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Once we got to the beach we first sat down made a bonfire and ate some marshmallows. Dean and Aidan soon started acting like little kids again throwing marshmallows at each other trying to grab them with their mouth and then swallowing them whole. Graham and Richard sat down on their towels and talked about the filming. Lee, Orlando and Evangeline soon joined them. I decided to go sit with Martin Freeman, Sir Ian Mckellen and the amazing Manu Bennett. As I sat down next to him I realised how little I spoke to him since I arrived on set. He was kind of busy as well, he had a very strict training schedule, was learning a whole new language, had to get private sword fighting training and so the list went on, the only times I had seen him on set was during the lunch or in the dressing room. ‘Well hello there glad there’s at least one kiwi joining me here’ he smiled at me which immediately broke the ice and made us talk about our beloved country New Zealand. Soon we had to explain some of our typical New Zealand habbits to new guys like Martin Freeman. It was funny to see how he barely even heard of the natives of this country, the Maori. This once again made me realise why I loved my country so much, I belonged here. New Zealand was a nice hidden country, far away from the rest of this world. Every town had his own inhabitants with their own ways of serving the community. Everyone knew each other and we all respected the beautiful nature in this land. New Zealand seemed like wallflower, and so was I, yet I did dream of seeing the rest of the world. How else could I know for sure that New Zealand is where I’m supposed to be. As the conversations went on the sun was soon setting. For about five minutes I just sat in silence enjoying the last bit of sunshine on my face, listening to the waves hitting the shore and the seagulls fighting over a piece of food in the distance. ‘So which of you are pussy’s and which of you are real man?’ Orlando suddenly said and stood up, Lee started laughing while most of us looked up at Orlando in surprise ‘Time to go skinny dipping!’ Orlando then yelled. Soon Graham, Lee, Manu, Dean and Aidan stood up and started undressing while others just laughed at them. As I looked around I saw Richard looking at me, he was sitting on his towel all alone so I decided to go join him while Martin and Ian were laughing at Manu for actually going in to the cold water. ‘Aren’t you going in there?’ I asked with a cheeky smile as I sat down next to Richard. ‘Well I don’t think it’s very kingly to go into that cold water with those elvish peasants’ he spoke which made me laugh ‘Oh c’mon are you afraid my king? Even the elf king dares to go in’ I spoke. ‘What the actual fuck it’s so cold here’ I suddenly heard Lee screaming from behind me as he ran out of the water to get his towel ‘Okay maybe you are a real pussy king, just like the elf king!’ I then spoke ‘So if I’m a pussy king, are you a pussy princess Hera?’ Richard then asked with the same cheeky smile. ‘Like why aren’t you going into the water? ‘Richard then asked which made me laugh ‘Oh c’mon I am a girl, I don’t have my bikini with me, and I don’t know I shouldn’t get sick who else is going to film the video blog?’ I spoke which made Richard laugh ‘Excuses lady’ he said. ‘Wait what?’ I answered ‘You know what I’ll cover you with my towel as you take off your clothes and then we just get in that water together’ Richard suddenly said and stood up already reaching his hand out for me to join. ‘Uh’ I muttered looking around a little shy. I couldn’t see the people in the water, I could barely see Martin and Ian sitting a bit further away, all I saw was Evangeline’s encouraging look and then Richards kind face. ‘Oh well!’ I said grabbing his hand and standing up. As I was taking off my clothes I realised how much Dean would hate me doing this and it of course encouraged me even more. ‘Ready’ I spoke as I was completely undressed, so Richard took off his clothes as well. For a moment I was standing there a little awkward holding up his towel in front of me until he was undressed. ‘Ready’ he spoke and reached his hand out to me once more ‘Will you safe me if I freeze or something?’ I asked him a little scared. Richard carefully took a step closer ‘Always’ he whispered in my ear. That was all I needed to hear, I grabbed his hand and started pulling him towards the water ‘Don’t let go okay!’ he warned me before we both ran in, yelling and jumping up and down trying to defeat the cold water closing in on us. Soon we saw Orlando coming closer ‘Yes you guys made it!’ he started cheering before pulling us a little deeper ‘You ok?’ I heard Richard carefully ask me. I had to admit I was cold and I could feel my heart once more beating angrily in my chest not agreeing with the risks I was taking but I ignored it and nodded ‘I’m great!’ I told him going a little deeper as well. Slowly I seemed to forget about the cold, I made my peace with it and even enjoyed it. For a moment at least until Dean and Aidan came swimming towards us and Dean told me to get out of the water. ‘It’s okay Dean, I’m feeling perfectly fine!’ I said. ‘Just leave me be for once?’ I asked him a little nicer and for some reason he listened and did just let me swim freely. When my body had gotten used to the lower temperature, my heart stopped fighting the cold and my head was no longer telling me to get out, everything went still and peaceful. At the moment Orlando started splashing water at me, ‘don’t go drifting off lady he laughed which made me splash water back at him until we started one big splashing fight. I hadn’t had this much fun in such a long time, I almost felt like a little kid again. We stayed in the water for about another five minutes before we had to get out if we didn’t want our toes freezing off. ‘Wait a moment I’ll get my towel’ Richard softly said before he ran out of the water and came back holding up his towel for me. ‘Thank you so much’ I stuttered not used to being treated like an actual princess. ‘My Lady’ Richard just smiled and wrapped the towel tightly around my shoulders before taking me back towards the others quickly putting on clothes himself and getting warm by the fire. ‘Am I still a pussy now?’ I laughed while sitting down next to him and Manu ‘Who said you’re a pussy?’ Manu asked ‘This dwarf king over here!’ I spoke which made Richard blush ‘Ha don’t listen to him! Stinky and stubborn dwarves’ Manu growled in a deep voice which made me laugh ‘Hey I didn’t mean it like that, I must say I underestimated you’ Richard quickly admitted which made me smile ‘You’d make a great orc lady!’ Manu then suddenly said which made both Richard and me look at him in disgust ‘Okay no thanks, that was a little too much’ I quickly spoke sitting a little closer to Richard. Soon I felt myself warming up and once again I wasn’t sure if I was getting warmer because of Richard sitting next to me or because of the bonfire in front of me. All I new something changed this night, I just couldn’t look at Richard the same way anymore.

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