‘Ace, c’mon, let me in.’

Acacia held in a sob as she sat against the cold, cobblestone wall in Avondir’s room. She aggressively clutched her legs to her chest, hiding her tear-stained face between her knees.

‘Acacia, I don’t judge you, y’know that?’ Avondir’s voice called, muffled through the door. The girl stood up, her legs trembling as she walked to the sound. ‘H-how do you know t-that…?’ she asked, voice soft and shaky as she leaned against the door.

She heard him chuckle softly. ‘Ace, you’re still you. I’ve only known you for less than a day, but wow, what a day.’

‘W-what do you mean…?’

‘I’ve seen how brave and full of life you are. You care about your family; you want to prove yourself. You stand up for those in need. I could only wish I was like you, Ace.’ He grabbed the handle of the door softly, wiggling it around. ‘Let me in, please.’

Acacia hesitated for a moment, but took a deep breath, and opened the door slightly. She was met by Avondir’s gentle eyes, but also by the deep cuts covering his face and his broken, bloody nose.

‘Thanks,’ the boy said, as he walked inside and sat down on his bed. Acacia kept her place at the door, closing it behind them. As she stared at him, Avondir frowned slightly. ‘Something wrong?’

‘Y-you’re hurt…’ she stammered, taking a cautious step forward. Avondir raised his eyebrows in question, before reaching up to his face. As he touched his nose, he winched.

‘Y-yeah, a bit,’ he said, clenching his hands into tight fists. ‘Don’t worry, Ace, it are just scratches-’

‘He broke your nose!’ Acacia flew forward, sitting down next to him and taking his face in her hands. Her eyes suddenly widened, and she quickly scrambled back, looking at her hands with a terrified expression.

Avondir reached out for her, trying to take her hand. However, she pushed him away with a loud. ‘Don’t touch me! I'm dangerous!’

The young man’s face dropped as he saw the tears welling up in her eyes. Her shoulders started shaking, and before he knew it, she had bent over and buried her face in her hands.

After taking a deep breath, Avondir scooted closer to the crying girl, and took her in his arms. Almost immediately, she latched onto him, arms around his shoulders as she sobbed in his chest. Avondir put his hands on her back, closing his eyes as they leaned onto each other.

‘I-I never w-wanted to hurt them, o-or y-you,’ Acacia let out, ‘w-what’s g-gonna happen n-now…? A-are they gonna h-hate me…?’

Avondir shushed her, gently rocking them back and forth. ‘They won’t, Ace,’ he mumbled, leaning his chin on her head. ‘You couldn’t help it, they were irritating you.’

‘I never even knew I could do t-that…’ Ace looked up, staring at the young man with wide, terrified eyes. ‘N-neither o-of my parents have s-such abilities, h-how could I-I…’

‘The General?’ Avondir asked, and Acacia’s frantic breathing hitched. She buried herself in his embrace again, seemingly horrified of what might be his reaction on her father being the General.

‘You have all the right to not tell me, Ace.’ Avondir gently rubbed her back, sighing deeply as she pressed herself closer to him. ‘We’ve only met today, and despite the position we’re in for the second time, we are both allowed to keep our secrets.’

‘I-I thought you might t-think of me as a s-stuck-up if you knew my father was the G-General…’ Ace whispered, before hearing the young man chuckle. ‘You’re not the only one with weird parents, Ace, believe me.’

‘I-I just wanna be my own person…’

Avondir sighed. ‘That’s a mood.’


Funfact: Ace is a craver of pshysical touch. She couldn't life without hugging others or touching hands once in a while. This is part of the reason why she is so comfortable with Avondir pulling her in his arms when she's sad - which has happened quite often in the last chapters, but hey, can we blame her? She's been through a lot, and it's gonna get even worse.

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