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It’s not like I don’t know.

Actually, it’s not simply just knowing – it’s a feeling I have, some sort of tension I feel when we’re together. I’d like to call it electricity, but that sounds like such a cliché. It’s a connection, and I know he feels it too.
      But he’ll never say it out loud, and neither will I.

Sometimes I curse myself for feeling the unexplainable things I do. It confuses me, and I hope it confuses him too. Often, I wish for it to disappear, but even more so I am ashamed for craving it. For wanting to drown in it. Tough one thing is certain: I shall never submit.
      And neither will he.

I mustn’t acknowledge this stinging sensation with every touch, for otherwise I shall be lost with no return.
      I mustn’t submit to these feelings, for the sake of others.
      I mustn’t submit to the temptations, because neither will he.

I pray we shall succeed, as I already feel my walls crumbling down with every touch and every word.

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