Foto bij XII.


Summer time is supposed to be fun.
The time to relax.
The time to have no worries.
The time to get tanned.
The time to have fun.
The time to make new friends.
The time to have fun.
The time to love.
The time to meet new people.
The time to make love.
The time to forgive and forget.
Booze should be flowing.
Evening should be never ending.
Clothes should be more on the floor than on your body.
Memories should be made.
It does not work.
I cannot.
Summer did not feel like summer.
Winter will not feel like winter.
I will worry.
I can not relax.
I can not forgive or forget.
I can not have fun.
I can not...
I simply can not forget our summer.
I simply can not forget our last winter.
I can still taste you on my tongue.
I can still feel you around my body.
I can still feel your lips in my neck.
I can not let go.
I do not want to let go.
Please still love me.
I still love you.

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