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As the days passed by it got harder and harder to hide my feelings for Richard, day by day people began commenting on the way we behaved, they watched us with cheeky smiles or joked about how I didn’t treat them as equals and preferred the dwarf king. It was inevitable to hide everything from Dean and so soon even my brother started watching us and began questioning us. One evening I was on my way to Richards trailer when I heard my brother’s voice coming from inside. ‘I am serious Richard, leave her be’ Dean said ‘You cannot make me ignore her, she won’t understand!’ Richard suddenly said while I carefully walked towards the window where I could her them best. ‘She does not need to understand, you just need to stay away! Just do as I say, you know I care about you. I’m only doing this for your own good. She will come to realize it was just a foolish idea in her head that brought her closer to you’ Dean spoke. I immediately knew what he was talking about, the moment had come for him to act as if he had to be my one and only protector. At first he wanted me to start living again, and as soon as he saw me come back to live he apparently felt like I was living a little too much. ‘Dean our bond is nothing foolish, we get along well, we care for each other’ Richard tried to explain but Dean blocked him off ‘Trust me you know nothing, Hera is not the open and caring person she seems to be. She may like you very much, and I am sure you like her, but you will get hurt, both of you will and I cannot let that happen’ Dean said ‘I think I know more about Hera then you think, I know about her past Dean, I know it won’t be easy if that’s what you mean. Hasn’t she been through enough already can’t you just let her live her life? I promise you I will not hurt her!’ Richard then said and raised his voice a little which surprised me since I never heard him speak in a harder voice unless it was for his role ‘I know she told a few people of her past, and I am not afraid that you will hurt her, she will be the one hurting you! She’s dying Richard, she’ll die long before she can even reach your age!’ Dean suddenly shouted which made me storm inside the trailer ‘How could you?’ I yelled kind of in a trance of anger, disappointment and sadness all at once. Both Dean and Richard seemed surprised to see me running in, but I didn’t care about that. I pushed Dean against the wall in one swift movement ‘You better get out of here and never speak of this again, you know nothing! You don’t know if I’ll die or when I’ll die! You’re a liar!’ I began shouting while my heart was beating painfully hard in my chest. I ignored the stabbing pain and pushed Dean towards the door ‘Hera…’ he tried, but I refused to listen ‘OUT!’ I yelled which made Dean take a step back towards the door. Just when I had to let go a hard stabbing pain in my chest took me by surprise and brought me to my knees. ‘Hera!’ I immediately heard both my brother and Richard yell. Richard was the first one to wrap his arms around me ‘Hera, are you okay?’ He asked, his warm voice made me take a deep breath. I nodded ‘I’m okay’ I said where after Richard carefully helped me up and made me sit down on his couch ‘I think you should go’ he now said to Dean who was still standing in the doorway, he looked worried and scared at the same time. This time he didn’t argue and quickly left the trailer leaving me with Richard. Richard sat down next to me but said nothing, minutes passed by while the stabbing pain in my chest faded I felt my head getting dizzy. Now that I was sitting down breathing in and out slowly I began to realize what just happened. Suddenly fear crept in like an old friend, I had no idea what to do or say at the moment and it scared me to see Richard sitting there watching the ground without saying anything. We didn’t always speak much, but I knew what he was thinking about at the moment and I would rather have him yell at me. ‘Please say something’ I softly said after five long minutes ‘I don’t know what to say Hera’ Richard softly answered then looking up at me with tears in his eyes. I almost choked on my own breath seeing him like this ‘Richard please’ I mumbled trying to hold back the tears myself. ‘Is it true? Are you going to die Hera?’ he then asked with a shaky voice. I shrug ‘I don’t know, yes I will die, but it isn’t clear when’ I said which made Richard shake his head in confusion ‘How do you mean?’ he asked. ‘The doctors saved my life back when I was eleven years old, my wounds kind of healed, but the damage on the inside could not be undone. My heart is failing me as you noticed before. One day it will fail and stop beating for good. But doctors cannot exactly say when. When I was a child they thought there was still a chance to get better, but as the years passed by they realized the damage had been too bad.’ I explained, a soft sob left Richards mouth ‘I’m so sorry I know I should have told you, but I’m just scared and…’ I began, but I shut my mouth as I didn’t know what more to say. Richard had been such a great friend, he supported me, cared for me and I kept the truth from him. I decided it was best for me to leave the trailer and let him have some time for himself. After giving him a swift hug I walked back to my trailer and went straight to bed not wanting to think about this evening any longer.

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