Tears were flowing down her cheeks. Her body was shaking, unknowingly if it was because of the cold autumn breezes or her sadness. As she looked up at the sky, her sight became blurry because of her tears. As far as she could notice, she felt the rain stabbing into her skin, joining the tears to wet her cheeks too. She couldn’t look at the trees anymore or should risk getting blinded by the sharp raindrops. As she rested her head on a log, she closed her eyes. She waited but didn’t know what for. Her heart felt like it was about to explode at any given point. The rain didn’t felt remorseful over her and decided to soak her up. Almost numbing her.

“Hey!” A cold hand grabbed her shoulder. The nails of the hand almost penetrated the girl’s shoulder. She quickly opened up her eyes and saw a pale woman standing right in front of her. She couldn’t really notice her facial features because of the rain. Before even processing the odd event, the woman lifted her up as a feather and would let the girl’s arm rest on her shoulder. The girl couldn’t properly think about the situation and decided to let the woman do what she desired to do with her. She didn’t cared after all.

“Wake up!” She heard the same voice yell again. Her eyes opened up and she suddenly didn’t felt cold anymore. She found herself on an old brown couch with nothing but a blanket covering her. In front of her was a fireplace actively warming her up.

“I bet you’re hungry, stranger. The apple pie is cooling down and the tea is just ready. Get up before I’ll pour it all over you.” The woman’s voice sounded so familiar. Familiar enough to trust it. The girl stood up while covering her body with the given blanket. She walked towards the kitchen were the familiar voice came from. She noticed how quiet it suddenly became. She could only hear the crackling fire from the fireplace and the remorseless rain from outside. As soon as she walked, the wood underneath her feet started to creak softly too. She looked around and felt cozy and warm while looking around the living room. A cinnamon smell filled her nose when she entered the kitchen.

“Good you’re finally here. Take a seat!” The woman turned around. She looked right in the girl’s eyes and smiled. Her beauty covered the awkward atmosphere. The girl walked slowly to the table who was decorated with all sorts of treats. By chance, her favorite treats. She sat down and waited for the woman to come sit along with her. She didn’t knew why but the situation felt pleasant and trustworthy. The woman filled the girl her cup with a rosy fluid.

“Is this...”
“Rose petal? Yes it is indeed!” The woman interrupted her and also filled her cup. The girl observed the woman. She didn’t knew why but the woman seemed so familiar. Her sleek long black hair was tucked behind her ears, making her big grey eyes visible. The only color that remained were her soft red lips. She finally sat down and started to cut a slice out of the apple pie.

“I’m sorry to be rude but can you please tell me your name again? You seem so familiar.” The girl asked. The woman looked up and grinned.
“Heather.” She replied and placed the apple pie slice on the girl’s plate. A small bell started to ring.

“Heather how?” She asked while grabbing 2 sugar cubes. The woman now just smiled at the pie while cutting a slice out for herself.
“Bronk.” She replied calmly. An uncomfortable silence filled the room by now but got interrupted by a heavy thunderstorm. The name became also familiar. She started to connect the dots but couldn’t find any possible answer. She couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that it all seemed unnatural and weird. As she was thinking, she wanted to take a bite out of her apple pie but almost burned her tongue from it. The steam came out of the slice.

“Heather... would you mind if i could get my clothes back?” The girl asked while looking a bit around. Heather giggled a bit.
“Sure, I’ve let them dry right next to the fireplace. They must be dry by now.” Without saying a word, the girl got up and went back to the fireplace, finding a dried light blue dress with knee high white socks. She didn’t remembered wearing those clothes. Without saying anything further, she took the clothes off the chair and started putting them on. She didn’t knew why but she liked the style. The soft blue color and the white socks made her feel comfortable.

“I’m sorry for stripping you naked like that but you probably would’ve gotten sick if I would’ve leave you with your wet clothes on.” Heather was leaning against a wall where the fireplace didn’t reach. The girl quickly turned towards Heather.

“Okay not to be rude or anything but do I know you from somewhere?” The girl asked a bit afraid now. The pleasant and trustworthy feeling started to became less and less while Heather walked towards her. She stopped right in front of her and smiled.

“I’m you.” She whispered. Before she could let the girl talk, she made her face towards a massive mirror while holding her face. The girl saw the similarities. As she had blonde thick hair with big brown eyes and a suntan skin, Heather was the complete opposite. The only thing they had in common were the soft red lips. The girl tried to get away from Heather but as soon as she did that, the background started to fade away.

“LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO YOU. WILL YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN?” Heather screamed at the girl while holding her back. She made her force to look in the mirror again.
“ALL THE PAIN AND SUFFERING. ALL THAT FOR NOTHING.” The background became an illusion and the rain came again, making both girls fall into the mud. Heather lost her grip over the girl who managed to escape her.
“DON’T FALL FOR IT HANNA. COME BACK, DUMB WHORE.” Heather got up quickly and started to run after Hanna. Hanna ran while trying not to trip over the tree logs. The rain made it harder for her to see causing her to trip over a rock. Suddenly she remembered everything. But it was too late. She landed on a pit trap, making her fall into a deep hole filled with dirty mud water. She tried to get out of the pit, but couldn’t. It was too slippery and she could in no way get out of it without the help of someone. It didn’t even have to be someone who she knew, as long as it was someone who could help her out. Now that she was all alone, it would be impossible for someone to save her. She was on her own now and couldn’t even help herself. She didn’t listened and got herself into the familiar situation again. Heartbroken. She remembered... she was heartbroken.

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