Foto bij Importance - Chapter 6

Avondir lived in a small room in a far corner of the Academy.

When the young man opened the door with a small key he had attached to his belt, he smiled at Acacia. ‘Come in, Ace. Your parents probably won’t find you in here.’

‘I hope not,’ the girl mumbled, as she stepped inside.

The room wasn’t as big as she expected. Most chambers students hired for when they studied at the Academy, were large enough to hold a two-person-bed, sometimes even two, a desk, at least a closet, and had two windows.

Avon’s room only had a small bed, a desk, and a little, open window.

‘It isn’t much, but it’s home at the moment,’ Avondir mumbled, as he saw the girl looking around. ‘I have some extra pillows blankets, so I can sleep on the floor if you’re not comfortable with sharing a bed with me.’

Ace smiled, as she walked to the window. ‘Thanks, Avon. You don’t know how much this means to me, really-’

‘No problem!’ the boy interrupted, closing the door and locking it behind him. ‘I’ll place the key here, so if you want to leave, you can just grab it, okay?’

With a small nod, Acacia turned to the window, feeling the slight evening breeze meeting her face. She sucked in some air, before asking: ‘Why is it open?’ with a small voice.

Avondir shrugged, and walked towards her. ‘There’s no lock for it. It’s been like this since I came here, and probably before that.’

‘Didn’t the General offer you a better room?’ the girl asked, frowning at the thought of her father letting anyone sleep in such a small, cold place – but then, this was also the man who wouldn’t let his own daughter pursue her dreams.

The young man let out a small laugh, lifting his gaze to look out of the window. ‘Nope, but that’s just because I couldn’t afford one. I only got this one if I promised to study hard enough, and so I wouldn’t sleep on the streets.’

‘My mother would’ve loved to take you in,’ Ace chuckled, ‘she has quite the weakness for children in need.’

‘Then she would adore my sis-’ Suddenly, Avondir held his words in. Acacia turned towards him, frowning at him in confusion. ‘You have a sister?’

Avondir seemed to hesitate for a second, but then sighed, and shook his head. ‘Not important, Ace. Let’s find those blankets I was talking about, shall we?’

Acacia watched as he walked towards his bed, and almost crawled underneath it to grab something. He came back up again with a blanket in his hands, smiling goofily at her.

No-one knew where he came from, she remembered her father saying. What was the deal with this boy?

‘Do you need something, Ace?’ Avondir interrupted her thoughts, and she quickly shook her head. ‘No, thanks.’

The young man smiled softly, before putting his focus on creating a makeshift bed next to the normal one. Ace walked over to the bed, and sat down on it.

Indeed, a strange one.

‘You won’t lose her, Audace.’

‘B-but what if I do…? I-I could never f-forgive myself…’ Audace stammered, as he avoided looking into his wife’s mesmerizing, blue eyes. The woman smiled empathetically, and ran her fingers through the strands of hair laying on his forehead.

‘Yes, you screwed up,’ Spica whispered, ‘but I know you; I have for forty years. I’ve seen you struggle; I’ve seen you fall. I watched as you held our beautiful daughter for the first time, how you fell in love with her from the first look. Audace, look at me-‘ she gently tilted his chin up so she could look him in the eye. ‘- that won’t leave her. She will always be your little girl, no matter what you do.’

Audace kept quiet for a moment, and then, nodded. ‘Y-you’re right, Spica,’ he whispered, bringing up one hand to cover the one his wife had cradled his cheek with. ‘What would I do without you…?’

‘You would’ve cried over the smallest things, my brave General,’ the woman joked, and Audace let out a weary laugh. ‘I love you.’

He leaned in slightly, capturing Spica’s lips with the gentleness he almost never showed. The woman smiled, returning the kiss as her husband latched his arms around her waist.

As they parted, Audace sighed deeply. ‘I’ll better go find Ace. She’s probably at Regulus and Robinia’s.’

‘You do that,’ Spica said, as she pressed a swift kiss on her husband’s cheek. ‘I’ll go check on Cassi and Methone.’

Audace nodded, and stood up from the couch to walk towards the door. However, he was stopped by his wife’s voice: ‘Audace, don’t worry about it. You’re still a great father.’

‘Thanks, Spica.’ The man’s voice sounded thick with tears, and as he walked out of the house, Spica took a deep breath, shook her head, and made her way back up to her two other daughters.


Yes, I made art for originally chapter four but I forgot to post it there. However, that's what Ace and Avon look like!

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    Wow, goed gedaan!(Y)Ik kan me nu wel een beter beeld van die twee voorstellen:)

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      Thanks, waarschijnlijk komen de rest van de characters ook binnenkort, maar daar ben ik nog mee bezig dus dat gaat wel even duren😃

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      Ik kijk er al naar uit!:)

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