Zie onderin voor een nawoord.

‘Father? Why did you summon me?’ A boy stood in a doorpost, his eyes down, hair tied back into a tight ponytail. His pale face, filled with freckles, was even whiter than it normally was.

A figure with broad shoulders and a black mask covering the left half of his face had seated himself on a high chair in the back of the room, arms seated on the handrails. He looked relaxed, the visible side of his face was pulled in a slight smile.

‘Come in, son,’ he said to the boy, who cautiously made his way to his father. As he looked up, he was greeted with the man’s slit, yellow eyes. ‘You want to girl to run free, don’t you?’ the masked person asked, and quickly, the boy nodded.

‘Yes, I do want that, Father,’ he whispered, shifting his gaze to look at the ground again. He heard a chuckle coming from his father, but couldn’t bring up the confidence to look him in the eye again.

‘I’ll do it.’

The boy’s eyes widened, and he felt tears welling up in their corners. He had to clench his nails into his fists to keep them from rolling down his cheeks. ‘Thank you, Father,’ he said, straightening his back with a slight roll of his shoulders. ‘I truly appreciate it.’

The man smiled again. ‘I’ll do it, for a price.’

All the hope the boy had, left his body once his father said that. He had heard of the “prices” the man had put down for others, and all of them were as gruesome as could be.

But he had to be brave, he knew that. He sucked in some air, breathed it out, and looked up. ‘I’ll pay whatever price I have to pay, Father,’ he said, trying to slip through the confidence he had seen with other, much stronger people. ‘If you promise me you’ll let Mallie go, I’ll do anything.’

The man’s eyes hardened, and the boy felt his legs tremble at the sight of his abnormal, frightening eyes. He gulped, and asked his father: ‘So, what do you want me to do?’

‘I want you to leave, son,’ the man said, leaning forward in his chair to look his son in the eyes. The disappointment, lack of love, and his absolute control over the boy’s life leaked into the air around them with every word he said, and the boy had to gather all his confidence to keep standing where he stood.

‘I want you to go the island of the Silver Rose, and rip them apart.’ The man stood up, and grabbed his son’s shoulders with his gloved hands. His fingers pried into the boy’s fragile shoulders, and his brave façade fell.

The boy’s lip started trembling, his body shook in fear, and his wide eyes could do nothing but stare at the terrifying figure in front of him. He needed to remind him what he came for; he needed to do this, for her.

‘Take out the General, destroy his descendants. Sneak in as a student, get their trust; then, you’ll strike and leave nothing to heal.’ The man’s mouth was pulled in Cheshire-like grin, and the boy had the feeling his heart could stop any minute.

‘I want their heads on my wall,’ the man said, lowering his voice as he stared at his son. ‘I need every single one of their heads on my wall – they have to pay for what they did to my father and mother, son. And once they have done that, the girl will go free. Do you understand?’

The boy rapidly nodded, his whole body trembling. His father smiled, and aggressively pushed the boy away. ‘You have three years,’ he continued, ‘if you haven’t completed your task by then, I’ll consider you a traitor and do the job myself. The girl will be killed, and your head will hang on my wall as well. Understood, son?’

This was it. The price.

He could say no, and continue this miserable life with his father.

He could agree, and live.

He could agree, and have a chance to save himself and Mallie.

And so, he nodded, sealing the agreement which could break him free, or put him in more danger he had ever been in.

The man grinned, and with that, the boy’s fate was sealed.


Hi, it's artinandwritin, a.k.a. Manon, a.k.a. FantasyFreaks!

Zoals je kan zien heb ik mijn username eindelijk veranderd en mijn profiel opgeruimd! Twee jaar is een lange tijd, maar ik kan je verzekeren, het wordt het waard. Importance is een groot project van me, waar ik mijn dertienjarige zelf waarschijnlijk veel plezier mee ga doen. Echt, heel veel plezier. Ik kan me herinneren dat ik nooit helemaal tevreden was met hoofdstukken, niet snel genoeg schreef, of dingen te snel afrondde.
Ik weet nu hoe ik dit beter kan doen, hoe ik verhalen moet editen, en dat het niet heel veel boeit met hoe snel ik het upload, er zijn altijd wel mensen die het zouden willen lezen en het leuk vinden dat ik ze iets geef om te lezen.
Dus, ja; dit gaat zeker iets worden waar ik mijn hart en ziel in ga steken, ook al ben ik niet de allergrootste fan van het origineel meer.
See ya wanneer ik weer upload!

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