WARNING: We're gonna have some cursing in this chapter.

Altair stopped his steps once he saw the red-headed Avondir standing outside of the door. He looked down; his eyes were casted to the ground, his back leaned shakily against the cobblestone wall, and his over-all posture was hanging.

The sixteen-year-old boy wanted to open his mouth to whisper something to Tybalt, but before he could even say a word, the Water Elf had already stomped forward.

Avondir looked up, his blue eyes widening as he saw Tybalt standing in front of him. Altair couldn’t blame him; his friend was tall, muscular, and had striking white eyes which could shake you to the bone.

‘C-can I help you?’ the red-head asked, straightening his back and clenching his hands into fists. Tybalt let out a laugh, and placed his hands on his hips. ‘Oh no!’ he yelled; loud enough Altair was sure the entire Academy could hear it. ‘Is our poor little Avondir locked out of his room again?’

Avondir looked away, a few curls falling over his eyes. ‘I’m not.’

‘I can’t hear you, loser,’ Tybalt hissed, as he grabbed the young man’s scarf and collar, pulling him up so their eyes would meet. ‘Speak damn louder!’

The Water Elf raised his fist as Avondir didn’t answer, and Altair looked away. He shut his eyes closed as the chilling sound of a breaking bone took over his ears. In the distance, he heard Yvain’s stark laughter, and the groaning of Tybalt’s victim.

And then, the opening of a door and a familiar voice.

‘Let him go, assholes!’ the voice screamed, followed by a violent yell and the sound of someone falling to the ground. Altair opened his eyes; he was met by the scene of Tybalt falling to the ground, clutching his stomach, and Acacia, his sister, fists out and the angriest expression Altair had ever seen her wearing.

‘Don’t ever think of touching him again, you son of a bitch!’ the girl screamed, and Altair took a step back. He saw how Avondir scrambled forward, and laid a hand on her arm. There was blood dripping out of his nose and from his lips – the first was also bent in a strange way.

‘Ace, calm down,’ Avondir whispered, but Acacia didn’t response. Instead, she turned around, facing Yvain and Altair. ‘Who’s next?! I won’t-’

She interrupted herself when she saw Altair, standing in the middle of the hallway with a terrified expression in his sky-blue eyes. ‘A-Acacia…’ the boy stammered, taking another step backwards. ‘R-relax…’

‘What are you doing here, Altair?!’ the girl shouted. ‘You should be home!’

‘So should you!’ Altair stepped forward, grabbing his sister’s shoulders and shaking them aggressively. ‘Mom and Dad are gonna freak if you’re not home! Why are you here?!’

Acacia glared at him, and pulled herself away from him. ‘I can ask the same to you. At least I have an excuse, Altair.’

What?!’ Altair hissed. ‘Tell me why you’re with this guy! You don’t know anything about him!’

He saw his sister hesitating to speak up again. She shook her head, before turning around to walk back to the door. ‘That doesn’t concern you.’

‘Oh, is the General’s daughter screwing the outcast?’ Yvain yelled from a distance, and Avondir’s eyes widened. ‘No, we’re not-‘

Suddenly, he gasped for air, and turned to the girl. ‘Acacia, are you the General’s-’

SHUT UP!’ Acacia suddenly screamed, and the next thing Altair knew, was a blinding light surrounding them and sharp pains covering his face, arms and legs. He shielded himself, shutting his eyes closed to block out the light.

He heard the screams of pain from all around him, and after what seemed like minutes, the light died out, and standing in front of him, was his sister. Her eyes were suddenly white as the moon, until she blinked and turned back to green. She took a deep breath, and stumbled back.

Altair noticed his arms were bleeding.

Acacia shook her head as she teared up. She walked backwards, her back hitting the wall. She took a glance to her side, and ran inside the room, shutting the door behind her. Altair didn’t even have the time to call her name.

‘Al, did you know she could do that?’ Yvain asked, looking at his bleeding hands in disbelief. Altair shook his head, and Tybalt scrambled up from the ground. ‘You’re sister’s a freak, Al. Let’s leave.’

‘I-I need to talk to her,’ Altair stammered, wanting to walk to the room. However, he was stopped by his two friends. Tybalt stared at him, his face pulled in a frown. ‘You don’t. We leave, now.’

Altair saw Avondir staring at them, before trying to open the door. ‘Ace, open up,’ he whispered, ‘it’s alright…’

No answer came, except from a few muffled sobs. Altair’s eyes widened, and he stepped back. Before he could say anything, Tybalt had already grabbed him by the scruff, and the trio started walking away from the scene.


Not my best chapter, writer's block hit me like a truck. But not to go around the subject, welcome to the first appearance of a little thing also touched in the original version I wrote for this story; Ace's powers.
Yes, I'm planning on exposing them more, just like every other aspect of the story.
Now tell me, what do you think Ace's powers are? I'll give a hint; it has something to do with the lands she originally came from and a curse her father had to go through and almost died from when he was on his journeys.

Other news; I'm making an animatic for this story! The first draft is just done, I don't know if I'm gonna do a second, but most probably so it looks a little better lol.

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    Hmm... haar vader was een keer bijna in hout veranderd en daardoor heeft zijn zwaard die eigenschap ook over gekregen... heeft het daarmee te maken? En ik weet eigenlijk niet goed vanwaar Ace komt:X, want haar vader was zowel van de Zwarte Elfen als van de Boselfen, maar haar moeder was van de Sterrenelfen... Dussss... ik heb geen flauw idee wat haar krachten zijn haha:$

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