‘Reg, Rob, open up!’ Audace aggressively knocked on the door of the house of his two in-laws. He gritted his teeth together when there was no reaction. ‘Regulus! Robinia! Answer me!’ he yelled, knocking on the wood even louder than before.

After a few seconds, the Elf heard the sounds of a lock being opened, and before he knew it, the door was pulled open. He was met by the stern, olive-green eyes of his oldest nephew, Sirius of eighteen. The young man raised an eyebrow in question. ‘Why are you knocking on our door, Uncle?’ he asked, letting the man in before closing the door behind them.

‘I need to speak with your parents, Sirius,’ Audace answered, looking around quickly to catch a glimpse of Regulus and Robinia Lichtenstern. The man, who he’d rather called his brother, and the woman he had almost adopted as a sister, were no-where to be found.

‘My father is upstairs, putting Pleione to bed,’ said, as he walked to the door leading to the living room. ‘My mother is at the castle, working on a new medical potion. I hope this helps you, Uncle.’

Audace let out a relieved sigh, before running upstairs with loud footsteps, while Sirius rolled his eyes and went into the dim-lit living room.

Once the General had reached the first floor, he quickly made his way to where he heard his brother-in-law’s voice, at the end of the hall. The door was open, and a small candle was burning inside of the room. When Audace looked inside, he saw Regulus sitting in a rocking-chair, his eight-year-old daughter nestled in his lap. They were reading a book together, and occasionally, the little girl giggled sleepily.

‘Regulus, can I talk to you?’ the General asked, making the blond man look up. His smile grew, and he gently nudged his half-asleep daughter. ‘Look, Pleione, your Uncle has come to pay us a visit.’

Pleione’s bright-blue eyes widened, and she shot up. Once she saw her uncle, she showed him a broad smile, and jumped from her father’s lap towards the man. ‘Uncle Audace!’ she yelled happily, wrapping her arms around him. ‘I missed you!’

‘You’ve just seen me a few days ago, Pleione.’ Audace smiled gently, patting the young girl on her back before turning to his brother-in-law. ‘Regulus, can I talk to you for a moment?’

Regulus frowned, before nodding. ‘Yeah, of course, bro.’ He quickly squatted down, smiling at his little girl before pressing a kiss to her forehead. ‘Go to sleep, sweetie,’ he said, ‘can you do that for me?’

‘Of course, Daddy!’ the girl said, throwing her arms around his neck. ‘Goodnight!’

The blond man smiled, hugging Pleione back tightly. ‘Goodnight, sweetie.’

As the girl jumped in her bed, the two man left the room. As soon as Regulus had closed the door behind him, he crossed his arms in front of his chest. ‘What’s wrong, Audace?’ he asked, frowning slightly at the man he called his brother.

Audace shook his head sadly. ‘It’s Ace; she has run away, and Spica thought she would be here. I guess not.’

‘She isn’t here,’ Regulus said, placing a comforting hand on his brother’s shoulder. ‘Listen, dude, you know her; she’s strong, she can survive a night on her own in the castle. She’s almost an adult now, Audace, you have to understand that.’

Audace sighed deeply, shaking his head slightly. ‘That’s what I’m worried about, Reg. She’s getting older, and it’s like I can’t protect her anymore… cutting her studies off was only a way to-’

‘Wait, you did what?’ Regulus raised an eyebrow in confusion. Suddenly, his eyes widened, and he placed his free hand on the man’s other shoulder, shaking him slightly. ‘You took her studies away?! No wonder she ran away, you know how badly she wants to become a knight!’

‘I know, but I am her father!’ Audace argued, pushing Regulus’ hands away. ‘I have the right to tell her when things are too dangerous, and what she should do or shouldn’t do!’

Regulus groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. ‘Audace, she is seventeen. In six months, she’ll turn eighteen. She isn’t a little girl you can shove around anymore; she had a mind of her own!’

‘For me, she will always stay a little girl,’ Audace hissed, ‘I am her father, for God’s sake! Why can’t anyone understand I only want what’s best for her?!’

‘Because you want what you think is best for her, brother.’ Regulus shook his head, before making his way towards the stairs. ‘Not what she thinks is best for her. Maybe you need to understand that before you ask me to help find her.’

The blond man scoffed, before walking down the stairs, leaving the General with clenched fists in the hallway.


And the conflict continues; Audace hangs onto his belief only he knows what's best for his nearly-adult daughter, while Regulus thinks she has to decide things for herself. Meanwhile, Spica thinks her husband is about to undo his mistakes, while really, he only wants his daughter to be save in a manner he thinks is best.

The dramaaaaa!

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