Foto bij 18.

Ever since then Richard and I spent a lot of time together. He’d come to my trailer in the evening and watch movies with me or just stay with me while we both read a book. We’d go to the beach together if we weren’t at work, or we simply searched for a quiet spot on set and talked about everything that came to our minds. From the moment we were accompanied by the others we just acted as if there was nothing special going on, but deep down we both knew we were getting closer to each other every day. Of course people started to make up stories about us, Aidan and Orlando had been keeping a close eye on me since I told them my story. Lee on the other hand just seemed to be an even bigger drama queen than ever, as if he thought that acting like his dramatic character would distract me from my own misery. I was just eating a nice burger with fries with some of the dwarf actors when Lee, Orlando and Evangeline came in. As they passed by Lee suddenly started to make another scene ‘Oh no, please don’t tell me it’s burgers today? What is a poor elf lord like me supposed to eat now? I am king! My dear what do you think of this, I should probably just go find a salad, oh I’ll starve!’ he spoke in a dramatic tone which of course made me laugh ‘Oh of course my king, you cannot eat this shitty and fat food, just give your burger to me and I’ll gladly get you some grass!’ I answered playing along in his game ‘Oh thank you my humble servant, I knew you’d understand! Wait grass, well excuse me? That’s not exactly a kingly dinner!’ he then spoke giving me a shocked look. I saw both Orlando and Evangeline burst out into laughter and even Richard, Dean and Aidan seemed to be laughing at our conversation in the back of the cafeteria. ‘You think it’s funny?’ Lee asked when he saw the cheeky smile on my face ‘Well kind of’ I replied ‘Oh dear! Hera I hereby release you from your service!’ Lee then said before going to the buffet and getting himself a burger and fries sending me a wink as he walked over to another table. After this it was time for another fighting training for the dwarves this time Aidan and James could convince me to come along. For some reason I did feel like fighting them, Aidan had been testing my patient a little bit too much lately, this was my chance to show him that he should not play with me. The trainer himself didn’t mind that I trained with them at all. He even explained some techniques to me so that I at could at least defend myself against these well-trained dwarf actors. After training with the trainer himself for a while it was time to face one of the actors, as everyone picked a parent I immediately walked over to Aidan. ‘Are you sure you’re ready for this, I don’t want to scare you but I’m kind of the professional in here’ Aidan spoke which made me laugh ‘You’re the archer in the movie, don’t try to fool me Kili’ I laughed swiftly poking him with my sword which made him give me a surprised look where after we got in position. ‘Ready? GO!’ the trainer yelled which made everyone go over to action. Aidan seemed to hold back a little in the beginning but he soon noticed I wasn’t just going to let him win so he quickened his pace and tried to distract me. Whatever he tried did not work on me and I stayed focused on my goal, winning from this cheeky dwarf. When I started seeing a pattern in his movements reaching my goal wasn’t hard at all anymore with a simple distraction Aidan lost his attention to my sword which gave me the time to hit him right in his back which made him fall forward. When he turned around I could not help but laugh out loud by seeing the shocked look in his eyes, he even seemed to be ashamed since he stood up and didn’t even try to attack me again and made no more jokes. When I looked around I saw Dean and Graham were still fighting, Richard just attacked Mark from behind. Mark was a lot shorter and also a little older seemed to be caught by surprise and lost the fight in only a minute. After this Richard didn’t seem to have no one to fight to so I swiftly ran towards him and swung my sword against him. At first he seemed surprised to see me and wasn’t sure if he should fight back or not, eventually he did defend himself and dared to fight back a little. When Graham had beaten Dean Richard and I were the only ones still fighting. Everyone soon stood in a circle around us ‘Go Hera!’ ‘Go Richard!’ we heard people screaming. It probably took us about five minutes before Richard finally found a way to disarm me, I had to admit he was a natural talent, his quick and controlled movements made it impossible for me to beat him. Yet the trainer seemed quite impressed by my talents as well. After Richard had disarmed me and carefully took my hand to help me back up from my knees the trainer had joined us and complimented the both of us on our great fight. After that the dwarves trained a little more while I sat aside. I wasn’t really tired yet, but after the fight with Richard I could feel my heart beat dangerously fast, the biggest problem? I had no idea whether the fight was the actual cause or whether Richard was the person who made my heart beat so fast. He was a very beautiful man after all. Tall, beautiful dark hair, bright blue eyes, a wonderful full beard, who’s heart would not beat quicker for such a man?

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