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The next day the dwarf actors would be filming scenes with the horses. It was my job to help the horses get ready and get them to the right dwarf owner. As I said before I was no fan of horses but I tried not to show this too much in front of the crew since I didn’t want them to think of me as a weak person or like someone that felt too good to do dirty work. When I was done brushing the horses the crew put on bodysuits with extra fur that made the horses look like cute furry ponies. It wouldn’t make much sense to see little dwarves right on big horses so they had to make the horses look like ponies. Only Gandalf’s horse didn’t get a bodysuit and just got saddled up. When they were all done I was handed over a big brown horse ‘You can go already’ they told me and so I walked to the field where everything would be filmed. There I waited, carefully running my hands through the horse’s manes and talking to him about how good the weather was today. ‘I always try to make him talk back to me, but I don’t seem to succeed’ I heard a well-known voice talk to me where after I turned around and saw Richard walk towards me in full Thorin costume. ‘So this is yours horse your majesty?’ I spoke and made a bow. Richard smiled ‘Yes it is, my lady’ he said before I handed over the reigns. The horse immediately began rubbing her head against Richard’s fur coat. ‘Well he seems to like you’ I said not knowing what else to talk about and not wanting to go. ‘Oh it’s a girl, yea she’s very fond of me!’ Richard said in a proud tone while he mounted the horse. ‘We even have a hair thing going on, you know both of us with our long wild locks’ he said shaking his hair to the back where after his horse did the exact same thing with her manes. I still wasn’t a fan of horses, but I had to admit this was a rather fun duo.
Every time between filming Richard steered his horse towards me, I had to admit it felt a bit weird knowing he was checking up on me the whole time. If Dean had been doing that I would have been furious, but with Richard it didn’t really bother me at all. I was only wondering why he suddenly spent so much time with me, was it because of my breakdown yesterday? Was he worried about my health? Did he pity me because of my sad past? Did he feel like I needed company? Did he even like spending time with me? It’s not like a was a talkative person and if I did talk it wasn’t about very interesting facts. Luckily for me Richard seemed a simple person himself and enjoyed talking to me about Tolkien and all his amazing works that we both read. He loved talking about poets like Edgar Allen Poe, Oscar Wilde, Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll and even Shakespeare. I finally found someone to discuss books and music with without hearing I’m being too much of a hopeless fanatic. ‘Hera? Would you like to come for a ride?’ Richard suddenly asked me as he walked toward me to get lunch. ‘Uh well I am not so into horse riding you know’ I carefully told him not wanting to seem like a boring or unthankful person. ‘Have you ever tried it,’ he then asked which made me shake me head ‘Then how do you know you don’t like it?’ he went on, I shrug. ‘It’s just, these horses are so tall and powerful and I am pretty sure I can’t handle them’ I told him which made him smile ‘Okay so then you ride with me’ he suggested which made me look up in surprise. ‘Wait you mean together on a horse? Like the two of us?’ I asked. He nodded ‘Uh, but, what will Dean say of it?’ I muttered looking for a cheap excuse even though I knew I was being ridiculous, Richard knew it too. ‘Oh come on since when do you care? C’mon you need to try!’ he said and reached out to me. ‘Please?’ he said with this beautiful smile of his while I looked up from his hand to his horse and back to his face ‘Oh well, why not, but if you make me fall and let me die I will haunt you…’ I started talking but Richard laughed it away. ‘You won’t fall and you won’t die’ he promised before I took his hand and he pulled me behind him on the horse. I had never been afraid of heights so that wasn’t a problem now either. The only thing that did scare me was when the horse starting walking and I had no idea where to put my hands to get a good grip. ‘Hold me around my middle’ Richard suddenly suggested, for a moment I looked around to see if people were watching us. What would they think? I didn’t get much time to think about it myself since the horse gained some speed and I didn’t really fancy falling off so I quickly wrapped my arms around Richard. ‘Now hold on tight my lady’ he suddenly spoke, I didn’t get time to ask why or his horse went over to a smooth galop. ‘Wow’ was all I brought out while holding on tight to Richard as he ordered me too. In meantime I looked around over the rolling hills, we were running up the hill which made the view better with every step the horse took. Once we reached the top Richard halted his horse ‘So?’ he asked ‘How do you like it now?’ he added ‘The view or the horse?’ I asked as if I didn’t know what he was talking about. ‘The ride’ he answered with a cheeky smile ‘It was alright, feels a bit like I’m defying gravity’ I told him, he nodded ‘Exactly, now that’s cool right?’ he answered ‘yea well it’s cool when you’re holding the reigns and controlling the horse, I wouldn’t actually risk it myself’ I said. Richard laughed once more before urging his horse down the hill again. ‘Trust me, these horses are well trained they would never put you in danger on purpose’ he assured me, yet I wasn’t planning on going for a ride myself.
Once we came back we put the horse back in the stables together and relieved him from his reigns, saddle and fur suit. ‘See you later’ I told the horse as Richard gave him an apple. After this we both went back to set to get lunch. The other actors already got there and some of them of course had to welcome us back with these cheeky smiles on their faces as I had already feared. Luckily Dean didn’t seem to bother and just waved at me when he saw me signing that he saved a place at the table for me which I gladly accepted as I didn’t feel like sitting with Graham, Jed, Peter and James who looked at me as if they were going to eat me alive with their questioning looks.

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