‘Audace, what have you done?’

Spica had folded her arms in front of her chest, and looked at her husband with one pulled up eyebrow. He was staring at the door, shoulders slumping and knees almost buckling out as they started trembling.

It took him a few seconds to respond, but when he did, he looked up, visible tears in the corners of his dark-green eyes. ‘I screwed up, Spica.’

The blonde woman frowned in confusion, before shifting her gaze to the door. She sucked in some air, before letting out a soft “oh”.

‘She walked away, didn’t she?’ Spica whispered. Audace nodded slowly, before slumping to the couch. As soon as he fell down on it, he leaned his elbows on his upper legs. He rested his head in his hands, and took a deep breath. ‘S-she didn’t take it lightly.’

‘You should’ve known that, dear.’ Spica sat down next to him, and gently laid a hand on his shoulder. ‘Being a knight has always been her dream: remember when you got that wooden sword on her fourth birthday?’

‘She practised with it from sunrise until she had to go to bed,’ Audace mumbled. Spica nodded, and gently took her husband’s face in her hands. ‘You’ll need to undo your mistakes, Audace. She’ll forgive you; I promise you.’

Audace shook his head, biting his lip to keep away the tears. ‘B-but what if she won’t?’ He tried to take a deep breath to speak another word, but could only stammer as his breathing hitched. ‘W-what if I lose my little girl…?

Acacia didn’t know how long she’d been crying. It seemed like Avondir’s hands, gently rubbing her back, and his voice, soothingly humming a strange melody, made the concept of “time” disappear.

‘Ace…? You’re okay…?’ the young man whispered, as he loosened his grip on her shoulders slightly. Acacia looked up from his chest, and was greeted by the concerned frown on his face.

The girl shrugged, and pushed his hands away. She crawled backwards, and leaned against the castle wall again. As she rested her head on the cold stone behind her, she closed her eyes, and whispered: ‘As right as you could be after your father crushed your dreams.’

Avondir’s eyes widened, and he slumped back a little. As he sucked in some air, he brought out: ‘Oh. That sucks.’

‘Yeah,’ Acacia mumbled, ‘that sucks.’

‘Why would he do that?’ The young man’s expression quickly turned to worry after he said those words. ‘If I may ask, it’s personal and I get it if you don’t wanna answer, we only just met today and-’

‘Don’t worry about it, Avondir. I-it’s just…’ The girl tilted her head to look at the young man beside her. ‘I-I’ve been training for so long, a-and my own father saying he doesn’t want me to continue my studies stings…’

Avondir nodded slowly, and opened his mouth to say something. He hesitated, before quickly closing it again. The two teens sat together in silence, with only the wind as background music.

‘What are you gonna do now…?’ Avondir asked, and Ace shrugged again. ‘I’m just gonna do the exams, if my dad lets me. I wanna show him I can be a daughter he can be proud of.’

The young man smiled softly. ‘Is there anything I can do?’

Acacia looked up at him, frowning slightly. ‘What… you can do…?’

‘Yeah,’ Avondir mumbled, suddenly looking away as his hands started fidgeting around. ‘Can I do something for you? Maybe get something for you, or walk you home-’

‘I don’t wanna go home,’ the girl interrupted him rapidly, as she almost frantically leaned forward and shook her head. ‘Can I… can I stay at your room, house, whatever, for tonight…?’

Avondir backed away a little, his cheeks slightly tinted as he avoided the girl’s eyes. ‘We only just met today, Ace.’

‘Well, sometimes, meeting today is enough to trust someone!’ Ace let out as she crawled towards the boy. ‘Please, I don’t wanna go home, and if I go to my grandparents or my uncle, they’ll find me immediately!’

Avondir hesitated for a second, but as he looked into the girl’s pleading, hypnotizingly green eyes, he took a deep breath. ‘C’mon,’ he mumbled, standing up and holding out his hand. ‘You can stay with me.’

Acacia smiled, suddenly feeling tears come up again. ‘Thank you.’


The dramaaaa!
What do you guys think of it? Have any theories, or just things you want to ask about the story? I'll answer them as best as I can, without spoiling any upcoming chapters (mwoahahaha).

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  • Allmilla

    Ik vind het zalig geschreven, ik merk inderdaad een hele vooruitgang in jouw schrijfstijl!(Y)Ik denk ergens dat die Avondir die mysterieuze persoon is van het eerste hoofdstuk, maar aan de andere kant heb ik het gevoel dat dat niet gaat kloppen en dat iemand anders dat is... 🤔

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    • artinandwritin

      Dankjewel, fijn om te horen dat mijn schrijfstijl inderdaad vooruit is gegaan én dat je het leuk vindt!
      Over Avondir, we zullen zien...

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