Foto bij 33 - My heart is open

Je wacht totdat Sophia naar huis is en pakt je telefoon er weer bij. Je hebt besloten om het te doen. Bill is niet hier, hij kan je niet in je gezicht uitlachen en als hij er iets vervelends over zegt, dan weet je genoeg. Of dan geef je de wijn de schuld.
Maud: Maud was one of the lucky few who got to meet her idol. It happened a bit late, obviously - she had not listened to any of his music in like 10 years, but it was her turn now: she was about to meet Bill Kaulitz. She was not as nervous as she had expected to be, but maybe that's because she wasn't a big fan of the band anymore. Either way, she did consider herself lucky, being able to face the person she had been crushing on from age 11 to 14/15. She had been so excited to just meet him, she never considered what happened next... It started when he asked her to go for a drink after the meet and greet and gave her his phonenumber. She was reluctant to act on it, but part of her (and her mom and her best friend) told her this was a once in a lifetime oppertunity and she simply had to do it. They ended up going somewhere where they could dance, because all she wanted to do was tanzen. They said goodbye that night and neither of them had the courage to contact the other for a while. In the meantime, Maud broke up with her boyfriend and had to try and pull herself together. Then, one day, when she felt like she was actually starting to heal, she received a message from Bill.
The two of them became friends. Not like penpals, but actual friends. Bill came to visit her after the tour finished and they had a lot of fun over the weeks he stayed there. They went out for dinner, they went to a couple of parties, they spent nights out on the balcony and watched the sunrise.
Yet it was not a bed of roses. Maud had just broken up with her (now ex-)boyfriend and she wasn't sure she was ready to be with another man, in whatever way. This meant that Bill had to be very careful and patient around her, even though he may have wanted more. The last couple of days they spent together, things got a bit weird, because Maud still wasn't sure and not being sure made both of them feel a bit uneasy. Obviously both of them wanted to enjoy their time together, but 'together' can have many definitions...
But today Bill is coming back after 3 weeks in Germany and Maud has been impatient since she heard he was coming back. The two of them have been texting a lot now that they're apart, but actually seeing him, hearing his voice is all she can think of. She nervously glances out the window, to see if he's anywhere near. She doesn't see the rental car yet and sights. What if he doesn't come? She has to be strict and remind herself that Bill would never do that to her. He is not like other guys. He is special. She has been thinking about him every second of every day since he left, thinking about the time they spent together and about how she feels about him. She has finally made up her mind. Or at least she thinks she has. She can't back down now, he will be here any minute and she can't spend another day with him without being honest. It has been hard enough texting and calling as it is. This is something she wants to discuss with him in person, eventhough a big part of her is scared. Scared of what will happen if she tells him. Scared of losing him as a friend.
The sound of a car driving down the street gets her attention. She looks out of the window again and sees that it is finally him. She finds a way to control herself and not hurry down the stairs, so instead she eagerly awaits his entrance upstairs. He walks in and pulls her in for a hug. She's smiling and so is he.
"I've missed you," he whispers. She smiles and whispers: "I've missed you too."
They sit down on the couch and Maud starts to get increasingly nervous. "There's something I have to tell you."
Bill looks at her, waiting for her to speak. She takes a deep breath - here goes nothing. "I think I want to give it a try. Us, I mean. I think I want to give us a try."
And Bill says: "...

Met trillende vingers verstuur je het berichtje. And now we wait...

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