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It was early in the morning while I was watching the sunset with Lee, Orlando and Evangeline. ‘How lucky were are to live such lives’ Evangeline spoke as she took a sip from her coffee while looking around her to see the crew get everything in position, actors walking around getting ready to shoot some more scenes and the sun slowly rising over the hills. I smiled at her and nodded ‘you sure are right there’ I said looking at Orlando who had already lived on this set during the filming of Lord Of The Rings ‘Filming here is probably every actors dream’ Orlando confirmed our thoughts ‘It’s no more than we deserve’ Lee suddenly spoke, at first we all looked up to him in surprise until we saw the typical kingly look on his face which made us all laugh. ‘Oh of course our dearest king!’ Eva and I swiftly answered him while Orlando shook his head ‘it’s just a little sad your ego is so big it takes away our lovely sunshine!’ he suddenly said which made us all look up in a state of shock ‘Awh that burns!’ Lee then said falling out of his role which made me high five Orlando ‘Nice one!’
After we finished our breakfast we stood up and walked towards the make up department, there Richard just walked out ‘Oh hi there Lady Hera’ he spoke with his typical morning husky voice ‘My king’ I said with a smile where after we both made a swift bow before I went inside with Orlando, Lee and Evangeline right behind me. ‘Well, well is that why you mock me lady? Because you are falling for that dwarf king?’ Lee asked from right behind me. This question caught me by surprise and even made me blush ‘What are you talking about?’ I tried to sound surprised, but even Orlando and Evangeline had such cheeky smiles on their faces I could not help but feel busted. ‘Don’t start blushing there!’ Evangeline laughed carefully poking me ‘Oh shut up guys’ I muttered then quickening my pace which made their smiles grow even wider. Once they were all in the make-up chairs I decided to go check on Andy and Peter and see where I could be of help for today.
Soon I was back at work using my camera to film the behind the scenes, at this moment we were filming the scenes in Rivendell. I already met Hugo Weaving the brilliant actor who had played the role of Elrond before in the Lord of the Rings, as I had guessed he was just as friendly and down to earth as Sir Ian McKellen had been. Just like with Sir Ian McKellen I kind of felt like such an unknown little girl compared to him, the way he spoke about life, movies, and so on. The way I heard Peter Jackson, Sir Ian McKellen and Hugo speak about Tolkien’s books made me realize I still had so much to learn and think about.
That evening I was having dinner with my brother, Aidan, James and Mark. It had been a long day so I wasn’t planning on staying up too long until Orlando came up with the idea to go watch the sunset on the beach and go skinny dipping since the days were getting shorter and soon winter would be upon us. A lot of the actors agreed on enjoying this warm summer day for the last time and so soon after dinner a whole group left to the beach including me and Richard. I was walking in between Aidan and Dean while talking about Ireland ‘Green hills, green fields, even green water, everything’s green back in Ireland, I am pretty sure it’s like the one place that makes Great Brittain a little more attractive’ Aidan spoke which made Dean laugh and shake his head ‘Oh boy, keep on dreaming there, London is the one and only hotspot in Great Brittain, I’m pretty sure the president of the United States doesn’t even know where to find Ireland’ Dean spoke. He had studied in London a while and he loved that city. Still I would rather enjoy the peaceful green hills of Ireland instead of a busy city like London. Aidan apparently agreed with me ‘Oh you’re just one of these touristy fucks, you know nothing! You’re like Jon Snow!’ he laughed at Dean which made me laugh as well. ‘I would actually like to visit that beautiful Ireland you keep talking about’ I said which made Aidan wrap his arm around me ‘See, See Dean you can learn from your little sister!’ he chirped ‘Dear I will gladly take you to Ireland!’ Aidan added which brought a huge smile to my face ‘Will you? Like after we’re done shooting these movies can I come? Can you show me around a bit?’ I immediately asked ‘With pleasure!’ Aidan Answered which made Dean sigh. I would have been mad at him for it if I hadn’t been so excited about traveling again. I had to admit I always dreamed of seeing more of the world, after that horrible last trip with my parents I gave up on that dream, but this could be my chance to make it com true after all! ‘In case you’re interested in a roadtrip around Great Brittain you can always come to England afterwards and I’ll gladly drive around all of England, Wales and Scotland at once!’ Richard suddenly said from behind us. If my smile could get any wider it definitely did in that moment ‘Yes please, I would be honoured to go on a road trip with a dwarf king!’ I said with big shiny eyes which made Richard give me his most beautiful smile ‘Well that’s settled, looks like you’re getting a busy life after we’re done here’ he laughed ‘It can’t get busy enough!’ I spoke which made Dean cough. ‘Yea well let’s not make too much plans at once, we’ll still be here for a while!’ he said which made me sigh. ‘Yea yea, just let us dream. Dreaming never killed nobody’ I mumbled luckily the others had no idea what I was talking about. Dean did and it luckily did make him shut up. ‘I will gladly make your dreams come true!’ Richard spoke which made me make a swift bow ‘Thank you my lord’ I smiled before he went back to Graham and I turned around to Aidan to see him look at me with his mouth wide open ‘oh is that how you treat a prince hhhmmmm? You feel to good to bow for me yesh?’ he began which made me laugh and wrap my arms around him ‘Oh shut up you little fool!’ I said trying to draw the attention away from the way I acted around Richard.

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