoyed by these guys hanging around the whole time while you feel bad, and I get that you didn’t come here to make new friends. I just think that maybe that didn’t mean you any harm. They might just really care for you, and maybe that can be good. Although I can imagine it’s painful when they say things like they did about your parents while they’re gone. I’m so sorry to hear that. How did they pass away?’ Richard asked ‘And how do you mean your heart failed? You didn’t have a heart attack or something right? I am no doctor…’ added but I quickly shushed him. ‘No I didn’t have a heart attack, it’s just… I… Maybe we should go back so I can explain everything when Aidan, Lee and Orlando are with us. I really don’t think I can tell my story every time all over again, better get over with it at once’ I muttered which made Richard give me this worried look. ‘Okay… Are you sure you’re ready for this? If you don’t want to talk then you don’t have to’ he said but I shook my head and swallowed my tears. ‘I have to, I really feel like I have to’ I answered before standing up. Richard nodded and swiftly stood up next to me. ‘Okay, let’s go’ he said where after he carefully took my hand. For a moment I wanted to pull my hand back, but I didn’t, I just gave our hands a quick look before walking back to set with him. His hands were soft and warm, it felt strangely good to hide my little fragile hands in his. We didn’t speak anymore till we got back on set and saw Aidan, Orlando and Lee wait in front of my trailer. I took a deep breath before asking them inside, we all sat down on the couch again. Aidan swiftly sat down next to me, Richard beside him and Orlando and Lee in front of me. ‘Hera, I… I’m really sorry’ Orlando tried but I shook my head ‘No really we are sorry’ Aidan also tried but I again shook my head ‘Please don’t, just listen to me okay?’ I asked them which made them all look up at me in surprise. After they nodded and feel quiet I took another deep breath and began telling my story.

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