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The following day Richard seemed to avoid me, when I entered the cafeteria in the morning he left, when I was filming the behind the scenes for Peter he suddenly disappeared or sat in a corner re-reading his lines. The others didn’t seem to notice the tension between us and so I tried to act as normal as possible. I hang out with Aidan a lot, helped him practice his lines, had a contest of who could fit the most marshmellow’s in his mouth during lunchtime. I just tried to keep myself as busy as possible, the less time I had to think about Richard the better. That evening was one of the hardest evenings I had in years, apart from the evenings of my birthday I had spent alone. I just sat in a corner of my trailer thinking about how stupid I was to think I could just enjoy my time with Richard, how selfish I had been to believe I could just get close to him without even letting him know the entire truth about myself. Once again I was left alone and I couldn’t blame anyone except myself. At first I blamed Dean, if I were younger I wouldn’t even think about blaming myself and I’d just be angry at my brother for revealing the truth. But I had grown up, and I had become a wiser person, so sadly I knew there was no one to blame but myself.
A week passed by and still nothing changed, Richard was still avoiding me, I tried to keep myself busy, but every evening I was pacing down my trailer, or just sitting in a corner thinking about a way to make things right. Other’s began to realize something was wrong, yet no one dared to ask me about it. They just stopped making jokes about it or gave me worried looks as Richard just walked passed me without even looking at me. I just pretended I didn’t notice their looks and I ignored the lack of jokes.
After two weeks of barely seeing or hearing Richard I decided I had enough of the sleepless nights and I went to his trailer, I knocked on his door hoping I could at least speak to him one more time about what happened. I knocked one time, once more when he didn’t open up after two minutes and one last time another two minutes later. No one opened the door and I did not have the courage to just go inside myself so feeling even worse than before I walked back to my own trailer for another sleepless night. The next morning I woke up before sunset so I decided to go for a walk, I just walked around, not knowing where I was going. When I arrived at the beach I took off my shoes and sat down listening to the waves crashing ashore. I had no idea how long I had been sitting there, I almost thought I had fallen asleep until I heard a very well-known voice coming from behind me. ‘So you couldn’t sleep either my lady?’ the voice asked. ‘Richard?’ I asked while turning around looking to the tall handsome man walking towards me. ‘Hello Hera’ he spoke ‘May I join you?’ he carefully asked, I could only nod. He sat beside me in silence for at least five minutes, even when I had thought it would be awkward to have him sitting with me, I had to admit it didn’t. On the contrary I felt so much better than I did the past few weeks, even just his presence could brighten up my day. I said nothing, I didn’t want to scare him off, I didn’t even know how to start a conversation. I wanted to tell him how much I missed him, how sad I felt the past few weeks, how lonely the nights had been, but I said nothing. After more then five minutes Richard suddenly started talking himself which didn’t happen often so I was kind of taken by surprise when he spoke to me. ‘I am sorry for ignoring you the past weeks’ he said, I couldn’t answer. ‘I…’ I began not wanting him to think I was angry, but I didn’t even know how I felt anymore as I sat there trying to find the right words to describe my feelings. ‘I would get it if you’re angry with me’ Richard suddenly added which made me shake my head ‘NO! No, that’s not it, I am not angry I definitely understand why you ignored me. That may be the hardest part actually, I know why you did it and you’re right to do so’ I spoke. Now Richard didn’t seem to know what to say so I saw this as my chance. ‘I just need you to know that I missed you, I felt so sad and lonely the whole time, even though I tried not to show it. Know that I am really sorry for hiding the truth or even lying to you! I never felt so wrong in all my life’ I spoke which made Richard smile and grab my hand. ‘Don’t be sorry Hera, I understand, and I shouldn’t expect you to talk about such things so easily. I hope you believe me when I say I missed you too, so very much!’ Richard said, I couldn’t help but start blushing. ‘Do you still want me as your dwarf king and set companion after what I ‘ve done?’ he asked which made me force myself to look very serious at him, almost as if I was judging him. After a few seconds I just couldn’t hold up the act anymore and burst out into laughter, seeing his scared and innocent face was already enough for me to forgive him and forget about everything that happened. ‘Of course you can be my dwarf king and companion again! I would love that!’ I spoke before wrapping my arms around him which made him pull me in his strong and safe arms as well. Once again I felt almost complete.

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