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Quick question; since when can I draw?
You have seen some of my art, and, comparing that to this, it looks nothing alike and I am confused.

(For your information, I was intending to draw that one scene in the La Foresta Parlante aka what was the Dutch name again oh ja Fluisterende Woud with Audace almost being killed by best character Codamozza (Halvestaart was his name right? Idk everything I write for this story is completely based on headcanons and the small things I still remember from the original story.))

Also, I'm sorry for updating this with more art than writing, but I've been fairly busy with the testweek school has organised (which ended today!!) and in between the studying and plotting the end of the story (which is, at the moment, plotted, and is probably gonna blow your mind), I didn't have much energy to do anything but practise my line-less art.
More chapters are coming around the Christmas break, together with another exciting thing:

I'll be activating a story completely focused on one-shots and drabbles, all taking place in the universe in which the Acacia-Chronicles play out! Here, you can also send in requests, and am I probably gonna do stuff for holidays, or stupid stuff I think is funny lol.

Here is the link:

Thanks for reading this story so far, next chapter is coming soon!


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  • Allmilla

    Ik vind het best wel leuk om die tekeningen enzo die je maakt, te zien:)Ik hoop trouwens dat je testen/examens goed zijn gegaan!(flower)

    1 jaar geleden
    • artinandwritin

      Thanks! Ik hoop ook dat ze goed zijn gegaan, telt zoveel mee voor het eindcijfer😬

      1 jaar geleden

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